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Written by Sgt. Thomas B. Gibbs   
Friday, 14 February 2014 08:38
The Scott County Sheriff's Office was notifed yesterday afternoon of a phone scam. A Davenport resident was contacted by phone from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff's Office (although they did not specify Scott County Sheriff's Office). The suspect advised the resident there was a warrant out for her arrest and there was a $400.00 fine. She was told to go to the Dollar General or Kroger's store and get a money card and the warrant would be dismissed. The resident went to the Dollar General and attempted to get a money card and a vigilant clerk informed the resident that it sounded like a scam. The resident luckily did not loose any money.

The resident did not in fact have a warrant. Even if the resident did have a warrant, the Scott County Sheriff's Office wants residents to know that no law enforcement agency would call a person who is wanted to request a money card. All fines need to be paid at the Clerk of Court, and if you have a warrant we encourage people to surrender. This is a scare tactic hoping people won't realize the scam until they have given the suspects money.

If anyone has more information or if they have been a victim of this phone scam please contact Detective Tim Ells at 563-326-8286.
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