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Written by Michael Elliott   
Monday, 31 October 2011 13:39
From recent Quad-City Times commentary - 'Independents MIA in Iowa Q-C,' there seems to be some confusion as to what SuperLiberty is. Started in December 2008 as a local, non-partisan, Liberty alliance, we promote all groups who support liberty.

We favor no party over another. We are neither Republican nor Democrat, Right nor Left, Conservative nor Liberal. In fact the American two-party monopoly perpetuates a false issue-based division amongst the people and helps to prevent us from uniting under the common cause of personal Liberty.

Our group acts first and foremost to unite all local, state and national Liberty-minded groups on the local level where effective change can take place. We provide our website as a tool for any organizers who wish to keep in touch with their members in the Quad-City area. We have a start-up kit available to anyone who wishes to organize a similar alliance. Secondly, SuperLiberty acts as an educational and political force to mold our local governments into Liberty-protecting forces as they originally were intended and as the law requires.

I helped start the local tea party, but I am also an ACLU member and support the Occupy movement. It can seem confusing, since we don't identify ourselves by party, but rather by issues and principles.
We find the commonality of various factions in order to create positive change for the future of our society. We are opposed to legalized plunder of people's property which is where we come at odds with folks like Mayor Gluba (witness his Communist-inspired rant at the Occupy event: "We need to redistribute wealth" and "...if the private sector can't provide jobs, the public sector should.") When we helped defeat Davenport Promise, he called us "Cultist libertarian nutcases." video link we made is here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyyaWAari-U

Our core members also started Iowans for Accountability - the first Non-Party Politcal Organization in the history of Scott County. We promote the ideals of the Fully Informed Jury Association (seen us at the Courthouse?)

If you believe in personal Liberty - the ability to exercise your natural rights originating from our creator - join us at www.SuperLiberty.com/

For Liberty,
Michael D. Elliott
Davenport, IA
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