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Written by David Fischer   
Friday, 11 January 2013 14:11

"I think we need to start taking them..."

Such were the sentiments of Democratic Iowa State Rep Dan Muhlbauer during an interview with the Carrol Daily Times. Muhlbauer stated he believed in confiscating semi-automatic firearms from Iowans, even those already legally owned by law-abiding citizens.

Will you help the Iowa GOP stand up for gun rights across the state by sending a message to all of Iowa?

“We need to get them of the streets, illegally, and even if you have them I think we need to start taking them.”

That's right, Muhlbauer isn't just talking about banning guns going forward...

He's talking about confiscating them from law-abiding citizens who already own them.

Absolutely nowhere in the Constitution does it give the government the right to confiscate our guns.

That's why I've called on Iowa’s elected officials to reaffirm and defend the constitutionally guaranteed right of Iowans to defend themselves and their families.

In addition, the Republican Party will lead a fervent campaign to reject these extremist views and unseat Mr. Muhlbauer in 2014 and elect a candidate who truly understands the principles of freedom.

That's why I've set a one-day fundraising goal to give us a quick start to challenge Rep. Muhlbauer in 2014.

I know 2014 seems so far away, but I'm furious that Iowans are represented by someone with such disdain for our Constitutional rights.

I want the entire media to know the Iowa GOP is committed to the second amendment and we will do everything we can to unseat this gun-grabber in the next election.

Please help defend our Constitution with a contribution today in our one-day fundraising push.


Defending Limited Government,

David Fischer
Iowa GOP Co-Chairman

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