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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 07:58

Dr. Alfred Egan, leading spiritualist of the Arkham Theosophical Society in Massachusetts has halted The Internet Players production of their Haunted House due to apparent paranormal activity.  Dr. Egan’s investigations will include a series of public séances expected to determine the magnitude of activity currently present in historic Hibernian Hall.

Today’s Hibernian Hall, once home of the ancient order, was originally constructed in 1830.  It is the oldest standing structure in the city and was occupied by the secret society of the Hibernians from 1884 to 1937.   Dr. Egan’s current hypothesis is that the building site was chosen for its intersecting “ley lines” which purportedly concentrate psychic energy and were expected to facilitate the society’s rituals and empower its members.

Disturbing activity was recently experienced by the current tenants, The Internet Players, a local theatrical organization dedicated to the development and production of original plays.  The Internet Players have agreed to host guided tours and display artifacts for a first-time ever glimpse into the secrets harbored in this historic building.  They were planning a Haunted House as a fundraiser for the Our World Program’s inaugural project “A Green Revolution.”

Due to what appeared to be supernatural sightings, the Haunted House was halted over concerns for the safety of the student volunteers.  The séances will be open to all interested as a way to compensate for lost revenue.  Tickets will be extremely limited, so they should be purchased in advance at but may be available at the door.

Dates:  October 20th through 23rd and October 28th through 31st

Time:  7:30 pm to 11 pm

Address:  IP Studio, 421 Brady Street, Davenport, Iowa

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