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“American Pickers”: The Inside Story of the History Channel’s Surprise Hit - Page 2 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff Ignatius   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 06:12

Picking on Pickers

Frank FritzAmerican Pickers has drawn its share of criticism. Comments on one blog dubbed the show Pricks Rob Hicks and American Predators, based largely on the debut episode in which a saddle was "picked" for $75 and was later appraised at $5,000.

Critics accuse the pickers on preying on older people.

Fritz and Colby-Cushman are dismissive of the criticism. Fritz says the complaints come from "armchair quarterbacks," "naysayers," and "haters," and said that he doesn't pay attention to them.

"You cannot please everybody," Colby-Cushman said. "Jesus, they killed Martin Luther King. And Mike's not Martin Luther King."

But Wolfe seems to take it more personally. "Sometimes I wonder if people are watching the same show that we made," he said.

Much of the criticism ignores the realities of the business, Wolfe said.

For one thing, he said, the pair isn't targeting senior citizens; they are simply more likely to own the objects that Fritz and Wolfe want. "I'm not looking for someone in their 80s; I'm looking for old stuff," Wolfe said. "When you drive down these roads, that's who has the stuff -- older people."

More importantly, an appraisal doesn't necessarily reflect a realistic sale price. Wolfe said his aim is to turn items around quickly, not to earn top dollar.

"When you get into this business, you need to sell," Fritz said. "Being able to flip your stuff is very, very important. I probably keep too much. ... We all want to keep stuff. ... [But] if you get stuff and flip it quick, you don't get an emotional attachment with it."

That saddle might be worth $5,000 if it's at an auction with multiple bidders trying to get it, Wolfe said. But nobody bit with a starting bid of $199 on eBay. Wolfe said he ended up selling it for $175. "If I can't make 100 bucks on something ... then I need to get out of the business," he said.

A 1948 Rock-Ola jukebox bought on Pickers was estimated on the show to be worth $5,000. "I sold it for $1,900." Wolfe said. "I paid $1,300; I drove to Ohio to get it.

"The only thing that's ever gotten us in trouble on the show is these appraisals," he added. "The appraisals are way off-chart. ... We are not going to be guinea pigs to appraisals any more."

Generally speaking, Wolfe and Fritz said, they pay half of what they think they can sell an item for. But even for that to work, they have to sell a lot of items because of their costs.

"I've got a mortgage," Wolfe said. "I've got all this overhead" -- including travel, lodging, food, storefront, and employee costs.

There are times, of course, when the pickers sell for far more than they expected. Wolfe said he bought a moving-company sign for $75, thinking he could only get $200 for it because it was warped and plastic, and because subject matter dictates the sale prices for signs. "When I put it on eBay, it went for $1,200," he said.

That speaks to the nature of the business. The stars of American Pickers stress that they aren't antique experts. ("We're professionals at finding things," Fritz said.) They have areas of expertise, but outside of those, it's a guessing game. When they bought the jukebox on the show, Wolfe said: "1,300 bucks for us is a lot of money to gamble."

Both Wolfe and Fritz know their motorcycles; Wolfe knows bikes and signs; and Fritz is a toy collector. Outside of those areas, Colby-Cushman said, "all he can do is guess at what it's going to sell for. That is where the trouble lies."

And she said viewers often don't get the full story. "I can tell you of several situations where Mike has found out that something he has picked for $20 is worth way more than he thought, and he's gone back and given more money to the person he's picked from," she said. "It happens more often than you think."

And, she added, "we have to eat it on so many items. ... That stuff is just what happens."

"You need to make sure you make more right decisions than wrong ones," Fritz said.

Still, there's an element of the show that's unsavory because the sellers are often at an information disadvantage. In the History-channel forums, one user wrote that "the pickers know what they are buying, and how much it's worth, but keep it secretive to those who they are buying it from. That's taking advantage."

But the stars of the show emphasized that they're dealing with willing buyers, and noted that they get shut down a lot. Wolfe said that if he visits 20 farms in a day, he might come away empty-handed 15 times.

"A lot of people turn us away," Fritz said. "We've been turned away hundreds of times."

But American Pickers doesn't emphasize that. "Would you watch a fishing show if the guy never caught anything?" Wolfe said.

And it's wise to keep in mind the perspective offered by another History-channel forum poster: "Given all the people that actually prey on the elderly, the energy spent griping about this show on this board kind of makes me ill."

The Future

Frank Fritz and Mike WolfeWolfe said it was only a matter of time before somebody made a show like American Pickers. He was just first. "I took being a picker and put it in a bottle and stuck a label on it," he said.

He doesn't make any effort to hide his glee at American Pickers' success, and it's clear that he's interested in the business end of television. "We own the frickin' airwaves on Monday night," Wolfe said, noting 5 million viewers for recent episodes of Pawn Stars and nearly 3.9 million for the March 1 Pickers. "That's insane numbers for cable."

He noted that his show's debut drew 3.1 million people, and he added that History hoped for 1.5 million "There was only one show ever that beat us on a premiere, and that was Ice Road Truckers in 2007, and they only got 3.2. So they barely beat us." (Ice Road Truckers was History's best premiere, not cable's. The debut of The Closer, for instance, drew more than 7 million viewers.)

Wolfe wouldn't discuss the show's budget or how much he's being paid, but he said that the first season isn't about money; to a television network, the advertising revenue is theoretical until the show airs. "You're nobody; the show is nothing ... ," he said.

The second season is bringing with it more money for its three stars, but he said the real money lies in endorsements -- which he said wouldn't even be realistic until a third season.

"We're all making a little bit more money," he said of the second season. "Are we going to retire anytime soon? No."

The success has its own burdens. Colby-Cushman said she's now getting 1,200 e-mail messages a day through the e-mail address on Wolfe's Web site. "We're just learning how to deal with something that has exploded," she said. "We were not ready at all for it to be as big as it is. We thought it would be a fun little show."

Fritz said he's not surprised by the show's success. He said he thinks a lot of viewers get to have adventures through him and Wolfe: "A lot of people would love to be pickers, would love to be junkers. But they got five kids, they got a wife, they got this, they got that. They can't physically or financially do it." He and Wolfe, he added, aren't married and don't have children: "Not too many people are able to do this job later in life like we are."

Wolfe said he hopes the show inspires young people to do what he's done since he was a kid: pick. "It takes that one person to plant that seed," he said. "That's what some old guy did with me. I would walk down the alley and this old guy had a bunch of stuff in his garage and he would sit and talk with me for hours. And I remember that he gave me a cigar box one time, and that was huge. ... I remember that guy."

Still, the degree of success has been a surprise. "Obviously we didn't know how big it was going to be," Fritz said. "We're very fortunate to have what we have going, and we're going to keep riding this bus as long as it keeps running. The main thing is we're hoping to spark some interest in the antique trade," especially among young people. "I am embracing this with the most pleasure I can. I'm very, very happy that mother is still alive to be able to see my 15 minutes of fame."

That's the diplomatic, gracious way to look at the success of American Pickers. And Fritz sounded realistic about the long-term prospects of the show. Although PBS' Antiques Roadshow has been around in the United States since 1997 -- the British version started in 1979 -- it's likely the exception. "Reality shows are good for three or four years," he said.

But Wolfe isn't above talking some smack, saying that his show is responsible for an impending glut of shows focused on buying and selling. "You won't believe all the stuff all the networks are working on now," he said. "Now that us and Pawn Stars are spanking the shit out of everybody ... it's all going to come at you like a fucking tsunami now. ... Give it about a year."

New episodes of American Pickers air Mondays at 8 p.m. on History. The first season concludes its run on March 29.

For more information on American Pickers, visit Antique Archeology's Web site is; Frank Fritz's Web site is

Comments (76)Add Comment
written by don5404, March 27, 2010
I love The Pickers. Reminds me of my dad, who would take a load to the dump and return with more than he brought. Some were real treasures. He'd hire me, at age 12 to pick through he junk with a magnet, to separate brass, copper, and steel.

written by Gorio, April 05, 2010
Totally enjoy the show. A real slice of Americana. These guys rocl!
Love the TV show, American Pickers!
written by Bonsai, May 01, 2010
It's a kick to see the old stuff Mike and Frank pick and to see the back roads of America. Also, its great knowing they're saving bits of history that would most likely wind up in the landfill when the property where the stuff is kept is passed on to heirs. But most importantly, it's fun to watch Mike and Frank interact with the sellers--and with each other.
American Pickers
written by imrichard2, May 21, 2010
Great article, about a really awesome show! I've always been into antiques, but, I've always hunted shoppes & flea markets...I love the way the show makes You feel like You're right there w/ Mike & Frank, & how You get to know Them..,Hope the show continues for years!
I'll Pop For Mike and Frank
written by KarmaElectric, May 21, 2010
One of my ultimate favorite shows-Mike and Frank are down to earth fellas with the ability to entertain and educate. Anyone criticizing them is just jealous of their success. Kudus to you boys! Keep up the great work!
I love this show!
written by Coolandcollected, May 24, 2010
This is by far my favorite show on TV. Thanks for the great article. I loved the insight and behind the scenes stories about the "characters." Let's hope Frank's pessimism is wrong and the show lasts a good long while.
I Want To Be A Picker
written by Renae Pouncy, June 05, 2010
Love the show !!!
Every time I watch,I learn something that helps me in my buying. I have a space in a consignment shop and like to find unique pieces. But my favorite part is the search, I love to be on the road, meeting people with a story to tell and finding a treasure.

..., Low-rated comment [Show]
son of 85 year old antique dealer
written by legh higgins, June 24, 2010
these shows are true americana. I found a amberina cruet when I was 12 and mom was pickin for her shop i still have it and the wonderfull memories of the look on her face when I showed it to her.41 years later. danielle is the best find of the show!go go go mike n frank
written by Mimi Dalman, June 29, 2010
WE LOVE YOUR SHOW Hi how do I get in touch with the gang of american pickers to come and check out our place in custar, ohio we have junk, antiques, etc etc etc and would like to maybe set up something in august. come and see for your self. the owner of the blding is Tim Thompson 419 419 8574 But give us a chance to get organized we nee d alittle time. hope to hear frm you thanks mimi 419 654 1290
written by Granny, July 10, 2010
Wish I could just ride along and share the excitement with these guys! My mother was a first class picker in her day. She loved to 'show and tell' all her treasures...
Fantastic show!
written by Vin Broccoli, July 22, 2010
Highly interesting, entertaining and educating.
written by Greg Dorrell Sr., July 26, 2010
I have an attic in our garage! You might want to go thru! It has an 1980's Reliant Chrysler "K" car in it, in pieces. and other stuff. Would love to see what you would want. Thanks, Greg
written by Greg Dorrell Sr., July 26, 2010
The reliant "K"car. E-mail is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by Susan Robinson, August 09, 2010
American Pickers are fun to watch,entertaining, and full of surprises. Two KOOL and Kookie dudes on a roadside with a super chick as a sidekick. What's not to like!!!!
treatment specialist
written by Jeff Crosby, September 17, 2010
Do you plan to visit Delaware to see what you can pick from the 1st State
Like the show
written by Doug Williams, September 20, 2010
So what if you get good deals, I love the show. It is the American way. Come to see us in Oklahoma.
Great Show
written by Alice Devlin, October 06, 2010
I can't wait for Monday nights and was also thrilled to see your show on Wed at 8.
It is truly Americana.
I love you guys and Danielle, is a real trip. I too, love antiques and love farms, barns and all the beautiful scenery.
I wish I could have done what you are doing. I have had great yard sales in the past and held some estate sales for friends and family, so I have seen lots of antiques, but wish I had your knowledge.
Keep up the good work. I could watch it for hours.
Mike's back problem
written by S. Craig, October 19, 2010
From one back problem person to another. I delt with it for over 30 years. One chiropractor told me to carry my wallet in my front pocket. The wallet will tilt your pelvis and driving will make it settle on a angle. Then you will be crooked and when you like a object she will slide out of place. It really makes a big differance to me.
Hope you read this.
Dr. J Wellness
written by Dr. J Johannnsen , October 21, 2010
Think Craig is correct about the wallet issue. It causes a lot of problems for people espically for those who drive a lot. Best thing still is to get a check up once every 3 months for those whom live an average life and sooner for those whom drive, lay tile or labor for a living.

Keep on picken!
Dr. J
written by pat goodman, October 24, 2010
Love the show. You boys need to carry a couple well educated women junkers along for the ride. My sister-in-law Cindy and I will volunteer. We'll make a game of it. Who comes out with the best deal. I am married to the "king" of junkers and myself and my sis-in-law are the "Queens". Queen mother Doris Gertrude taught us everything we know. So "HAIL TO OUR HEROS..MIKE & FRANK !!!!!
Hope they will come to Mexico
written by agapito, December 05, 2010
I own a property filled with thinga good for this couple. look forward they will come to Mexico soon
written by Robert (Robbo) Rajca, December 06, 2010
If you ever get close to Maggie Valley, NC, call me and I'll point you to a collection like I have not seen on your show yet. Owner probably won't talk to you,though. Eccentric picker. But it's worth a try!

941-966-1812 home
written by Tim Plank, December 06, 2010
I really enjoy watching this show ,It is a hit!
It's Because Of YOUR Show.......
written by Fran, December 22, 2010
Dear Mike, Frank & Danielle,

Firstly, I'd like to let you all know how much my husband & myself love your show. What a team you 3 are!

My husband and I have been pickin' since 1997, and don't come close to the knowledge that you have. We sell (trying hard to...things got tough this year due to the economy and competition), mainly on eBay.

Because of your show, we have learned and decided that we will no longer pick up the "obvious" stuff that most people would. Not that there is a thing wrong with that. It's just that we want to set our sights higher now. We want the old rusted "junk"; motors, bikes, signs, etc. What an inspiration you are!! :)

We have learned a hard lesson financially, and have a garage full of unsold stuff to prove it. Because of your show, we have learned a great deal about what types of items to pick, and an idea of what price to pay.

Your show is pure delight! Your stories and finds are sensational!

Wishing All Of You A Very Happy & Healthy Holiday Season...and Continued Success!!

All The Best,

Fran & John
Your Show ROCKS!
written by JP, December 22, 2010
Don't even sweat the negative people out there guys. The internet is single-handedly the best and the worst thing to happen in the past 20 years. Unfortunately, people think that because they can, they should criticize. I think that most people who work a regular 9-5 would give their right arm to be able to do what you guys do. If they really want to pass on their negativity, they should take aim at the mass-merchandising industry who actually do rip people off. Anyway, I love the show and definitely want to see more seasons! Thank you!
Love the show!
written by Mn1911porcelains, January 05, 2011
I collect old license plates (mainly porcelains) and can totally relate to the scrounging through the piles of old rusty dusty stuff! Love it!
Good show and good people
written by celticguy1774, January 23, 2011
Me and my dad watch the show together all the time. My dad was a picket and still does it when he can. As for the show and what they's a business. Trust me, running your own business is not easy. You work much longer and harder at it than you do for someone else but it's worth it I think!
..., Low-rated comment [Show]
new england in the spring
written by sandee, January 31, 2011
Man you guys are the best over and above watching and the show and seeing america one gets to learn about all the old american ways from your picks. And any whacko who thinks you are out there taken advantage of older people they are just plain stupid, truly these things you pick from people are things that would of sat for years ahead and no one would of been able to appreicate them. And the price you may pay whether high or low its money in that persons pocket they may never have had. Thats what picking and antiquing is all about. No one is taken advantage of anyone.
But before i end this ......i have to say i need to keep a pen and paper at my side ..... you 2 have some of the greatest lines and sayings i have ever heard you just kill me . For one" its so hot in here the squirrel are handling their nuts with pot holders" where the heck does mike get these from .Oh and there are so many more he just keeps going. And i have a huge crush on frank i can not leave with that untold. Your biggest fan
Antiques and junk dealer
written by Ohiorails, February 11, 2011
Great show! Makes you want to get out there and drive the roads. I'm used to doing auctions and flea markets. Hope the show lasts a long time.
i hate you, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by MollyDeQuincey, March 06, 2011
My husband and I dream of doing this.. we have repectively worked in antique shops and run successful ebay businesses specializing in precisely what you guys pick (motorcycles, mid century furn, signs/adverts and musical instruments..)

We are both 30, young enough to have the energy and old enough to have the knowledge and respect for the history of these treasures..

Love the show..but our biggest question is WHY haven't one of you scooped up Danielle yet? She's beautiful and sweet and sure she holds down the office I guess but it seems like it would be so much fun to have her along on your trips.. like the manager/merch girl on tour with the band (def NOT a groupie of course.. but just an intrisic part of the band..!)

Much love and happiness to you all from Massachusetts
written by Kathy Taylor, March 13, 2011
Just wanted to add that I have been pickin since I was 8 or 9. The first time was pickin through the left over's from our Boat Club's yard sale. I scooped a vintage Green Velveteen sashed hooded jacket. And then I would pull things out of the garbage that I didn't want my parents to through away. The one thing that stands out was a hand crank meat grinder. So there and today I still do well: And I'm GOOD.
But~ On the other side of the coin, I love the Show and it makes me so jeaulous when ya'll get on the road and I'm sittin still. But It's all so Inspirational.
written by Anita, March 22, 2011
I love this show and We love the guys and Danielle. My 15 year old grandson and I always watch togeher. We have great conversations about the things that Frank and Mike find. You know what is so great about this show? You people are the real thing! You make us feel like we know you personaly. I just love to get to know the people you pick from. True Americana!! Have you been to Idaho yet? Come on over!!We love ya.
Mike and Frank
written by windyblue, April 15, 2011
I love the show, its great. And has taught me a lot about picking, and when I go around my town who has antique shops, I know, about different things, I am looking at.
Frank and Mike are great. I had NO clue they spend 5 months straight on the road. That is a long time. I find the show very, educational. Its great and I watch it all the time.
written by Andy Redd, April 22, 2011
I'm 60 and I want to be a picker when I grow up. We used to call such fellas "real horse traders". The deal or the haggle was the fun part of the game. Most folks out there now are not so naive about their stuff, so Mike and Frank really aren't taking advantage of anyone. Love the show.
I got some stuff to be picked.
written by Garrett Thalgott, May 21, 2011
I love the show and love how the viewers get to see things that we would never see without watching the show.It's amazing.I actually have two big sheds and one garage that need to be picked in a bad My father and I have alot of antiques that Frank and Mike would no doubt in my mind be interested in.All kinds of stuff really.If yall ever get to read this then give me a call.352-399-2271 Thanks and keep up the great picking.
Would you like to buy some itworkspaste?
written by Tony, June 05, 2011
This stuff is amazing!
love u guys!
written by lilloki (jennifer), July 17, 2011
i absolutely love the show and cant stand the people who have nothing else better to do than to talk all sorts of shit.
we want (on west coast) Mike, Frank & Danielle on 1st
written by Suzianne, August 08, 2011
The sisters are ok but for those us that only have a short time for TV.....put Mike, Frank, & Danielle on @ 8 pm pacific time and for those younger do nothings that can sleep in put the young pickers on for the late night crowd. Many of us can watch 'designer' shows as reruns....we want the real get down to business show on earlier.
written by Scott14735, September 04, 2011
I believe American Pickers is probably my 2nd favorite show on TV... second only to NCIS (NOT NCIS - LA, that one sucks). My favorite episode was when Frank & Danielle switched places, and Dani used her "charm" to get all that good stuff from that chubby hotel owner in PA. lol
written by Jean, September 06, 2011
I love you guys and Daniell and my favorite show was when Mike and Frank went to Bushkill Park, PA and purchased old circus rides and sold them for way more then they thought they were worth and went back and gave the owner HALF of what they sold the collection for. Wonderful young men and a fantastic show. Hope it stays on a very long time.
self, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Hemi Boso, October 01, 2011
It's ageist to think that elders are somehow deficient and therefore more susceptible to predatory picking than relative young'uns. That's utter nonsense! We elders have been around the block a few times and are no fools. Watching American Pickers, if anyone seems foolishly naive it's the younger sellers. Regardless, the show is hugely entertaining to this old codger ...
We also do this!
written by Andrew & Shelley, October 30, 2011
Have just found this show on the History channel and didn't realise there was a name for it! Even down here in NZ we find treasures and it's fascinating tracing the history and hearing the stories. We also buy and trade pop culture items to fund what we do. Looked upo 'pickers' as a personalised number plate and it's now ours !! ha ha. Love the show, looking for the the first series on DVD now.
written by david roberts, November 08, 2011
makes a monday night the only decent night on uk television ,love when they both get excited over either a car or a bike powered or otherwise, I don,t think for one minute they try and diddle anyone each of us has a valve you place on an item, well done
written by suze, November 26, 2011
American Pickers ... one of my top viewing series.
Stay genuine and relate to real people and you will continue to suceed.
love you guys and thanks for the support
written by frankandtubby, December 12, 2011
you guys are why we do this,thanks and stay tuned
written by Alan Benoit, December 30, 2011
Two thumbs up to American Pickers (Mike, Frank & Danielle) and The History Channel!! This show so reflects America; it's roots, it's heritage, it's eclectic essence. From the rusty gold to the fascinating people profiled on this show - this should be shown in our school classrooms. This "is" living history - grassroots style.
American Pickers
written by Ann, January 07, 2012
Since it is all about driving the roads of America and picking Americas history. What is wrong with Mike & Frank driving a Ford, Gm or Chrysler product. I have noticed in all episodes you always see a American built car or truck in the driveways of properties you pick.
written by hebs, January 10, 2012
wow, Frank is an idiot...he's such a fool and i guarantee he's been riding the coattails of Mike sinc2e highschool...mike is also a bozo but he does actually know what he's doing....Frank is so uncomfortable in his skin, its part of the appeal of the show.... he's a trainwreck and mike is a cocky nerd who truly believes he's it
written by hebs, January 10, 2012
ps. obviously Danielle knows so much more than Frank.... she does know style... she would be great in this business plus she has the pulse on what is cool or not...Mike knows what has worked and will still be successful but trust me he needs Danielle... he's way too dated and out of touch other than what he knows something will sell on EBAY because that is what he sees on his computer screen.... has no idea what or why something should cost the price it does...
written by Sue C., January 10, 2012
Love you guys and Danielle. Love your show. Makes Mondays worthwhile. Can't wait for the next weeks show, ever! I hope you keep on "rollin" down America's highways, informing us what is valuable and "cool", and the history that we are so desperately missing (and need) in this hurried way of life. Yesterday is gone forever but you bring to light the way things used to be, especially when our grandparents were alive. I will always cherish those times - when I REMEMBER. :)
Watch your language (and no need for bleeping). Only God gives us each day and what we are able to do in it. Thanks for allowing us along "for the ride." It's unbelievably great. The BEST show on tv!
Sue Creamer, Lebanon, Ohio
written by kimber, January 30, 2012
Love, love, love your show!!! I just finished watching the episode where you gave the amusement park owner (New York area) $5000 - half of the profit from selling the canvas ads - and you did the right thing! That was amazing! I was so proud of you for doing that, great job and very entertaining show! I'm looking forward to the new season!
Proud to be an Iowan!
Love, love this show!
written by Carol and Scott Webster, March 05, 2012
Both my hubbie and I love this show and look forward to many, many more episodes! We are avid collectors, lionel trains mainly for my hubbie and old, old cameras, antiques, primitives too. We both plan to drive the back roads of our area and also up where our cottage is near Algonquin Park this summer as a result of your show and do a little picking ourselves!!

Thanks again,
Carol and Scott
Windsor, Ontario Canada
Great show, Great Folks
written by Delphine, March 25, 2012
I love this show because I have been picking (yard sales, thrift stores, etc) for about 20 years. Made and lost money is the reality. But, of course, it is the thrill of the hunt and I think all of us that junk know this. Now and then I score big and make up for the bad picks that end up in a yard sale that I have occasionally. It gets in the blood and the thrill never goes away, just keeps getting fueled by each purchase, each American Picker and Roadshow event, over and over, more and more. Goes on until the last breath!
Property manager and appliances sales person
written by John Mongello, April 13, 2012
Well first off my wife and I enjoy your show. i had a question about an antique Washer and dryer set I'm getting ready to sell for $400.00. I deal in more modern machines and we received this set for free when we delivered a modern set. These machines are made by Maytag it looks like it came off the show room floor not a scratch on it. It actually works and washes clothes still. it is missing just one push button.

I have a guy who lives in Minnesota and wants to buy it for the $400.00. He is going to arrange shipping. Anyway my question is did I sell for too cheap? It is vintage 1961 to 1964 manufacture date
you do the right thing
written by Double A, May 08, 2012
Hey I love how you two guys pay the owners what an item is worth when you pick it. If they offer you a lower price, you pay them a higher price if you know its worth more.
written by Annie Bryce, June 05, 2012
Are you kidding me? I love this show! For all the crap reality shows on cable T.V., I really enjoy this one immensely. It's the honey hole of cable!
Grandma Ev
written by Evelyn Bay, June 26, 2012
Love your show.Don't live too far from Iowa and would love to see your store.I was born in the 30's so I relive my childhood many times over when I see u uncover all this stuff.Keep up the good work,Mike,Frank and Danielle!
written by Bonnie Clinton, July 20, 2012
we LOVVVVEEE this show!! i'm watching all the episodes that i missed when it first started on NETFLIX. I work from home and keep it on all day. mike and frank keep me company all day. i loveee them
and i like learning all the lil history tidbits along the way! Rock on, guys! forget the haters - they're just sooooo JEALOUS- like all haters are!!!!!
written by michael lavin, August 08, 2012
Just started watching American Pickers this last year and found permitted avenue into my memorial past. Many of the items these folks dig up (a 50s soda dispenser, toys from the 50s, cars etc) trigger memories of my past that I suspect I could not have done if I relied on my own retrieval process.
AP Malaysian fans
written by Norliah, August 10, 2012
I introduced my son to your show and now he's an avid viewer of American pickers just like me. And I'm a grandmother of 2! I hope the show will go on for years to come.
written by Brenda Ellen Mendoza, August 11, 2012
My husband and I LOVE your show! We have learned so much from you guys in appreciating American made collectibles! Keep on pickin on!
written by Nancy Fisher, August 22, 2012
We love the pickets, but don't understand how they survive on what they pick. They have to take more from these places than they show. Is there a semi traveling with them?
Staged, but I'm ok with that.
written by Alicia, August 23, 2012
I do love the show. It's fairly obvious the show is staged: suppose those sellers didn't know they'd be video'd? Producers have to get their permission to show their images on TV, etc. And check out the clothing changes, and so on. But, who cares? Love it anyway. It's entertainment!
written by Alicia, August 23, 2012
And, oh yeah, they've got to be making mega-bucks from TV development deals and salaries, etc. So the "poor us" angle is a giggle. But they've got it coming (just don't think we're idiots and don't get it!)
American Pickers Totally Staged
written by Junquer, October 06, 2012
The "Pickers" filmed an episode in our small town. Their scouts came into town several weeks before the filming, to schedule a date and then get everything set up before Mike and Frank arrived.

When the guys got into town they visited the storage buildings of a local antique dealer. They filmed the locks being cut off with bolt cutters on buildings that the dealer "had not been been in for 10 years".

The locals know that the portable buildings had not even been on the lot for 10 years, the locks they "had to cut off" were brand new (obvious even on tv). Everyone here know this dealer is in and out of his buildings all the time.

They filmed dozens of clips to choose only a few.

Even the "finds" and the prices were rehearsed. Yes the show is entertaining, but come on traveling from Iowa in a Mercedes van with a camera crew...... yeah right!
written by May, October 20, 2012
My son got me to watch American pickers just yesterday and I am hooked.! A really brilliant programme .very watchable.
written by Matthew james, October 22, 2012
Saw frank at the airport last night, Oct 21st in dallas. Saw Danielle walking down the terminal and didnt talk to her tho. He was very coy, and didnt seem to want bothered. and when some lady asked what show he was on he said "man vs food". I spoke to him briefly, and really didnt want anyone to know he was "famous". I can see it being a pain if everyone cmoes up to ya. He seemed to loosen up a little bit when he said "I am kinda out of it. Havent slept in like 22 hours, trying to go see my family". When I told him i understand because I spent the night before sleeping on the airport floor out in Ontario california he was a little bit more loosened up and mentioned he was just in LA.
As far as it staged....of course it is. All these shows like this...and THEY HAVE TO BE, or they woudlnt be interesting enough to be on TV
written by Doris, December 17, 2012
Love all 3 of you !!! Watch you all the time! Danielle ! You stand up to those guys!!!!! You are great! So glad to see Frank back!!! Hope he is feeling better! Mike!!! You are great too!!!! Love D
ole time picker
written by Bill McClain, January 22, 2013
Love the show I have a antique shop Although things are very slow. I hope you guys are on for many years. Your show is the type that a person does not get burnt out on . Keep on trucking. PS Danielle is HOT better give her a raise
written by windyblue, February 11, 2013
The show is very educational. And shows how much someones junk can be worth. Mike and Frank make there living off of this so they cannot pay top dollar for something, and they I believe pay cash up front for it. People sell there things for what they want. And Mike and frank have to pay for gas and hotels too.
They to me are not ripping any one off, they let the people also know how much things are worth too. Its has taught me much about the antique business.
written by Mike Dill, August 19, 2013
Guys what a great job. you do your job with integrity and honor with a whole lot of fun. the whole family loves the show, the banter with Danielle is priceless. rock on guys!!!

written by Daniel Mansfield , August 24, 2014
Love the show

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