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Wednesday, 13 February 2008 03:10

Best Place to Hike

1. Black Hawk State Historic Site

2. Scott County Park

3. Wildcat Den State Park


Best Bike Path

1. Ben Butterworth Parkway

2. Duck Creek bike path

3. Davenport bike paths


Most Bike-Friendly City

1. Moline

2. Davenport

3. Bettendorf


Best Place to Canoe

1. Rock River

2. Lake George at Loud Thunder Forest Preserve

3. West Lake Park


Best Place to People-Watch

1. NorthPark Mall

2. District of Rock Island

3. SouthPark Mall


The Nextel guy looks kinda bored. No customers. Why doesn't he try yelling at random passersby from 20 feet away like those Dead Sea Salt people? Ah, the marketplace: the perfect place to people-watch. I have decided to do this in-the-field reporting documentary style. I am here to trace trends, and above all, study the ... FASHION ALERT! That woman's pants are really too short, and she's wearing one of the those ribbon barrettes, the kind that looks like a bow from a potted plant at the florist. Even at age 10 the merit of this fashion choice feels questionable. Speaking of fashion, and its questionable trends, that is the fourth faux-fur lined hood I have seen in the last five minutes. Five, six, and seven just walked past - this documentary has found its focus. Eight and nine! How extraordinary. I have never seen so many in a single location. Clearly we are witnessing some sort of phenomenon. A brief lull. Perhaps the onslaught is finally over; I rest. Here comes another crowd. Four more! Some slung over the arm, threatening to turn the world into eskimos. Another in gray attached to a puffy pink coat - sassy! A gap in time. Some adolescents ruffle the feathers of a nearby security guard, but despite the possibility of an outburst, I remain still. I must find a male specimen, but will my search be in vain? How many faux-fur lined hoods have I seen? Unbelievably, the number has reached 23. Suddenly, he bounds past - there in front of me is a male in a full faux-fur coat! It must be mating season. Next time on People-Watching Expeditions: We take you to the Skybridge. Are people more interesting from far away? Tune in next time and find out!

- Stephanie Burrough


Best View from the Riverfront

1. LeClaire Park

2. Ben Butterworth Parkway

3. Davenport Skybridge


Best Local Landmark

1. Davenport Skybridge

2. Centennial Bridge

3. John Deere Pavilion

3. Mississippi River


Best Free Entertainment

1. Mojo's

2. Festival of Trees Parade

2. Genesius Guild

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