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Thursday, 22 December 2011 08:50

11) Place for drinks

Leslie Bell: Not great drinks but a great place for them – the Boat House at dusk.

@BeckyFulton1: #BestQC 11 Barrel House in downtown DPort has best drinks.

@dlhband: #BestQC 11 Brady St. Bistro is the best place for drinks. Cheap & cold doesn’t get much better than that..ok maybe their wings! #BestQC 11

12) Bartender

Frances B. Emerson: The best bartender in the entire Quad Cities is Jamie at Biaggi’s. This energetic young man can throw together fantastic mixed drinks – even inventing a few of his own – speak knowledgeably about all kinds of great wines, tell you about the food, and deliver things with a smile and great service. His positive attitude and work ethic are a thing of beauty to behold.

Jim Carroll: Nerissa at Bent River is the best bartender in all of the Quad cities for a variety of reasons. She is energetic and sparkling, always greeting customers with a smile. Nerissa takes care of regulars quickly but always makes time to greet a new customer. She often sets the new customer at ease by asking what type of beer they like normally and then making suggestions based on their taste. She helps other staff in a pinch and always lets everyone know what is going on. You have no doubt if you are waiting for a beer that Nerissa is helping someone else or changing a keg. Nerissa always offers water and is extremely polite when checking IDs. Her warm and mischievous sense of humor doesn’t hurt in making her a favorite of the regulars. Because of her warm personality, prompt, friendly, and courteous service, and a really great sense of humor, I have made Bent River my go-to spot. Not just because of the beer, but mostly because of Nerissa, the best bartender in the whole wide world.

Leslie Bell: Jon at RIBCO. A trooper. Indispensable.

Blue Cat’s Bob Murdock. Photo by A.J. Brown.Catie Osborn: I would like to nominate Bob Murdock from the Blue Cat Brew Pub as best bartender. Not only does Bob make one hell of a drink, but he is also one of the best people I know. He genuinely cares for his customers and takes an active interest in my interests – I can’t tell you how many times he has eagerly asked me how my latest play is going or asked me for a poster to hang up to advertise. (He also once custom-mixed me a drink to match my outfit. Awesome.) The Prenzie Players are regular customers at the Cat after rehearsals and shows, and when Bob took the time off work to come to see our last production, the stage manager ran back to where the actors were waiting to perform and simply yelled, “Bob’s here!” Several people after the show inquired about the giant cheer that went up prior to curtain, but the cast and crew knew why. Bob, once again, proved himself not just an excellent bartender but a truly wonderful person and friend. The Blue Cat is an awesome restaurant, but Bob is what makes it truly special, and he deserves to win.

Patrick Adamson: I think that Bob at Blue Cat is the best local bartender. Bob is knowledgeable and skilled in mixing delicious drinks. A good bartender is more than that, though. Bob always has a great positive outlook and attitude. I have never had the impression in the last five years of patronage that Bob has ever been dour or seemed put off to be at work. He remembers your name, your drink, and something about you. Bob is able to talk to you in a way that’s not overbearing and always seems sincere. If he knows you’re celebrating an important occasion, he’s even been known to bring a bottle of wine to the table, on the house. Bob isn’t just good; he’s consistent. That’s why we keep going back.

Josh Patrick: I would like to throw a nomination for Danielle from Moline Bier Stube for best bartender. This is very tough field because you have awesome bartenders at RIBCO, Bent River, Mac’s, and the list goes on. Danielle seems to turn into three people when the place is busy and really knows her customers well. I know folks that have only met her one time, and she never forgets their face or their drink of choice. I have been there before when there wasn’t a place to sit at the bar and she has my favorite beer coming to me without me having ordered yet. She has a fantastic energy and is always in a great mood and really gives off that positive vibe every time you see her. Great bartender.

13) Waiter or waitress

Rebecca Young and Andrew Courtright: When we moved to the Quad Cities from a small town in Illinois, we were looking for a place to replicate the small-town bar/restaurant where all the servers knew our order and the bartender had our drinks prepared by the time we approached the bar. After several months of searching, we finally found that feeling at the Symposium Café with waitress Amanda McCarl. Every Sunday morning, we head to Symposium with our newspaper and a pen for the crossword puzzle. Amanda brings us our drinks right as we sit down and keeps the coffee mugs full. She doesn’t mind that sometimes we linger longer than we should during their busy breakfast service. We love having that time to relax before the week starts, and Amanda’s warm personality and easy smile only augment our experience. She is one of those rare servers who has impeccable timing and whose service never feels intrusive. She is the best of the Quad Cities!

Josh Patrick: I would like to nominate Kayla, Kaitlyn, and Dime from Bent River as a tie for best waiter/waitress. This place is one of the busiest in town on Tuesdays, and it’s near-impossible most of the time to find a place to sit, and these ladies bring the A game every time. They hustle, they don’t forget your drink or food orders, and they do this while waiting on nearly 35 people each at any given time. They do a great job no matter what day it is, and it is always the busiest place on the Illinois side of the river. Try getting that kind of service at any of the East Village bars or restaurants.

@RonMorse: #bestqc 13 Karl from Cafe Indigo is knowledgeable, attentive, and accommodating to his customers!

Old Chicago’s Lance Dillie.@ReneeMeyerErnst: #BestQC 13 LANCE DILLIE OLDChicago Lance is extremely personable and great to be around!

@astanto2: #BestQC lance dillie is the greatest!!

@RyFly: Lance Dillie is the boss and he looks great in a fake mustache. #BestQC 13

@jbrwn: #BestQC 13 Lance Dillie, Old Chicago, I have never been attracted to a waiter before but I married this one.

@Rachel Friemel: Lance Dillie, Old Chicago. He’s such a sweetheart!!!

@LanceDillie: #BestQC 13 The best waiter is the Quad cities is Lance Dillie by far, and to be honest this should be the sexiest waiter in the QC.

@rogerwilson1980: #BestQC 13 Lance Dillie Old Chicago, I have never seen a waiter perform magic at a table I was shocked, that is my card!

@GeneSmith11: #BestQC 13 Lance Dillie, what a guy, great server kept my wifes drink full, and because of that I got lucky, I won $2 on a scratch off.

@PiperDillie: #BestQC 13 Lance Dillie from Old chicago, He is the best server I have ever had and he smells like Tim Mcgraw!

14) Place to meet people that isn’t a bar

Leslie Bell: Do you mean, “place to meet people who aren’t behind bars”? I suggest a college classroom.

BeckyFulton1: #BestQC 14 Cup A Jo in Moline- wonderful place to meet friends for lunch or a cup of coffee. Friendly staff, good food, nice atmosphere

dlhband: #BestQC 14 @CoolBeanzAZ is the perfect place to meet friends for a drink, dinner or a night of live music. #BestQC 14

15) Place for a first date

Jeff De Leon: ComedySportz Quad Cities. RCReader.com/y/bestvid4

16) Place to dance

Whitney Carnahan: QCSoda in Moline has a ton of sessions and lessons for dancing, and the owners are super nice! They offer zumba, salsa, swing, and have great instructors, also.

17) Locally owned store with things you can’t find at chains

Donna Walley at Aunt Hattie’s. Photo by A.J. Brown.Whitney Carnahan: Aunt Hattie’s in LeClaire, Iowa, is my first stop when I need something unique for a gift. They have a ton of retro items – think Darth Vader cookie jar, cat glasses, and jelly rings – and beer wares like signs, pint glasses, and mugs. I bought my brothers-in-law the “violation books” – books of fake violations to hand out to people in the office – for Christmas last year and it was hilarious reading some of them aloud. Really, if you need a random gift, it’s the place to go. Oh, and don’t forget to buy some gum – they have an awesome “humorous” chewing-gum collection. Maybe not for your boss, though. :)

Adventure Orange’s Anne Brown.Leslie Bell: Hands down, it’s Adventure Orange. DIY with style and wit.

18) Antiques/collectibles/resale store

Leslie Bell: Antiques on Brady. A carefully curated wonder.

Whitney Carnahan: Aunt Hattie’s, LeClaire, Iowa, has a ton of antiques and collectibles, like old glass pitchers, beer signs, and old toys. Basically, they have the item you haven’t seen in years but you wish you could find, and they probably have a better price on it than you would expect!

19) Auto service

Andrea Shook: Not a lot can be more intimidating while a husband is deployed than dealing with car issues. My husband was gone for an entire year and not one time did I feel not taken care of by my mechanic. Lyle, from Lyle’s Auto Service in Bettendorf, is the friendliest, most-honest mechanic I have ever met. He not only takes care of our vehicles but does my entire extended family’s also. He knows us all by name, and exactly what vehicle we are talking about. He squeezes us in for emergencies, and works with us as we rotate cars to him for routine maintenance. He is very honest about when something needs to be done, or when a part has a more time on it and doesn’t need to be fixed yet. He is the only mechanic I have ever had actually tell me nothing needed to be fixed on my car. He gives advice on where to take a vehicle if it is an area he doesn’t work on and what price should be charged. He is a kind, honest, and very fair mechanic, which is a rare find! Our family never has to worry with Lyle taking care of our vehicles.

Mark H. Hendricks: Perhaps it isn’t fair to submit one’s own company. Still, many Ace customers have been with us for 40 years. Ours is the only standard in automotive excellence they have ever known. Having been in business since 1969, Ace may be the oldest auto-repair facility in the Quad Cities, has the Better Business Bureau’s highest possible rating, and is AAA approved. The end result is that Ace Auto Dr. & Repair has more online reviews than all competitors combined. Take out everyone’s complaints, and that number nearly doubles!

@BeckyFulton1: #BestQC 19- Hughes Tire in Milan always fixes my car right the 1st time and they dont sell more than what it needs.

@RonMorse: Ryan at the Avenue of QC Midas always treats his customers right...even the craziest ones. #BestQC 19

20) Place for a wedding reception

Frances B. Emerson: The Black Watch Room on the Pebble Creek Golf Course in LeClaire has spectacular views, great food, and a terrific ambiance that would enhance any wedding. Kelle Schone, the owner, is a perfectionist – which is exactly the kind of person you want putting together your very special day. Perhaps best of all, the prices are reasonable. Check it out!

@LanceDillie: #BestQC 20 The University Club is such a great place to have a reception and it has a 0% divorce rate, or so I’ve heard.

@RedHotTonyTone: #BestQC 20 Skellington Manor excellent customer service makes planning a wedding reception simple!

@dlhband: #BestQC 20 Arsenal Island is a great place for a wedding. Have RIA’s Sheridan’s Island Catering do the catering! Its a Win,Win #BestQC 20

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