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Feature Stories
Rescuing Orphans: Can Congress Balance the Public Good and the Rights of Artists? PDF Print E-mail
News/Features - Feature Stories
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 02:33

Do Not Use! Copyright law is arcane enough, but a debate bubbling in Congress and among artists, libraries, and museums is important despite its obscurity.

The issue is "orphan works" - writing, photographs, paintings, and music whose copyright-holders are difficult (or impossible) to locate or contact.

Corynne McSherry, staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the result is that a library or museum will not make the material available to the public because of the potential penalty of statutory damages - which have a ceiling of $150,000 per copyrighted item.

A museum is "worried that it might get sued," McSherry said. "So the material stays locked away."

The Magical Morel Mushroom PDF Print E-mail
News/Features - Feature Stories
Wednesday, 21 May 2008 02:28

the morel mushroom I am on the hunt.

I carefully guide myself through the woods beyond my backyard on this rainy May morning, stepping over the underbrush and dead tree trunks searching for springtime's woodland gem: the morel mushroom.

Fixing a Failing System: Iowa Is Making Progress on Mental-Health Care, but Faces a Funding Crisis PDF Print E-mail
News/Features - Feature Stories
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 02:42

Reader issue #683 For the past two years, Scott County's mental-health and developmental-disability advisory committee has outlined proposed cuts to services. For Fiscal Year 2008 (which ends June 30), the budget reductions totaled $1.7 million. For Fiscal Year 2009, the proposal is just under $1 million.

Bursting the Augustana Bubble: Steve Bahls Ushers in an Era of Transparency, Involvement, & Growth PDF Print E-mail
News/Features - Feature Stories
Written by Jeff Ignatius   
Wednesday, 23 April 2008 02:34

Reader issue #681 Peter Kivisto offers this observation about Augustana College President Steven C. Bahls.

"Somebody'd have a new book, and the next thing you know, you'd have a little letter from him congratulating you," said Kivisto, the Richard Swanson Professor of Social Thought at Augustana and the past chair of the faculty senate. "That's on the cheap, but it meant a lot to us."

It's an admittedly minor thing, but it speaks to Bahls' style, and style counts for a lot in leadership. The Rock Island liberal-arts college is not an autocracy, and the power of its president to create change largely rests with his ability to inspire and guide, particularly the faculty and the board of trustees.

Rearranging the Pieces: New Figge Director Sean O’Harrow Wants to Reinvent the Still-Young Museum PDF Print E-mail
News/Features - Feature Stories
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 02:26

Reader issue #678 Sean O'Harrow, the Figge Art Museum's executive director for the past seven months, sounds diplomatic. He says all the right, polite things about collaboration and about serving the community.


"I'm very keen on building bridges," he said last week.


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