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“We Don’t Have a Backup Plan”: The Cerny Brothers, December 22 at the Redstone Room
Written By: Jeff Ignatius
Section: Music

Category: Feature Stories

2012-12-19 15:05:08

The Cerny Brothers

I first interviewed the Cerny brothers six years ago, back when Scott and Robert were college students at Northern Illinois University. They were then the electronic-rock duo Planning the Rebellion, and I called their debut album “shockingly mature and assured.”

Both of those things still apply, and you can add “ballsy” to mix.

Fronting their four-piece Cerny Brothers band, they’ll be performing at the Redstone Room on December 22 as part of a holiday trip to the family home in Sherrard, Illinois.

Based in Los Angeles and playing an aggressive brand of acoustic Americana, Scott (now 24 years old) and Robert (25) brim with both confidence and an understanding of how the music industry works. They have big dreams they went to L.A. to fulfill, but talking to them last week, they weren’t deluded about their chances, and they don’t expect success to come knocking on their door.

“We’ve always made music and movies,” Scott said of their move to California after college. “We just thought, ‘What’s the best place we could do both those things?’”

This is not one of those get-a-job-and-try-to-squeeze-in-our-passions-on-the-side things; they’re all-in with music. “We don’t have a backup plan,” Scott said. “Fail or succeed, we have literally one objective”: write songs, improve their live show, and “get good enough to a point where people can no longer ignore you. ... We’re getting very good at going into a room and turning people who don’t care about us into people that care about us.”

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Radical Optimism: The Cerny Brothers, December 23 at the Redstone Room
Written By: Jeff Ignatius
Section: Music

Category: Feature Stories

2011-12-06 11:26:29

The Cerny Brothers

In an interview, Robert and Scott Cerny – who will be playing as the Cerny Brothers on December 23 at the Redstone Room – said their album Dream grew out of one song: “I Want You to Run.” The record’s second track, it fuses elements of country, folk, and bluegrass with polished vocal and lyrical stylings that sound more like pop.

Starting at an ambling pace, “I Want You to Run” mixes a simple drum and high-hat beat supporting steel and acoustic accompaniment that rolls into the first verse: “I want you to run / Past your childhood home / To the great unknown.”

This verse embodies the major thematic element of the album – that yearning to leave, that desire to take a chance and have someone else come along to share the experience. The writing here has a simple elegance and unforced honesty that work with the intricate pick work to create a sense of urgency. Here there’s a radical optimism that’s at the core of the entire album, a refusal to believe that dreams are better deferred than pursued.

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