• Shen Yun, February 27

    Designed as a brilliant artistic revival and celebration of China’s rich cultural heritage, the stage artists of Shen Yun bring their national tour to Davenport's Adler Theatre on February 27, with the Chicago Tribune calling the event's performers "a beautiful and haunting ensemble" that boasts "a nimble mastery of traditional talents."

  • “Stories from Around the World,” February 27

    Offered as a special program by the World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities, the Bettendorf Public Library's February 27 lecture Stories from Around the World will boasts a fascinating trio of presentations by three noted professors at Davenport's St. Ambrose University and Rock Island's Augustana College: Ethan Gannaway, Matthew JM Coomber, and Peter T. Xiao.

  • Antique Spectacular Vintage Market Quad Cities, March 1 through 3

    One of the area's most eagerly anticipated sales events returns to Rock Island's QCCA Expo Center March 1 through 3, as Melting Pot Productions, Inc. presents this year's pre-spring 2024 Antique Spectacular Vintage Market Quad Cities, allowing hunters of vintage goods an all-weekend opportunity to shop for a wide range of quality antiques.

  • “Sweet Treats: German Influence on the QC Candy Industry,” March 3 through May 19

    With special attention paid to Roddewig Schmidt Candy Company, Velma Chocolates, and other former Quad Cities institutions, Davenport's German American Heritage Center will, from March 3 through May 19, explore different candy manufacturers in our area in the exhibition Sweet Treats: German Influence on the QC Candy Industry, demonstrating how the Quad Cities were once home to numerous candy manufacturers of German heritage popular both locally and regionally.

  • “Breaking Barriers: Walls Throughout History,” through May 5

    Boasting objects of significance from its vast collection, as well as ancient Asian, Middle Eastern, and Roman artifacts on loan from the Putnam Museum, the German American Heritage Center will treat guests to a fascinating historical exploration in Breaking Barriers: Walls Throughout History, the new homegrown exhibition on display in the Davenport venue's first-floor gallery through May 5.

  • Pumping Iron: Can the Latino Caucus Flex as Impressively as the Black Caucus?

    Two press conferences held after Governor JB Pritzker’s budget address last week didn’t receive much news-media attention. As the saying goes, coverage follows conflict, and the two pressers were far more subtle and polite in their criticisms of the governor’s plan than those held by Republicans, so they were mostly overlooked. But clear undercurrents were visible during both events, one held by the Legislative Black Caucus and the other by the Legislative Latino Caucus. And unlike the Republicans, those two caucuses actually have considerable sway over the state’s lawmaking process.

  • Day 2 of 2 Day Hearing to Allow Julian Assange to Move Forward with His Appeal in the UK Courts
    Julian Assange's U.S. Extradition Appeal Hearing in U.K. Day 2 of 2

    During a hearing at the British High Court of Justice, the United States government responded to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s request for an appeal by explicitly and forcefully arguing that Assange was no “ordinary journalist” who deserved human rights protections.

    Lawyers supporting extradition repeated the questionable assertion that the extradition treaty between the U.S. and the United Kingdom does not protect anyone from being extradited to America for “political offenses,” like “espionage.”

  • Julian Assange Protestors Photo by Mohamed Elmaazi
    Julian Assange's U.S. Extradition Appeal Hearing in U.K. Day 1 of 2

    Regarding Julian Assange's adjudication status for U.S. alleged crimes related to Wikileak's publishing U.S. government whistleblower's disclosures of U.S. government war crimes, it's been over three years since U.K.'s District Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s extradition decision was issued in January 2021. Baraitser actually rejected the U.S. government's demand for Assange's extradition on the basis that there was a “substantial risk” of suicide if Assange was subjected to U.S. jail or prison conditions. However, in 2021 Baraister also rejected all of Assange’s other arguments against extradition. 

    February 20, 2024 Assange's legal defense team Barristers Mark Summers KC and Edward Fitzgerald KC presented in the U.K. appeals court seven grounds for challenging the ruling.

    If the High Court accepts some or all of the appeal grounds as being at least “arguable” they will set a future date for Assange’s appeal to be heard. But if the High Court judges reject the defense arguments, Assange will have exhausted all of his domestic avenues of appeal.

    Crimes exposed by the WikiLeaks publications that are central to this case include “torture,” “[extraordinary] rendition,” and “drone strikes” that killed scores of civilians.

  • Mike Madigan’s Mafia Cosplay Revealed Tim Mapes As a Crappy Consigliere

    “Everybody gets pinched, but you did it right; you told 'em nothin' and they got nothin'” Jimmy Conway told a youthful Henry Hill in the classic gangster movie GoodFellas after the mob-connected teenager was arrested for selling stolen cigarettes, clammed up to the police and was then released by a corrupt judge. “You learned the two greatest things in life,” Conway told Hill. “Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut.”

  • Tales from the Uni-Potty: The Morning Constitutional - Cartoon by Ed Newmann
    Consume Mainstream Propaganda at Your Own Risk

    Our February issue provides stories, information, data, and timelines, in the spirit of traditional journalism. Thanks goes to the authors' commitment to rational dissemination of facts instead of emotion-triggering, unproductive opining sans relative details necessary to actually inform the articles, let alone reliable sources for what little factual information might be sprinkled here and there.

  • Glixen, February 28

    With the group's forthcoming activities including tours opening for Soft Cult and Glitterer, plus appearances at SXSW, Treefort, and the Nothing's Slide Away Festival, the Phoenix-based shoegaze talents of Glixen headline a February 28 concert event (co-presented by Void Church) at Davenport's Raccoon Motel, their sound delivering math-rock riffs with heavy post-rock fuzz alongside lead vocalist Aislinn Ritchie's dreamy vocals.

  • Ian Munsick, March 1

    With the country singer/songwriter praised by Holler Country for its sound that "feels uber-modern while never straying too far from the timeless, fiddle-driven folk music of his rural upbringing," 30-year-old sensation Ian Munsick headlines a March 1 concert event at Davenport's Capitol Theatre, his most recent album White Buffalo also hailed by Entertainment Focus as a work that “juxtaposes the old, cinematic stories of country music with modern sounds and massive choruses.”

  • Songwriter Sessions, March 1

    Held as part of the unique concert series held in Davenport's intimate and cozy Redstone Room, the March 1 Songwriter Sessions event will find fans of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash, Elton John, and other singing/songwriting greats treated to a seated evening of tunes hosted David G. Smith, with additionally winning performances delivered by local talents Amber Sweeney, Jason Carl, and Chloe Finch.

  • Quad City Symphony Orchestra Masterworks V: “The Fauré Requiem,” March 2 and 3

    With the title of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra's fifth Masterworks concerts of the 2023-24 season coming from the program's final, thrilling composition, The Fauré Requiem will be presented at Davenport's Adler Theatre and Rock Island's Augustana College on March 2 and 3, the ensemble and guest vocalists Sarah Shafer and Quad City native Nathaniel Sullivan performing beloved works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Gabriel Fauré.

  • Chase Matthew, March 2

    With the Capitol Theatre's March 2 headliner lauded by AllMusic.com as a "Nashville county artist who mixes gritty songwriting with modern, beat-driven production," Chase Matthew makes his Davenport debut on March 2, the 26-year-old artist known for his passionate vocal performances and his eclectic mix of musical influences that blends country with classic soul, contemporary R&B, and a dash of funk.

  • Reggae of Sunshine: “Bob Marley: One Love,” “Madame Web,” and the 2024 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Animated and Live Action

    Just how good is Kingsley Ben-Adir as the title character in Bob Marley: One Love? So good that I couldn't make out half of what he was saying.

  • Mike Schulz with Dave & Darren on Planet 93.9 FM

    Going to the cineplex or staying in and streaming this weekend? Every Thursday morning at 8:15 a.m. you can listen to Mike Schulz dish on recent movie releases & talk smack about Hollywood celebs on Planet 93.9 FM with the fabulous Dave & Darren in the Morning team of Dave Levora and Darren Pitra. The morning crew previews upcoming releases, too.

    Or you can check the Reader Web site and listen to their latest conversation by the warm glow of your electronic device. Never miss a pithy comment from these three scintillating pundits again.

    Thursday, February 22: Discussion of Madame Web (woof...), Bob Marley: One Love, and the Oscar-nominated live-action and animated shorts, and previews of Drive-Away Dolls and Ordinary Angels, the latter co-written by Meg Tilly. Remember Meg Tilly? The Big Chill? Agnes of God? And not, as Dave initially suggests, Bounce?

  • Oh! My! Goth!: “Lisa Frankenstein,” “Out of Darkness,” and “The Teachers' Lounge”

    I wondered how my pals from the '80s might've collectively reacted to director Zelda Williams' and screenwriter Diablo Cody's new horror comedy had it actually been released in the year of its 1989 setting. My guess is we would've thought that it was pretty lame but had some decent laughs; that Heathers and Beetlejuice did the same sort of thing much better; and that the movie was only worth our time because we got to see it for free.

  • “Who Are the Marcuses?”, March 3

    Lauded by the Alliance of Women Journalists as a "must-see" that is "fascinating and eye-opening," director Matthew Mishory's Who Are the Marcuses? enjoys a March 3 screening at Davenport's Figge Art Museum as the sixth and final presentation in River Action's 2024 QC Environmental Film Series, this special showing hosted by the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities described by the Jewish Journal as "a story about wealth, generosity, innovation, and Israeli pragmatism."

  • Now Playing: Friday, February 23, through Thursday, February 29

    Now playing at area theaters.


  • “Character Journeys: Reflections by Wendt Character Scholars,” through February 29

    A celebration of students who commit to active participation in a weekly character-focused class and to regular community service throughout the year, the exhibition Character Journeys: Reflections by Wendt Character Scholars will be on display at the University of Dubuque's Bisignano Art Gallery through February 29, this showcase designed to acknowledge the roots and experiences that shape character, and recognize that so much more goes into character growth.

  • “beyond the boundaries: Paintings of John C. Badger – Abstract Expressionist,” March 1 through April 27

    With his works a testament to the belief that there is no distinct beginning, middle, or end when exploring the boundless nature of creativity, a noted painter will be showcased in the Voices Studio exhibition beyond the boundaries: Paintings of John C. Badger – Abstract Expressionist, its housing at the Dubuque venue, from March 1 through April 27, a retrospective celebration of life, art, and evolution of pieces that defy convention.

  • “Revolutionary Artist: The Prison Fantasies of David Alfaro Siqueiros,” March 2 through June 9

    With the exhibit's artist known for his large public murals using the latest in equipment, materials, and technique, as well as for being one of the most famous of the "Mexican muralists," Revolutionary Artist: The Prison Fantasies of David Alfaro Siqueiros will be on display at Davenport's Figge Art Museum from March 2 through June 9, this lithograph series on loan from the Deere & Company collection for an intimate exhibition on view in the Lewis Gallery.

  • “Burnett, Erickson, & Kuhlman,” through March 4

    Inviting and arresting works by a trio of gifted Midwestern artists – two from Wisconsin, the other from Illinois – kick-start the 2024 exhibition season at the Quad City International Airport Gallery through March 4, with the Moline airport's Burnett, Erickson, & Kuhlman exhibit showcasing paintings by Kimberly Burnett of Milwaukee, stone sculpture by Joel Erickson of Moline, and drawings by Matt Kuhlman of Milwaukee.

  • Exhibition Celebration: Rock Island Art Guild, March 7

    On March 7, area art lovers are invited to celebrate the recent opening of the 43rd Rock Island Art Guild Fine Arts Exhibition at Davenport's Figge Art Museum alongside some of the exhibition's featured regional artists, with guests able to share in the excitement as this year's prize winners are announced.