• “Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend,” February 4 through April 30

    From February 4 through April 30, one of the most fascinating of all oceanic creatures will be given an up-close-and-person look at the Putnam Museum & Science Center when the venue displays the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend, an examination of the water-based wonders from their depiction in the 1500s as angry sea monsters to their present status as icons of pop culture.

  • “Saying Yes to Your Story: A Conversation with Kwame Alexander,” February 8

    On February 8, the Rock Island Public Library, Moline Public Library, and Illinois Libraries Present will host a special virtual program in which participants will learn how to harness the power of words and storytelling for change, with the award-winning author of 36 books author taking part live in Saying Yes to Your Story: A Conversation with Kwame Alexander.

  • Ballet Quad Cities' “Love Stories,” February 10 and 11

    With the professional company's annual, yet all-new, presentation of Love Stories being staged at Davenport's Outing Club on February 10 and 11 – audiences for the 2023 edition will be treated to a little bit of everything: classical dance, modern dance, lyrical dance; Bach, Debussy, Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet. But while the performances come with either a served dinner or desserts available for purchase, Artistic Director Courtney Lyon has has another food reference for what patrons can expect: “It's kind of like a buffet,” she says. “You get to try to a lot of different things.”

  • “Sol Butler: The Greatest Athlete You've Never Heard of,” February 11

    A track-and-field Olympian who was also an NFL player who was also a 1915 graduate of Rock Island High School will be celebrated on February 11 in Sol Butler: The Greatest Athlete You've Never Heard of, a Rock Island Public Library presentation by local author David Sebben on the Quad Citian who played for the Rock Island Independents football team and competed in the long jump in the 1920 Olympic games.

  • “Birth of the Computer: The John Atanasoff Story,” February 23

    With the focus of its celebration a 1990 recipient of the United States National Medal of Technology – the highest national honor conferred for achievements related to technological progress – the February 23 program Birth of the Computer: The John Atanasoff Story will be held in Augustana College's Wallenberg Hall, offering attendees insight into the inventor of the electronic digital computer and his reported ties to the Quad Cities area.

  • Uncle Scam Cartoon by Ed Newmann Feb 2023 River Cities Reader.png
    Who Knew About These Firsts?

    Publisher Todd McGreevy recounts the highlights and content of the River Cities' Reader's February 2023 printed edtion, as well as links to the same stories online herein. Illustration of "Uncle Scam" is by Ed Newmann. 

  • Correction for the “Noble Lies Are No Excuse For Ignoble Acts” Article

    My sincere apologies! In last month's article “Noble Lies Are No Excuse For Ignoble Acts," I carelessly, erroneously reported, “In nearly 100 percent of the cases to date, the punishment is far worse than the crime and severely disproportionate to rulings for far worse bad acts by BLM and Antifa rioters during their rampages just a year prior, where hundreds of police officers died with billions in damages.”

  • Auto Manufacturers Suspect State Assembly Members of Cronyism

    The Rockford Register-Star reported last week that the state of Illinois “has submitted what could be its best offer to keep the Belvidere Assembly Plant operating and save what could be thousands of jobs.” Stellantis announced in December it would idle its Jeep Cherokee assembly plant in February. So there appears to be a glimmer of hope that the state can finally notch a victory with a carmaker after years of trying. And the online Web site Jalopnik recently reported that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin told the Ford Motor Company that he didn’t want their $3.5 billion electric vehicle-battery plant which would employ 2,500 workers because the company had partnered with China.

  • 6th Annual Fake News Awards - The DINOs by CorebettReport.com
    The 6th Annual Fake News Awards

    And now, from an undisclosed location deep beneath the Earth's surface, it's the 6th Annual Fake News Awards! Shining the spotlight of ridicule on the dumbest disinformation, the silliest smears and the most ludicrous lies of the mainstream-media dinosaurs of the past year! Which press-titutes will walk away with a DINO of shame? What mendacious government mouthpiece will commit seppuku after being exposed as a deceiving sack of excrement ? And who will walk away with the greatest dishonor of them all: the Fake News Story of the Year? Find out in this year's exciting Award Show Extravaganza ... .

  • The World Comes to D.C. to Demand Biden Drop the Case Against Julian Assange

    A group of legal experts, press freedom activists, journalists, and public figures filled a ballroom at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to organize international opposition to the United States government's extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. For the Belmarsh Tribunal, United Kingdom parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn flew more than 3,670 miles to speak in person on January 20, 2023. Other speakers flew in from Italy and Croatia. In fact, very few of the delegates on the tribunal organized by Progressive International were from the D.C. area.

  • “Natural Shocks,” February 2 through 12

    Hailed by StageLeft.nyc as "taut and lively" and by Theatre Scene as "a compelling play on important and topical themes," playwright Lauren Gunderson's unique and unpredictable dramatic comedy Natural Shocks makes its Quad Cities debut at Moline's Black Box Theatre from February 2 through 12, with DC Metro Theatre Arts adding its praise by deeming it a work that "raises important points about the need to take action in times of crises."

  • Broken Box Mime Theater, February 7 through 9

    Performing a rich, funny, and astonishing blend of stagecraft and silent slapstick, the gifted clowns of New York's nationally touring Broken Box Mime Theater will appear as the latest 2023 guests in Quad City Arts' Visiting Artists Series, delivering one full performance and two abbreviated ones – in addition to their numerous presentations for local students – between February 7 and 9.

  • The Acting Company's “Romeo & Juliet,” February 7

    A gripping drama spun from the ancient grudge between two families, and a timeless tale of star-crossed lovers who follow their passions to the ultimate end, William Shakespeare's romantic-tragedy classic Romeo & Juliet will be given a fresh interpretation at the University of Dubuque's Heritage Center on February 7, when members of the New York-based The Acting Company deliver a stirring touring production proving the Bard's story as relevant to modern society as it was four centuries ago.

  • “Barefoot in the Park,” February 10 through 19

    Opening its eagerly anticipated 2023 season with one of the most hilarious and beloved romantic comedies in theatrical history, Neil Simon's timeless Barefoot in the Park enjoys a February 10 through 19 run at Moline's Playcrafters Barn Theatre, this Tony-winning stage sensation – and inspiration for the Robert Redford/Jane Fonda movie – lauded by Life magazine as nothing less than “one of the funniest comedies ever.”

  • “The Wind in the Willows,” February 11 through 19

    A literary classic adapted for the stage by a remarkable trio of professional talents, author Kenneth Grahame's beloved The Wind in the Willows enjoys a student-performed rendition at Davenport Junior Theatre from February 11 to 19, its creators including the Olivier Award-winning Mary Poppins team of composer/lyricists George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, and its book writer Julian Fellowes, the Academy Award and Emmy winner responsible for Gosford Park and Downton Abbey.

  • Nivrana: A Tribute to Nirvana, February 3

    In celebration of one of the best-selling and most popular bands of all time, the alt-rock musicians of Nivrana: A Tribute to Nirvana will brings their grunge talents to Common Chord's Redstone Room on February 3, with the Davenport venue hosting a repertoire of hits from the platinum- and diamond-selling albums Bleach, In Utero, and the timeless Nevermind.

  • Birds of a Feather, February 3

    Boasting a lineup of veteran musicians from central Illinois taking a deep dive into the magic and complexity of the Phish songbook, the tribute artists of Birds of a Feather will headline a February 3 concert at the Rock Island Brewing Company, this musically thrilling night at RIBCO featuring the talents of Dave Littrell (The Station and Deep Hollow), Jeff Cunningham (The Station, The Blue G's, Los Injectors), Mike Tasch (Sunshine Daydream) and Ron James (the Brandon Santini Band).

  • Joby Bell, February 3

    With the organist lauded by Fanfare magazine as "supremely powerful" and an artist whose "virtuosity is never in doubt," Joby Bell will be the featured guest in the University of Dubuque's second-annual John and Alice Butler Pipe Organ Recital Series, his February 3 performance treating audiences to what Fanfare deemed "a special, subtle gift for clear articulation of notes and shaping of discrete phrases that brings out themes and their connections into bold relief."

  • Quad City Symphony Orchestra Masterworks IV: “Bella & Brahms,” February 4 and 5

    With the musicians' latest repertoire showcasing legendary works by equally timeless composers Johannes Brahms and Dmitri Shoshtakovich, the Quad City Symphony Orchestra continues their 2022-23 Masterworks season with Bella & Brahms, the concert's February 4 and 5 performances at Davenport's Adler Theatre and Augustana College's Centennial Hall boasting the long-awaited Quad Cities return of violin virtuoso Bella Hristova, who last performed with the ensemble in 2017.

  • Daniel Villarreal, February 4

    Touring in support of his 2022 Panamá 77 debut that the Eisenberg Review deemed "a mesmerizing myriad of instrumental folk-funk sounds and psychedelic jazz texture, the Chicago-based drumming powerhouse Daniel Villarreal headlines a February 4 concert at Davenport's Raccoon Motel, his first full-length release also lauded by the Chicago Reader as a work that "draws upon a dozen musicians and at least that many genres ... all held together by (Villarreal's) generous spirit and bountiful beats."

  • Mike Schulz with Dave & Darren on Planet 93.9 FM

    Going to the cineplex or staying in and streaming this weekend? Every Thursday morning at 8:15 a.m. you can listen to Mike Schulz dish on recent movie releases & talk smack about Hollywood celebs on Planet 93.9 FM with the fabulous Dave & Darren in the Morning team of Dave Levora and Darren Pitra. The morning crew previews upcoming releases, too.

    Or you can check the Reader Web site and listen to their latest conversation by the warm glow of your electronic device. Never miss a pithy comment from these three scintillating pundits again.

    Thursday, February 2: Discussion of Infinity Pool, Women Talking, Living, and To Leslie.

  • Talking, Living, Drinking, Dying: “Women Talking,” “Living,” “To Leslie,” and “Infinity Pool”

    The January 24 reveal of this year's Oscar nominees brought with it the usual amount of pleasures, disappointments, and surprises, as well as our annual reminder that not every movie voters get to see is one Quad Citians have been able to see. Two of the stragglers, however, managed to secure local releases this past weekend. Another contender has been available for rental and purchase for weeks, but found itself as perhaps the title that Academy Awards completists wanted/needed to catch up with above all others.

  • “Youth Unstoppable,” February 5

    Lauded by Films for the Earth as a work that "captures the vibrant untold story of the global youth climate movement," the documentary Youth Unstoppable serves as the third presentation in River Action's annual QC Environmental Film Series on February 5, its presentation at North Scott High School underlining why First Showing deemed the work "a powerful film documenting the rise of the youth climate movement through the eyes of climate activist Slater Jewell-Kemker.

  • The 2023 Academy Awards Nominations

    While the announcement itself provided a bunch of welcome confirmations and surprises, as well as the obligatory less-welcome ones, the most gratifying thing about the roughly 20-minute presentation of Oscar nominees was our again being able to hear in-the-moment gasps, whoops, and even, for one category, laughs with the lists of names and titles. Especially titles. But we'll get to that.

  • Now Playing: Friday, February 3, through Thursday, February 9

    Now playing at area theaters.


  • “Elephant & Piggie in WE ARE ART,” through February 5

    Two of the most beloved figures in children's literature, as well as the author and artist who originated them, will be celebrated through February 5 in the Muscatine Art Center's Elephant & Piggie in WE ARE ART, an exhibit organized by the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts, with all artwork on loan from the collection of Mo and Cher Willems.

  • Buried Stories: Miss Ellen Gale (1853-1948) and the Rock Island Public Library

    On November 25, 1872, Rock Island became the first city in Illinois to open a public library. The library was housed in Room 17 of the Post Office Building, located northwest of Second Avenue and 17th Street. The room was rented for $25 a month.

  • “Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960,” February 11 through May 7

    On view to Figge Art Museum members on February 11 and 12 and to the general public from February 14 through May 7, the touring exhibition Sporting Fashion: Outdoor Girls 1800 to 1960 will be on view in the Davenport venue's third- and fourth-floor galleries, and boasts 64 fully accessorized ensembles comprised of more than 480 historic objects.

  • “Caroline Kent: An Improvisation of Form,” through February 12

    With the exhibit on display through February 12, the Figge Art Museum welcomes guests to view the talents of a Chicago-based artist in Caroline Kent: An Improvisation of Form, an installation that will transform the Davenport venue's Katz Gallery into an immersive exhibition of paintings, site specific interventions, and sculptures, surrounding visitors in a unique synthesis of language and abstract forms.

  • “Bowden, Moyer, & Smith,” through February 28

    Fascinating, colorful, and occasionally very tall works by a trio of Midwestern artists are currently on display at the Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery, with the Moline airport, through February 28, hosting Bowden, Moyer, & Smith: a collection of acrylic paintings by James Bowden of Peotone, Illinois, steel sculptures by Matt Moyer of Columbia, Missouri, and mixed-media paintings by Corrine Smith of Rock Island, Illinois.