Jan Clough's KaleidoscopeExhibit

34th Annual Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition

Augustana College Art Museum

Wednesday, April 7 through Sunday, May 2


If you visit the Augustana College Art Museum between April 7 and May 2, one of the exhibited pieces you'll see is a work by Macomb artist Jan Clough - created with pencils and the opaque-watercolor medium of gouache - titled "Kaleidoscope." Of course, with 70 art works by 66 artists on display, the whole darned exhibit could've been titled "Kaleidoscope."

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'Final Fantasy XIII'

Just because it's called Final Fantasy XIII doesn't mean you need to play the other 12 to appreciate the experience. Every numbered game in the Final Fantasy franchise (in other words, excluding spin-offs such as Tactics or Crystal Chronicles) is a unique experience that stands alone, with a detailed world containing lots of history and interesting characters with distinctive traits; the series is also not wed to any one style of gameplay. This new game makes some drastic changes from its predecessors, but it stays true to the series by telling an epic story in a majestic world deserving the name Final Fantasy.