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Ferris Bueller's Day Off (PG-13; 61 Drive-in Theatre) - John Hughes' incessantly re-watchable comedy, with Matthew Broderick and pals staying three steps ahead of their principal and reveling in the best playing-hooky day ever, is as blithe, meaningless, funny, and deeply weird as the writer/director's high-school filmography ever got. IMDb listing.

Footloose (PG; 61 Drive-in Theatre) - Director Herbert Ross clearly loves bodies in motion, and even when his movie's dance numbers border on the ridiculous, his camera is alive to the movement and keeps us riveted … and, on more than a few occasions, laughing. IMDb listing.

The Goonies (PG; Blue Grass Drive-in) - IMDb listing.

The Great Outdoors (PG; Blue Grass Drive-in) - IMDb listing.

Gremlins (PG; Blue Grass Drive-in) - IMDb listing.

Shrek (PG; Blue Grass Drive-in) - Its script takes more than a few potshots at the Disney empire - including a wickedly smart stab at their theme parks - but it ends on a note of typical, huggy banality; the filmmakers want us to get misty-eyed over characters they've spent the whole film mocking. IMDb listing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG-13; Blue Grass Drive-in) - A weird, desperately confused blend of the ultra-serious and the halfheartedly comic, and even the "funny" acts of violence - as when one of the turtles punches a woman and she flies 10 feet into a concrete wall - occasionally feel hatefully brutal. IMDb listing.

Transformers (PG-13; Blue Grass Drive-in) - Ninety minutes of amusement and frequent exhilaration, and the fact that the film actually runs 145 minutes proves to be only a slight detriment. IMDb listing.

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