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QCA Today: June 29, 2015

This feature collects articles published online by the following Quad Cities-area media outlets: Quad-City Times, Rock Island Argus/Moline Dispatch, River Cities’ Reader, KWQC, and WQAD. It also includes...

Putting the Brakes on Traffic Cameras: The Iowa DOT’s Regulations Are a Good Start, but the Issue Begs for Legislative Action

Putting the Brakes on Traffic Cameras: The Iowa DOT’s Regulations Are a Good Start, but the Issue Begs for Legislative Action

Davenport started Iowa’s debate over using cameras to ticket vehicle owners for speeding and running red lights, so it’s appropriate to look at one of its intersections as an illustration of the current...

Funny Businesses: Patrick Adamson, Andrew King, and George Strader Discuss the Area-Comedy Renaissance

“Is that ahi tuna?” “No. It’s a-ha tuna. This is a comedy interview.” So went a not-atypical exchange during my recent conversation with area comedians George Strader, Patrick Adamson, and...

Dove Bard: Magician David Casas at Area Venues April 30 through May 3

Near the end of our recent interview, I ask David Casas a question that, I think, most people would want to ask a professional magician who spends much of his time making doves appear and disappear: “Has...

Persistence Pays: All Iowa Reads Author Robin Oliveira Discusses “My Name Is Mary Sutter,” April 22 and 23 at Area Libraries

In the opening chapter of Robin Oliveira’s My Name Is Mary Sutter, the midwife of the title shows up at the door of a doctor struggling with a childbirth. It is the dawn of the Civil War, and Sutter...

A Band-Aid for Roads: Iowa’s Gas-Tax Hike Is a Short-Term Fix for a Long-Term Problem

A Free Market by Force? The FCC and Net Neutrality in (Mostly) Plain English

Undoing the Arab Spring: Amaney A. Jamal, February 9 at St. Ambrose University

Nacho Radio: Dave & Darren Rescue Themselves from the Airwaves

No Easy Answers: Jessica Lamb-Shapiro on Self-Help and Self-Discovery, January 27 at Augustana College

Art to Heart: Drew Starenko Wanted to Teach Art. Instead, He Became a Local Pioneer in Heart-Bypass Surgery.

Small Solutions for a Big Problem: Sheryl WuDunn on the Oppression of Women, October 21 at St. Ambrose University

“I’m with the Banned!”: Winners and Favorites from Our 2014 Short-Fiction Contest

The Shrinking Gambling Pie: Jumer’s Boosted the Local Casino Market – but It Can’t Hide the Quad Cities’ Decade of Decline

The Forest for the Trees: Lessons from Newspaper Coverage of the Benton Mackenzie Trial and Rock Island County Government

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Dueling Messages Reveal Ploy to Work Against Madigan

House Speaker Michael Madigan likes to send “messages.” He doesn’t often explain what those messages are, but last week’s surprising defeat of a bill to give the Chicago Public Schools a 40-day...

Rauner Ad Leaves Daylight for Deals

Governor Bruce Rauner’s much-anticipated TV ad isn’t as over-the-top negative as many thought it would be. “Exactly,” was the response from a Rauner official I spoke with after watching the ad...

Free Speech, Facebook, and the NSA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

“A person under surveillance is no longer free; a society under surveillance is no longer a democracy.” – Writers Against Mass Surveillance The good news: Americans have a right to freely express...

Governor Eyeing 2016 with Speeches, Money

Governor Bruce Rauner gave rip-roaring speeches in several Democratic legislative districts last week denouncing the state’s Democratic leadership. All of his visits were accompanied by Illinois Republican...

Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s a shell game intended to keep us focused on and distracted by all of the politically expedient things that are being said – about militarized...

Democrats and Republicans Still Have Much to Learn About Each Other

Governor’s Lobbyist Order Cements His Control Over Bureaucracy

Iowa Should Abandon Its Level Playing Field for Education Funding

Rauner, Democrats Still Worlds Apart

Republicans Snub Labor in Right-to-Work Vote

How Jury Trials Could Have Softened the Blow of the Financial Crisis

Pulling Back the Curtain on Secret Working Groups

Few Recourses for Real Change

Rauner Playing Hardball on Budget, Term Limits

The Radical Pragmatist: An Interview with Republican GOP Candidate Mark Everson

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Fuzzy and Furry: "Ted 2" and "Max"

Fuzzy and Furry: "Ted 2" and "Max"

TED 2 Every fan of Family Guy knows that when he wants to, Seth MacFarlane can be really offensive. (I am in no way a fan of Family Guy, and even I know that.) But the biggest problem with MacFarlane’s...

Now Playing: Friday, June 26, through Thursday, July 2

Now Playing: Friday, June 26, through Thursday, July 2

For show schedule information, visit: 61 Drive-in Theatre, Delmar Blue Grass Drive-in, Blue Grass FilmScene, Iowa City Putnam Museum, Davenport Rave Cinemas Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX, Davenport...

Emotion Picture: "Inside Out"

INSIDE OUT There appear to be two ideal ways to discuss, in review form, Pixar’s hugely entertaining animated comedy Inside Out. One is through something short and sweet that suggests the experience...

Life’s a Beach, Then You Get Meds: "Love & Mercy" and "Dope"

LOVE & MERCY Receiving a wide national release on the same weekend as Inside Out’s debut, director Bill Pohlad’s Love & Mercy is also an exploration of the brain – specifically, the brain...

Dino Might: "Jurassic World" and "D-Day: Normandy 1944"

JURASSIC WORLD Hopefully it won’t happen for many, many years. But when Steven Spielberg eventually passes away, will any of us be allowed to notice?

CIA / ESP / WTF: "Spy," "Insidious: Chapter 3," and "Entourage"

Hawaiian Punch: "Aloha," "San Andreas," and "Far from the Madding Crowd"

It’s a Pall World After All: "Tomorrowland" and "Poltergeist"

The Fast and the Furiosa: "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Off-Key: "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Where Hope Grows"

Feminine Protection: "Hot Pursuit" and "Clouds of Sils Maria"

Super Salad: "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

A.I., A.I. ... . Oh!: "Ex Machina"

The Crash of 29: “The Age of Adaline," "Little Boy," and "Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter"

From ’Puter to Putrid – A Birthday Letter: "Unfriended," "Monkey Kingdom," "True Story," "While We’re Young," and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2"

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Artistry That Refuses to Linger: Juan Wauters, June 19 at Rozz-Tox

Artistry That Refuses to Linger: Juan Wauters, June 19 at Rozz-Tox

Juan Wauters has been called “one of the most idiosyncratic and inventive songwriters in New York today” (by the New York Observer), “New York’s greatest songwriter” (by Impose magazine),...

Harnessing Terror, Gently: Strangled Darlings, June 11 at Rozz-Tox

If you read the bio of Strangled Darlings on the duo’s Web site, you’ll get a hint of tension between capitalized Art and something at the other end of the spectrum entirely. First: “Jess and...

An Unparalleled Experience: The Quad City Symphony with Yo-Yo Ma, May 14 at the Adler Theatre

Listening wasn’t enough. You had to be there to take it all in. As one of the world’s leading musicians, cellist Yo-Yo Ma is renowned for his compelling tone, masterful technique, and convincing...

Remembrances of John O’Meara Jr.

John O’Meara Jr. died on April 22 at age 58, and the memories and thoughts in this article attest to a much-loved man and musician who played in myriad Quad Cities-area bands in many genres. O’Meara...

Just the Right Bullets: New Albums from Local Artists Busted Chandeliers and Robyn McVey

Busted Chandeliers, Postmarks & Timestamps The first track of the Quad Cities quartet Busted Chandeliers’ Postmarks & Timestamps album is titled “Love Is Bold,” and the song is, too,...

Made with Casual Care: Joe & Vicki Price, “Night Owls”; Performing May 3 at the RME

A Fitting Exclamation Point: The Quad City Symphony, April 11 at the Adler Theatre

A New Way of Seeing: Hey Rosetta!, April 24 at Rozz-Tox

Keepers of the Golden Egg: Shook Twins, April 16 at the Redstone Room

“Everybody’s Game Is Up”: Natty Scratch Celebrates 43 Years with a Reunion

Bloom Where You're Planted: Quad City Arts Visiting Artist Nnenna Freelon, at Area Venues April 8 through 18

Promises Nearly Fulfilled: New Releases by Local Bands Culture Coup and Milk Duct Tape

Keys to the Kingdom: The Quad City Symphony, February 7 at the Adler Theatre

An Anything-Goes Tapestry: All Them Witches, February 15 at Rozz-Tox

Roots Seller: The Musical Journey of Area Icon Ellis Kell

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Savior Faire: "Jesus Christ Superstar," at North Scott High School through June 28

Savior Faire: "Jesus Christ Superstar," at North Scott High School through June 28

Director Jeff Ashcraft's vision for Countryside Community Theatre's Jesus Christ Superstar is clear from the very beginning. As the orchestra, under music director Keith Haan's capable leadership, plays...

Feast and Foremost: "The Big Meal," at the Timber Lake Playhouse through June 27

Feast and Foremost: "The Big Meal," at the Timber Lake Playhouse through June 27

Playwright Dan LeFranc’s The Big Meal deserves every superlative I can, and will, use to praise it. The forward progression of his plot about the life of a couple from first meeting to final resting...

Varied Treasure: "How I Became a Pirate," at the Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse through July 11

How long does it take for an area production to become legendary? In the case of the Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse’s How I Became a Pirate, I’d say about one week, because after the show’s debut staging...

Will Plower: "Gianni Schicchi," at Lincoln Park through June 21

Saturday's performance of Genesius Guild's and Opera @ Augustana's Gianni Schicchi was rained out, which presented a dilemma: Do I act responsibly and attend and review Sunday's performance instead,...

Just for the Mel of It: "Young Frankenstein," at the Prospect Park Auditorium through June 21

On at least three occasions during Thursday’s preview performance, Quad City Music Guild’s Young Frankenstein achieved a transcendent silliness – the kind you get with stunning regularity in Mel...

Deaf Poetry Jam: "Tribes," at the QC Theatre Workshop through June 28

Feline Groovy: "Cats," at the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre through June 21

Turn Your Hips and Coif: "Hairspray," at the Timber Lake Playhouse through June 14

Disability Assurance: "The Boys Next Door," at the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre through June 14

Accentuate the Postulant: "The Sound of Music," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through July 25

Saving Mrs. Bankrupt: "The Way West," at the Village Theatre through May 24

Chauffeur Show: "Driving Miss Daisy," at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through May 17

And the Tony Goes to … : "Antony & Cleopatra" at the QC Theatre Workshop through May 9

All You Need Is Like: "As You Like It," at Augustana College through May 10

One Plays a Little Mermaid, the Other Flounders: "Fancy Nancy: The Musical," at the Circa '21 Dinner Playhouse through May 15

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Art in Plain Sight: The Giant Wheel

Art in Plain Sight: The Giant Wheel

The Giant Wheel rises to a height of 110 feet above Modern Woodmen Park’s baseball field in Davenport. This exciting addition to the Quad Cities’ riverfront is part viewing platform, part light...

Winners from the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest

Winners from the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest

Many thanks to those who submitted entries to our 2015 photography contest, with the categories “On the Waterfront,” “School’s Out,” “Summer in the City,” and “Hot Stuff!” Our favorites...

Enter the Reader’s 2015 Photo Contest! June 1 Deadline!

The River Cities’ Reader’s summer photo contest has returned, with four new categories for your submissions: “On the Waterfront,” “School’s Out,” “Summer in the City,” and “Hot Stuff!”...

Art in Plain Sight: Black Hawk Mural

The height of the five-story Black Hawk mural in the Rock Island District is what first catches our eye. Our attention continues to be held as we begin to realize that much of the mural is a painted...

Remembering Bruce Carter

When Bruce de Gouveia Carter died on November 24 at age 66, he left the Quad Cities art community with a gaping hole. He was a visual artist, a teacher, and an art-store manager. But his largest legacy...

College Collage: Student Artists of the "2014 College Invitational," Opening November 8 at the Figge

Art in Plain Sight: Halloween Decorations

Concentration and Synergy: Despite a Pending Sale, Bucktown Is Poised to Thrive

Different Paths to Similar Ends: Megan and Kristin Quinn Honored with Riverssance’s Harley Award

Art in Plain Sight: The Arsenal and Wells Fargo Clocks

Hearts of Glass: Artisans and Students Make Hot Glass in a New Davenport Studio

Short on Legends, Loaded with Innovation: “Innovators & Legends,” through September 7 at the Figge

Art in Plain Sight: “Cadence of Diversity”

Timeless Treatments: Three Artists at the Quad City Airport Gallery Through June

Winners from the River Cities’ Reader’s 2014 Photo Contest