County Sheriff is most important office locally to protect property rights.

Scott County Primary Elections on June 4, 2024, are especially important due to the importance of counties in the American Republic pecking order of authorities. Arguably the most important election for any county is its sheriff. Globalization has the elimination of elected county sheriff's as one of its stated goals because this office represents a systemic threat to its central control model.

County of Scott, Iowa Annual Comprehensive Financial Report 2023

Take a closer look at the candidates. At times it’s necessary to look at the negatives in order to change direction.

2024 Scott County Primary Election Candidate Questionnaires

In keeping with the Reader's tradition during primary season, we are publishing a candidate questionnaire for each of the three Scott County offices on the ballot this election year. The following questions were emailed to the candidates below. The unedited responses will be published at the Reader's website May 8 through May 10, and then again in print on May 23, 2024, when the June Reader print edition hits the streets.

Scott County Appointments to Elected Offices Keep Records Secret and Not Transparent

When public officers are appointed to positions by a bureaucracy or by fellow elected officials versus elected by the people, there is often a distinct lack of transparency that accompanies the process that can be antithesis to the public interest.

Tenex Precinct Atlas Poll Book Electronic Signature Capture

How did the Scott County Auditor and Supervisors fast track the most expensive pollbook vendor pricing to eliminate the incumbent system during a general election year? 

Scott County Iowa Board of Supervisors Committee of the Whole Meeting Nov 21.2023

For 30 years, the Reader has memorialized in print and online how nearly all local, state, and national legislators, staff within executive agencies, and jurists, regardless of political party, have epically failed in representing the electorates' interests and Constitutionally protected inalienable rights they swore to uphold as mandated by their oath of office.

World class athletes have always just dropped dead of heart attacks out of the blue

Just four-and-a-half months since President Biden declared an end to the COVID “emergency,” the media is suddenly full of stories about the return of COVID. This time a new “variant” is being rolled out, and the media, in collusion with Big Pharma and the fear-industrial complex, are churning out stories about how forced masking is making a comeback.

Scholars describe progressive societies as being akin to beehives.

What if both establishment Democrats and Republicans adhere to Progressivism, an ideology measures of magnitude different than liberalism or conservatism, while only fabricating a liberal or conservative identity just to win elections? It adds up. Progressivism advocates first and foremost that everything is political. All social and economic problems, no matter the size or scope, are best solved via government-driven political solutions. 

Progressivism concerns itself with groups and their highest functions. Progressives consider human beings to be group components, resources for groups' highest functioning.  Components of groups are tightly controlled and expendable as necessary. This is in direct opposition to the core individualism driving both classic liberalism and conservatism.  Therefore, it only follows that liberal and conservative individualism is an existential threat to Progressivism and must be eradicated.

Scott County Iowa Board of Supervisors May 10 Committee of the Whole Meeting Video Screenshot

In the Iowa Primary, there are five Democratic candidates for Scott County Board of Supervisors vying for three positions on the November 8 General Election ballot: Karl Drapeaux, Brinson Kinzer (incumbent), Joseph C. Miller, Jazmin Newton, and Dawson Shea VanWinkle. There are four Republican candidates for Scott County Board of Supervisor vying for three spots on the General Election ballot: Jean Dickson, Jennifer McAndrew Lane, John Maxwell (incumbent), and Ross Paustian. All candidates were provided the following questionnaire.

Roby Smith Iowa State Senator District 47 and Bobby Kaufmann Iowa Representative District 73

Throughout America, state legislatures are engaged in election reform to secure their states' election integrity by codifying policies, including the prohibition of certain toxic practices that prevailed under an umbrella response to COVID-19, but undermined election processes in varying degrees. Ten states are including the elimination of private funding of public elections, as well as other measures regarding voter identification, signature approval, securing gaps in counting ballots, mostly common-sense measures that would return voter confidence to elections.