Quad City Arts' Chalk Fest at Schwiebert Riverfront Park -- June 26 and 27.

Glorious colors and imaginative designs will be gracing the pavement of Rock Island's Schwiebert Riverfront Park in Quad City Arts' 2021 Chalk Art Fest, a June 26 and 27 weekend featuring live music, children's activities, food and drink vendors, and cash prizes, plus, eventually, the recognizable visage of rock legend David Bowie.

One of the most expansive exhibitions in the Davenport venue's recent history, with the works on display numbering well over 100, POP Power from Warhol to Koons will enjoy an engagement at the Figge Art Museum June 26 through September 19, treating patrons to explosions of color, unforgettable imagery, and specific artistic visions that have continued to capture the public imagination for more than 50 years.

The talents of a gifted painter with two masters degrees from the University of Iowa will be showcased in the latest exhibition at the Figge Art Museum, with the Davenport venue, from June 19 through September 26, housing the exhibition Franklin Evans: Franklinsfootpaths, an installation that will explore elements of Evans' personal history in Iowa while also encouraging new ways of experiencing the Quad Cities museum.

Energetic, multi-hued works by an Arizona-based artist with significant ties to the Quad Cities will be on display in the next exhibition at the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy, with the Bettendorf venue, through July 8, housing Tim Schiffer: Paintings within Paintings, a collection of arresting pieces created by the former executive director of Davenport's Figge Art Museum.

Works by one of the most gifted and prolific artists of the 21st century will be on display in the newest exhibition at the Figge Art Museum, with the Davenport venue, through August 22, housing Lesley Dill – Wilderness: Light Sizzles Around Me, a showcase for the talent whose wide variety of media including sculpture, print, performance art, and music explores the power of language and the mystical nature of the psyche.

The multi-faceted experiences of individuals from America and abroad are being reflected in a pair of new exhibitions at the Quad City Arts Center, with the Rock Island venue, through June 18, presenting art on the walls, on the floor, and hanging from the ceiling courtesy of the Peter Xiao paintings in iNundATIONs and Ioan Marcu's mixed-media sculptures in Immigrants.

Beautiful works by gifted local artists who also happen to be Quad Cities art professors who also happen to be related will be on display at the Quad City Arts International Airport Gallery through June 30, with the Moline gallery housing a pair of exhibitions by a pair of sisters: paintings by Kristin Quinn of Davenport, and ceramic creations by Megan Quinn of Rock Island.

The celebration of a talent known for combining real and imagined elements inspired by nature in his captivating works, the Figge Art Museum's new exhibition Tom Uttech: Origin, on display through August 15, will feature Kisibakwad, the beloved painting from the Figge collection, alongside a selection of the artist's large-scale photographs from the collection of the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

A chat between two gifted artists and a sneak preview of a forthcoming exhibit are on the docket in a June 10 virtual program hosted by the Figge Art Museum, with the Davenport venue presenting New York artist Franklin Evans in a webinar conversation with local artist and University of Iowa professor Laurel Farrin, an event that will find the pair discussing their art practices, the materials they use, and the humor they find in making art.

One of the most popular recent series for binge-watching will be explored, and critiqued, in a special virtual presentation on May 20 with the Figge Art Museum's hosting of Why Did “Bridgerton” Erase Haiti?, Dr. Marlene L. Daut's webinar discussion of her article of the same title that examines the black aristocracy present in Haiti during the English Regency era, and how the Caribbean is often ignored by historical costume dramas such as Netflix's Bridgerton.