Fascinating works by two artists with degrees from the University of Iowa are currently showcasing their talents at the Quad City Arts Center, with the Rock Island venue, through August 12, housing multi-media installations of Melissa Airy and oversize, jewelry-like sculptures by Ali Hval.

Providing insight into our country’s past through the work of revered American artists including Thomas Cole, Severin Roesen, Albert Bierstadt, and John Frederick Kensett, the Figge Art Museum's current exhibition The Warner Foundation Collection: History in the Painting will be celebrated in an opening program on July 7, the Davenport venue's event boasting appetizers, a cash bar, and presentations by a number of special guest speakers.

With the exhibition on view in the Davenport venue's Katz Gallery through September 18, dozens of modern masterpieces by a wide array of artistic talents will be showcased in Urban Exposure: The American City Seen, a fascinating, thoughtful, and evocative assemblage of works on display at the Figge Art Museum.

Describing her works as "immersive installations and drawings that tap a non-verbal physiological landscape of body and space, provoking emotional, visceral and perceptual responses," artist Anne Lindberg teams up with a noted writer for Anne Lindberg: think like the river with poet Ginny Threefoot, a fascinating collaborative exhibition – on display through September 4 – hosted by Davenport's Figge Art Museum.

With the exhibit's title taken from Psalm 19 and its sacred celebration of the sun and the life that flourishes under its radiant light, painter William Havlicek's The Sanctuary of the Sun: Seasons & Time will be on display at the historic house of the Muscatine Art Center through September 11, its series selections described by the artist as "a poetic eulogy to Iowa’s seasonal changes, ochre harvests, russet woods, and silent streams.”

At Davenport's Figge Art Museum on June 2, the Mint Museum's Senior Curator of American Art will discuss a gifted painter credited for introducing Impressionism to the United States during the opening program for the exhibit John Leslie Breck: American Impressionist, with Dr. Jonathan Stuhlman exploring Breck’s work within the context of both European and American Impressionism.

Beautiful works by a half-dozen gifted student artists will be on display at the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy through June 16, with the talents of high-school seniors celebrated in a Friday-evening opening reception and two-week display of Miles on the Brush.

An artistic exploration into the lives of children raised in many different kids of circumstances, the Muscatine Art Center's new exhibition Where Children Sleep: Photographs by James Mollison will be on display through August 21, and stands as a revealing series of photos that share the diverse stories of youths living in different countries around the globe.

In the 12th installment of the venue's latest group exhibition, the artistic talents of 41 students from area colleges and universities will be on display in the Figge Art Museum's College Invitational 2022 through August 28 – a showcase of techniques and mediums including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, clay, digital illustration, silkscreen, mixed media installation, and found materials.

Dozens of paintings by the gifted artist credited for introducing Impressionism to the United States – many never before seen – will be on display at the Figge Art Museum through August 28, with the Davenport venue exploring the work, life, and career of a celebrated 19th-century American in the exhibition John Leslie Breck: American Impressionist.