• False Profits: Quad City Music Guild's "Catch Me If You Can," at the Prospect Park Auditorium through March 25

    “One day you’ll look at yourself and you won’t be who you were.”

  • “Clue: The Musical,” March 22 through 31

    Will it be Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with the dagger? Colonel Mustard in the ballroom with the revolver? Professor Plum in the conservatory with the lead pipe? The only way to find out “Whodunit?” is to catch the Black Box Theatre's March 22 through 31 production of Clue: The Musical – a stage adaptation that Broadway World called “an entertaining, humorous, and interactive musical that is not to be missed.”

  • “Alice in Wonderland,” March 24

    A storybook classic comes to magical stage life at Davenport's Adler Theatre when the professional talents of Ballet Quad Cities present their March 24 world premiere Alice in Wonderland, a full-length family ballet bursting with unforgettable characters, vibrant colors, astounding dancing, and live music by Orchestra Iowa composed by the legendary Pyotor Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

  • “Godspell,” March 16 through 25

    After years of presenting theatrical productions only in the summer months, Eldridge's Countryside Community Theatre opens its 2018 season with a show for spring, with Tony-nominated composer Stephen Schwartz's biblical-musical smash Godspell enjoying a March 16 through 25 run at Princeton's Boll's Community Center.

  • Role Play: “Venus in Fur,” at the QC Theatre Workshop through March 25

    Saturday night’s performance of Venus in Fur at the QC Theatre Workshop was … steamy. Not only in terms of the material, but in the talent on-stage, as real-life married couple Thomas Alan Taylor and Jessica Taylor set the stage ablaze in a two-person show about a young actress who all but forces her way into an audition and proves, over the course of 100 minutes, to be far more then she claims to be.

  • “Rock Baby Rock,” March 24

    Having played music icon Jerry Lee Lewis in more than 2,500 performances of the Tony-winning Million Dollar Baby at Chicago's Apollo Theatre, touring sensation Lance Lipinsky brings his high-wire talents to Galesburg's Ohnward Fine Arts Center in the March 24 concert event Rock Baby Rock, an explosive, piano-pumping performance showcasing musical influences of the 1940s, '50s, and '60s.

  • Negative Gemini, March 27

    With Spin magazine lauding the artist as “something jarring and sublime in crystalline brilliance” and Resident Advisor admiring her “ethereal New Age jungle with a vocal flex that nods to Enya and Björk,” Negative Gemini singer/songwriter Lindsey French brings her singular electro-pop to Rock Island's Rozz-Tox on March 27, performing in support of the recent Bad Baby EP that BandCamp described as “a stunner.”

  • Humming House, March 27

    Described by American Songwriter as “a standout live act that loosely interprets the label of a 'folk' band,” the talents of Humming House will also share their roots-rock and bluegrass stylings in a Moeller Nights concert on March 27, demonstrating why Glide magazine stated, “Over years of touring, the group has managed to craft a sound that is incredibly tight but also unbelievably catchy.”

  • Clint Black, March 31

    A country-music legend brings with him nearly three decades' worth of hits when Clint Black takes the stage at Davenport's Rhythm City Casino Resort Event Center, his March 31 concert showcasing the Grammy-winning talents that have made Black a Billboard chart-topper more than 20 times over.

  • Anthony Gomes, March 31

    With Music Taster's Choice calling him “one of the top 10 guitarists in the world,” the acclaimed blues rocker Anthony Gomes performs a special Easter Eve set at Davenport's Redstone Room, sharing the talents that led BluesWax to name him its 2003 Artist of the Year and inspired B.B. King to famously ask, “Where did that voice come from?”

  • Blue Who? : “Love, Simon,” “I Can Only Imagine,” “7 Days in Entebbe,” and “Tomb Raider”

    You may have heard Love, Simon described as a gay Sixteen Candles – or a gay anything-by-John-Hughes – and it's kind of true, as this coming-out comedy is just as blithe, funny, well-meaning, and contrived as any of Hughes' mid-'80s classics, and certainly just as sensitive to the plight of its teenage protagonist. Yet particularly in its final half hour, director Greg Berlanti's casually revolutionary film is more like a gay Lady Bird – an unerringly truthful, supremely insightful, deeply affecting work boasting more than a half-dozen supporting characters whom you'd eagerly watch in films of their own.

  • “The Promised Land: Adventures in the Middle East,” March 27

    In the latest big-screen event in its World Adventure Series, the Putnam Museum & Science Center will explore one of the most beautiful, contentious, and frequently misunderstood regions on Earth in the documentary The Promised Land: Adventures in the Middle East, its two March 27 screenings followed by Q&A sessions with the film's writer/director Rick Ray.

  • “Walk with Me,” March 15 and 24

    Described by RogerEbert.com as “a unique documentary spectacle” and the New York Times as “cooling to the mind and soothing to the spirit,” directors Marc J. Francis' and Max Pugh's Walk with Me will enjoy special Figge Art Museum screenings on March 15 and 24, giving viewers unique insight into the legacy of Buddhish monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanha man nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Galaxy Quest: “A Wrinkle in Time,” “The Strangers: Prey at Night,” “Gringo,” and “The Hurricane Heist”

    Even if you're Steven Spielberg, Spielberg-ian whimsy is tough to pull off effectively, and Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time – the director's eagerly awaited adaptation of Madeleine L'Engle's cherished 1962 fantasy novel – most assuredly has its heart in the right place. If only it were clear where its brain was.

  • “Water” Under the Bridge: Notes on the 2018 Academy Awards Telecast

    Because of last year's historic foul-up in the telecast's final minutes, anyone committed to watching Sunday night's 90th Annual Academy Awards really had to commit, agreeing to sit through 230 frequently interminable minutes – you could watch The Post twice in that time! – just to see if Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway would read from the correct envelope. They did. And the evening's climax still felt a little bungled.


  • Exploring the Visual Culture of Grains: Selections from “Boiled, Baked, & Brewed,” March 29

    Connections between humanity, sustenance, and art will be explored in a March 29 “Thursdays at the Figge” presentation, with the University of South Dakota's Dr. Lauren Freese speaking on “Exploring the Visual Culture of Grains: Selections from Boiled, Baked, & Brewed,” an event held in conjunction with the University of Iowa Museum of Art exhibition on current display at the Figge.

  • “The Magical Glow of Fireflies,” March 10 through April 28

    Beginning March 10 and lasting through April 28, Bettendorf's Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy will be aglow with the outdoor photography of Czech Republic native Radim Schreiber, whose works will light up the venue in the haunting and beautiful exhibit The Magical Glow of Fireflies.

  • “Material Conversations,” March 9 through April 7

    In the first exhibition by Augustana College faculty since 2014, Material Conversations – on display at the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art from March 10 through April 7 – will showcase works produced in a multitude of media and spanning various topics including life, identity, and the universe, perfectly underscoring the falsehood behind the phrase “those who can't do, teach.”

  • Pat Beréskin's Vision Fully Realized in Bettendorf

    Talk about an arts destination. I finally visited the Beréskin Gallery & Art Academy for the opening of Bettendorf native (in from Kanas City) Troy Swangstu's animal paintings. His meaty semi-abstract paintings are up through March 9 and are well worth checking out, especially if you are into Basquiat and Bacon, and wish you had gotten to visit the Caves of Lascaux, too.

  • Tilly Woodward, David Zahn, Cindy Lesperance, Carol Hamilton, and Brad Hook Exhibits, March 2 through April 30

    Paintings, sculpture, and encaustic works will be on display in a trio of exhibitions by a quintet of artists, when Quad City Arts and the Quad City International Airport Gallery present March 2 to April 30 showcases for Tilly Woodward, David Zahn, Cindy Lesperance, Carol Hamilton, and Brad Hook.