While the announcement itself provided a bunch of welcome confirmations and surprises, as well as the obligatory less-welcome ones, the most gratifying thing about the roughly 20-minute presentation of Oscar nominees was our again being able to hear in-the-moment gasps, whoops, and even, for one category, laughs with the lists of names and titles. Especially titles. But we'll get to that.

Lauded by Films for the Earth as a work that "captures the vibrant untold story of the global youth climate movement," the documentary Youth Unstoppable serves as the third presentation in River Action's annual QC Environmental Film Series on February 5, its presentation at North Scott High School underlining why First Showing deemed the work "a powerful film documenting the rise of the youth climate movement through the eyes of climate activist Slater Jewell-Kemker.

If any movie this season can truly unify parents with their teenagers, it'll likely be Missing, the new mystery thriller whose morals can be effectively boiled down to “You need to always be honest with me, Mom” and “You need to pick up when I call, sweetie.”

A beautiful and informative documentary that found its inspiration during the shelter-in-place phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, My Garden of a Thousand Bees serves as the second presentation in River Action's annual QC Environmental Film Series on January 29, the film created when wildlife filmmaker Martin Dohrn set out to record all the bees he could find in his tiny urban garden in Bristol, England, filming them with one-of-a-kind lenses he forged on his kitchen table.

I, personally, found the experience of Skinamarink extremely tiresome and legit-scary for maybe 100 seconds of its 100-minute running length. Dammit, though, if I can't get this thing out of my head.

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Thursday, January 26: Discussion of Tuesday's Oscar nominations, plus Missing, EO, and The Son.

Blockbuster sequels to 13- and 36-year-old films nominated for Best Picture with no correlating nods for directing, acting, or writing, An independent release cited for directing, acting, and writing nods with no corresponding Best Picture acknowledgment. The most nods of the year – 11 in all – awarded to a foreign-language remake that debuted on Netflix. Welcome, folks, to my official, inevitably misguided attempts at predicting the January 24 Oscar nominations!

With the final presentation in the Figge Art Museum's current Film at the Figge series - its lineup having boasted award-winning international works that deal with death, loss, and grief in unexpected ways - a modern masterpiece and last year's winner of the Best International Feature Oscar will be screened on January 26 in Drive My Car, writer/director Ryusuke Hamaguchi's superb Japanese drama that The Guardian awarded five stars and called "an engrossing and exalting experience."