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2000 Academy Awards Recap

2000 Summer Movie Capsules

2001 Academy Awards Preview

2000 in Review

2001 Academy Awards Predictions

2001 Academy Awards Recap


2001 Spring Movie Capsules

2001 Summer Movie Preview

2001 Summer Movie Capsules

2002 Academy Awards Preview

2001 in Review

2002 Academy Award Nominees

2002 "If I Picked the Academy Award Winners..."

2002 Academy Awards Predictions

2002 Academy Awards Recap


2002 Summer Movie Capsules

2002 in Review

"If I Picked the Academy Award Winners..."

2003 Academy Awards Predictions


2003 Summer Movie Capsules

2003 in Review

"If I Picked the Academy Award Nominees..."


2004 Summer Movie Capsules

A Hundred-Plus Reasons to Go to the Movies

2004 in Review

"If I Picked the Academy Award Nominees..."


2005 in Review

2006 Academy Award Nominee Capsules

2006 Academy Awards Race

2006 Academy Awards - Foreign, Short Film, Documentaries

2006 Academy Awards Predictions

2006 Academy Awards Recap


2006 Summer Movie Recap

2006 in Review

2007 Academy Award Nominee Capsules

2007 Academy Awards Preview

2007 Academy Awards Predictions

2007 Academy Awards Recap


2007 in Review

2008 Academy Award Nominee Capsules

2008 Academy Awards Predictions

2008 Academy Awards Recap


2008 in Review: 10 Best

2008 in Review: 20 Worst

2008 in Review: 139 in Between

2009 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2009 Academy Award Nominations

2009 Academy Awards Predictions: Best Actor & Actress

2009 Academy Awards Predictions: Other Categories

2009 Academy Awards Recap


2009 in Review: 10 Best

2009 in Review: 151 Others

100 Favorite Movies: 2000 - 2009: Jeff Ignatius

100 Favorite Movies: 2000 - 2009: Mike Schulz

2010 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2010 Academy Award Nominations

2010 Academy Awards Predictions

2010 Academy Awards Recap


2010 in Review: 10 Best

2010 in Review: 140 Others

2011 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2011 Academy Award Nominations

2011 Best Picture Contender Highlights

2011 Academy Awards Predictions

2011 Academy Awards Recap


2011 in Review: 10 Best

2011 in Review: 150 Others

2012 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2012 Academy Award Nominations

2012 Academy Awards Predictions

2012 Academy Awards Recap


2012 in Review: 10 Best

2012 in Review: 150 Others

2013 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2013 Academy Award Nominations

Oscar-a-a-aziness: Analyzing the Trickiest Academy Award Categories

2013 Academy Awards Predictions

2013 Academy Awards Recap


2013 in Review

2014 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2014 Academy Award Nominations

2014 Academy Award Predictions and Preferences

2014 Academy Awards Recap


100 Favorite Movies, 2000 - 2014: Jeff Ignatius

100 Favorite Movies, 2000 - 2014: Mike Schulz

2014 in Review

2015 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2015 Academy Award Nominations

2015 Academy Award Predictions

2015 Academy Awards Recap


2015 in Review

2016 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2016 Academy Award Nominations

2016 Academy Award Predictions

#OscarsSoWhat?: How Voters, Bloggers, and Maybe Dumb Luck Upended the 2016 Academy Awards -- and the Academy Itself

2016 Academy Awards Recap


2016 in Review

2017 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2017 Academy Award Nominations

2017 Academy Award Predictions

How Oscar Got Best Picture Right, by Jeff Ignatius

2017 Academy Awards Recap


2017 in Review

2018 Academy Award Nominations Predictions

2018 Academy Award Nominations

2018 Academy Award Predictions

2018 Academy Awards Recap


2018 in Review

2019 Academy Award Nominations Predictions

2019 Academy Award Nominations

2019 Academy Award Predictions

And the Oscar for Next-Best Picture Goes to ... : This Year's Race Is All About Which Film Voters Hate Least

2019 Academy Awards Recap


2020 Academy Award Nominations Predictions

100 Favorite Movies: 2000 - 2019; Jeff Ignatius

100 Favorite Movies: 2000 - 2019; Mike Schulz

2019 in Review

2020 Academy Award Nominations

2020 Academy Award Predictions

2020 Academy Awards Recap


"If You've Got 219 Hours to Spare ... : A Quintet of Binge-Watch Options"

"'Documentary Now!' ... and Then: Five Excellent Docs and Their Excellent IFC Homages"

"Laughs in the Time of COVID: Five Cackle-Inducing Movies from More Than 20 Years Ago"

"All the Screen's a Stage: Five Phenomenal Theatre-to-Film Transfers"

"Abou-ou-out Face!: Five Reversals on Cinematic First Impressions"

"I'm Not Crying, You're Crying: Five Unmissable Tearjerkers"

"Take Me to Bed or Lose Me Forever: A Former Usher Remembers the Movie Summer of '86"

"So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way: Favorite Comedies for When You're Missing Your Friends"

"I'll Have What They're Having: Five Unmissable 1980s Rom-Coms"

"Little Gray Cells: Mysteries and Whodunits from a Critic's Formative Years"

"21st Century Flix: Short Takes on 20 Previously Un-reviewed Movies"

"I Love You, Honey Bunny: Timeless Releases from the Fall of '94"

"Santy Claus Ain't Comin' to Town: More Laughs in the Time of COVID"

"How's the Peeping?: Early Movie Triumphs of Philip Seymour Hoffman"

"Depth of Focus: Five Great Movies About Movies"

"I'm Not Gonna Be Ignored, Dan: Formative Movies from a Critic's College Years"

"I Was Building a House: Five Standouts from the Summer Before I Became a Quad Citizen"

"They're as Mad as Hell, and They're Not Gonna Take This Anymore: Great Movies for When You're Feeling Angry"

"Carpe Diem!: Cinematic Examples of Jobs Done Well"

"The More, the Merrier: Five Movie Winners with Staggeringly Huge Casts"

"Come Play with Us, Danny: Five Initially Traumatizing Movies I've Grown to Love"

"Must Go Faster: Home-Viewing Options If You're Missing Summer-Blockbuster Season"

"Reassess Pool: 10-Favorites Lists from 1995 to 1999 ... and What They'd Look Like Today"

"Gold Watches: 10 Options for Binge-ing and Obsessing"

"SportsCentered: Inspirational Home-Viewing for the Sports (and Sports-Movie) Deprived"

"Let's Play Desert Island!: A Middle-Aged Reviewer's Five Favorite Films of All Time"

"Ease on Down the Road: Five Screen Adaptations If You're Missing Summer Musicals"

"Second Verse, Worse Than the First: Five Iconic '80s Films That Spawned Totally Needless Remakes"

"Holiday Roads: Five Memorable Big-Screen Vacations"

"And the Oscar Goes to ... Not You: 20 Performers Still Awaiting Their First Academy Award Nominations"

"Going to Eleven: Show-Business-Themed Home-Viewing for Those Missing Crowds"

"You Gotta Be Kid-ing Me: A Dozen Memorable Pre-Teen Movie Performances"

"Second-Round Knockouts: Five Sequels That Improve on Their Blockbuster Originals"

"Is That All There Is?: Movies I Love That Made Friends Hate Me"

"First Time's a Charm: Revered Directors and Their Masterful Feature-Film Debuts"

"Emmy Nominations 2020: A Totally Unqualified Analysis by an Infrequent TV Viewer"

"You Give a Little Love (and It All Comes Back to You): Five Favorite Alan Parker Films"

"I'm Thinking How Happy I Am: Five Movies Boasting Great Adult Romances"

"Bring a Nice Chianti: Five Scary/Funny Home-Viewing Favorites"

"Out of the Blue, Into the Gold: 10 Oscar-Cited Film Debuts"

"They Talk When They Should Listen: Five Big, Not-Always-Happy Movie Families"

"Schitt's of Get Off the Pot: 2020 Emmy Predictions"

"Pandemmys: Notes on the 2020 Emmy Awards Telecast"

2020 in Review

2021 Academy Award Nominations Predictions

2021 Academy Award Nominations

2021 Academy Award Predictions

2021 Academy Awards Recap


2021 in Review

2022 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2022 Academy Award Nominations

2022 Acadamy Award Predictions

2022 Academy Awards Recap


2022 in Review

2023 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2023 Academy Award Nominations

2023 Academy Awards Predictions

2023 Academy Awards Recap


2023 in Review

2024 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2024 Academy Award Nominations

2024 Academy Awards Predictions

2024 Academy Awards Recap

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