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River Cities Reader Staff
Friday, 12 May 2006 00:45

Todd McGreevy co-founded the Reader with his wife Kathleen McCarthy in 1993. McGreevy is from central Illinois, having gone to grade school and high school in Peoria and Chatham respectively. Todd moved to the Quad Cities in 1986 to go to Augustana College in Rock Island, IL where he studied painting, sculpture and history.

After Augustana he taught English and painted while traveling throughout Taiwan and mainland China for a short period. In 1991 he moved back to the Quad Cities, specifically to be close to the river where he could secure large inexpensive warehouse space to pursue a career in art.

From 1991 to 1993 he co-published The Slowfish newspaper, a bi-weekly alternative, referred to as the Quad Cities' Underwater Rag.

Then McGreevy started the Reader in 1993 with McCarthy and they published it monthly for 20 months before it went weekly in 1995.
They launched in 1996. Thirteen years later, in 2009, the Reader print edition switched from hitting the streets fifty-two times per year (give or take) every Wednesday to being published every other Thursday twenty-six times per year. As of June 2010, the publication has exceeded its 750th consecutive print edition.

In addition to the Quad Cities metro areas of Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, IL and Davenport and Bettendorf, IA the monthly Reader was distributed it in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque, Muscatine and Clinton, IA as well as Galena, Galesburg, and Peoria, IL. In 1995 the regional distribution was tightened up to the Quad Cities metro only and the paper has been published every Wednesday ever since.

In 2000, McGreevy started a new company - AdMospheres Media & Marketing - an out of home advertising company and creative services agency.

Sample of commentaries by McGreevy, published in the Reader:

Same as the Old Boss: Obama Ratchets Up Unlawful Powers

You Too Could Be a Domestic Terrorist

The Line in the Sand Is Drawn. Will You Help Hold It?

Neither Federal Nor Reserve

He also publishes a political blog:

Office #: 563-322-4864


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The River Cities Reader, founded in 1993, is an independently owned weekly newspaper based in Davenport, Iowa and circulated at over 900 locations throughout the Quad Cities metro area and outlying communities adjacent to the Quad Cities. The Reader's format is tabloid size on newsprint. The Reader's masthead reads "business, politics, arts and culture". The Reader positions itself as the "alternative" press for the Quad Cities.

The River Cities Reader was first published in October 1993 as a monthly. In June 1995, the Reader began a weekly publishing schedule. The paper was founded by owners Kathleen McCarthy and Todd McGreevy who still remain active in its operation as editor and publisher, respectively. Jeff Ignatius, the publication's managing editor, has been with the Reader since 2000.

The Reader is the Quad Cities' primary source of event information and critical reviews for regional art exhibitions, music concerts, and theatrical performances. In addition, the Reader serves the community as the civic watchdog for local business and political issues. The Reader also provides full-length interviews and in-depth articles with local artists and politicians as well as nationally renowned figures such as former FEC chairman Bradley A. Smith, actor/artist Kris Kristofferson and Ian Anderson, leader of the rock band Jethro Tull.

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Full Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest
written by TCB, March 11, 2011
Dear Mr. McGreevy,

I am contacting you concerning your reader poll and other articles written in recently. I feel your periodical has failed in its professional obligation to offer full disclosure and conflicts of interest as it pertains to this poll, past and present articles. Considering the fact that one of your executive editors is the agent for Terry Swails it is your legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that this information is stated on any articles referencing his client. In case you are not aware full disclosure in media refers to disclosing the interests of the writer and editors which may bear on the subject being written about. Furthermore your periodical also has a professional and legal obligation to report any conflicts of interest (a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her official duties). I realize that making a full public disclosure and listing this conflict of interest would therefore decrease the legitimacy of your past and current polling results. Nonetheless, I believe it is your professional obligation to do so.
Todd McGreevy
Inaccurate Statements & Untrue Allegations
written by Todd McGreevy, March 13, 2011
In response to "TCB" Comment on March 11, 2011

a) It is not a fact that one of our "executive editors is the agent for Terry Swails." That is an untrue and unsubstantiated statement. Thus, there is no conflict of interest to disclose.

b) As reported in our cover story about Terry Swails from July 2009 ( "The River Cities' Reader's sister company manages advertising for" That website is no longer live and we no longer broker any advertising space for any outlet related to Terry Swails' efforts.

c) I agree, it is our professional obligation to divulge any potential conflicts of interest in our reporting and information we publish. We have faithfully pursued that practice since we began publishing in 1993. To that end, there is no conflict of interest in this or any of our previous BEST of the Quad Cities Polls. The Reader BEST poll's voting requirements preclude ballot stuffing for a single category. And, we pride ourselves on the objectivity of our poll, so much so that we have occasionally fielded phone calls from advertisers who are upset they did not place or win in a particular category. I was especially disappointed that our own managing editor Jeff Ignatius did not place in the local investigative news reporter category and that our own editor Kathleen McCarthy, did not place in the local opinion columnist category.

d) You make allegations about past articles, but do not cite what you are referring to. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact our office at 563-324-0049 and I will be happy to answer them.

Todd McGreevy, Publisher
Southside Pride, Editor/Publisher
written by Ed Felien, October 22, 2012
Hey Todd,

It was great meeting you a few weeks back. Here's a small piece I wrote about the trip:
Retired clinician
written by Jean, December 29, 2012
Dear Todd,

As all other knowledgeables, I am sending you a copy of a friend's website, i.e. its url, which tells the best history of those who alone can fix this world, and make it what it should be, finally:

My yonger sister sent this site to me, a few years ago, and I have helped make it a better site, in conjunction with its authors, Eli and company.

Enjoy all the videos and articles and make any comments, you would like.


Luke 3:38 ff

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