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Don't Disparage Paul Supporters PDF Print E-mail
Commentary/Politics - Letters to the Editor
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 06 March 2009 10:03
Mayor Gluba:

I'm a Ron Paul supporter and a member of Opt4Better, which opposed the
Davenport Promise program.

I take issue with your comments. I am not opposed to city, county, state, or
national government. I am opposed to government that oversteps its
constitutional limits and violates its charter. I'm certainly not opposed to

But a program that takes from one and distributes it to another is not

Please don't disparage Ron Paul supporters. Dr. Paul's campaign was the only
one that demonstrated any honesty. And if you noticed, virtually all of his
predictions and warnings are happening before our eyes.

I hope he runs in 2012. I can only speculate what our country will look like
then. If we still have one.

Mike Angelos

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written by Daniel Foley, Jr., March 13, 2009
I'm very curious as to what the type of progress is that you would support?

"Taking from one and giving to another" makes it sound like the Promise was going to buy everyone in the city a flat-screen TV. It was taking from a lot more than "one" of us, too. A better description might be: taking from many to give even more a better education, better job prospects, and a better workforce for our local businesses. You know, the same basic premise behind our existing public schools that have been around for 150 years.

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