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The End of The Road -- Or Is It? PDF Print E-mail
Local News
Tuesday, 21 November 2000 18:00
On November 15, 2000, the conclusions of the 53rd & Eastern Ad Hoc Committee were presented to the Davenport City Council. by committee member Michelle Magyar upon the entire committee’s request. The Ad Hoc Committee included Aldermen Tom Englemann (Chairman), Roland Caldwell, Wayne Hean, and Bob McGivern; Michelle Magyar (Citizens United for Responsible Vision—CURV); Roman Schultz (Architect); Jack Caffery (Parks & Recreation Board); John Gardner (Davenport One); Dan Huber (Davenport One); Greg Lundgren (Friends of Davenport Library); and myself, Kathleen McCarthy (River Cities’ Reader); as well as city staff Clayton Lloyd (Community and Economic Development), Kent Kolway (Finance), and John Martin (Legal Counsel).

Voter Turnout Still Leaves Control to the Minority PDF Print E-mail
City Shorts
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 18:00
Nearly two-thirds of Scott County voters decided the fate and direction their country, state, and county will take in the future. Of 112,075 registered voters in Scott County, 63 percent cast ballots. A mere 56 percent of voters (24,530 out of 13,729) in Bettendorf and a disheartening 49 percent (32,588 out of 66,685) in Davenport could be bothered to vote.

Divided They Fall? PDF Print E-mail
Feature Stories
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 18:00
Even with the ultimate result still unclear, last week’s election showed some contradictory things about the state of progressive politics in the United States: They still matter, and there’s a lot of work to do if the movement is going to overcome its fragmentation.

Internet Voting - Good For What Ails Us? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Jackson Jr.   
Tuesday, 14 November 2000 18:00
While we’re waiting for the votes to be tabulated in Florida, maybe we can cast ballots on this: Is Internet voting the panacea for what ails us? Ever since interactive Web sites became a reality, Internet voting has been like the early days of the laser beam – a solution looking for a problem.

Rubber Stamped Chief PDF Print E-mail
Feature Stories
Tuesday, 07 November 2000 18:00
Mike Bladel’s short, strange trip from Scott County sheriff (and unopposed candidate for re-election) to Davenport police chief ended November 1 with a unanimous stamp of approval from the city council. But the ease of confirmation didn’t wipe away lingering questions about the failure of a nationwide search, the actions of the city administrator, and the motivation for Bladel’s move east down Fourth Street.

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