• The best way to prevent the flu is the influenza vaccine.

  • The best way to lessen complications of the flu is antiviral medication.

  • The best way to prevent the spread of flu is to stay home when ill.

All three strains currently circulating are covered by this year's vaccine - A(H3N2), A(H1N1) and B.

  • Some of the A(H3N2) viruses circulating nationally and in Iowa are a drifted strain.

  • Although the drifted strain is not an exact match, the vaccine should provide partial protection.

Vaccination is still the best defense against the flu. IDPH and the CDC recommend all Iowans older than age 6 months receive the vaccine.

  • Even if you have already had one strain of the flu, you can still get sick with the other two strains of the flu circulating in Iowa so vaccination would still be recommended.

  • It is not too late to be vaccinated. The flu season typically peaks in February and can last until May.

Seasons in which A(H3N2) viruses dominate tend to be more severe, with more hospitalizations and more deaths.

    • Those at highest risk of developing serious complications of the flu include the very young, very old, pregnant women and those with chronic conditions such as heart or lung disease. Beginning antiviral medications early for these individuals is particularly important.

      Antiviral medications are not a substitute for vaccination, but are an important second line of defense to treat the flu.

        • Most effective if started as soon as possible and within 48 hours of the beginning of flu symptoms. (If those with serious illness, those who are hospitalized or those at high risk of complications do not seek medical attention within 48 hours, starting antiviral medications is still recommended.)

        • Call your doctor right away if you develop symptoms of the flu.

        • Antiviral medications make influenza illness milder, shorter, and reduce the risk of ending up in hospital or dying from influenza.
        • Receiving antiviral medications quickly is especially important for those at risk of complications.


      The flu is a respiratory illness caused by viruses. The flu comes on suddenly and symptoms may include fever, headache, tiredness, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, and body aches. Illness typically lasts two to seven days. Influenza may cause severe illness or even death.



DAVENPORT, Iowa - Jan. 21, 2015 -- The Genesis Flu-Free Quad Cities program has already immunized nearly 48,000 children and adults in the region against seasonal influenza since fall and will try to knock flu out of the park on Jan. 31 at Modern Woodmen Park.

Genesis and the Quad Cities River Bandits, a Flu-Free Quad Cities partner, will provide 500 adults flu vaccinations free from 9-11 a.m. in the suite level of Modern Woodmen Park as part of Community Day.

The free flu shots will be part of a morning of family fun and educational activities.

The River Bandits will be hosting a job fair for all seasonal positions and will be auditioning singers to sing the National Anthem at home games during the season.

Genesis will be offering free blood pressure screenings, physical therapy screenings and information about physical therapy services, jump analysis for kids, and a special throwing clinic for young baseball and softball players.

Genesis physical therapist Karl Stratman works with young pitchers, coaches and parents to help prevent injuries from improper technique. The clinic will start at 10 a.m.

Genesis will provide the free flu vaccinations in response to an active and early flu season. The effectiveness of this year's vaccine has been negatively impacted by the "drifting'' of one strain, but there are three other strains present that the vaccine does help protect against.

"Even if the vaccine is only 23 percent effective (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), that is 23 percent better than zero if you don't receive the vaccine,'' said Lisa Caffery, infection control coordinator, Genesis Health System. "Flu shots are still the best way to prevent getting the flu. If you haven't had a flu shot, it is possible to get more than one strain of flu during flu season."

"The flu shot can also make a difference in the length and severity of your flu if you do get any of the strains.''

Later on Jan. 31, the Quad City Mallards will wear special "throwback'' jerseys and those game jerseys will be auctioned after the game to support Flu-Free Quad Cities.


DAVENPORT, Iowa - Jan. 13, 2015 - The Genesis Health Services Foundation Board has been joined by five new directors.

The newest Genesis Foundation directors elected for a one-, two- or three-year terms are Richard Kleine, retired, Deere & Co.; Elizabeth Richmiller, Pediatric Group Associates; Caitlyn Russell, Russell Construction; Carol Miller, retired educator; and, Scott Florence, Mama Bossos.

New to the Genesis Philanthropy board is Rob Woodall, Alcoa.

The boards of the Genesis Health Services Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy serve on a volunteer basis. The boards are dedicated to improving health in the region by meeting the needs of patients and families.

Board members assist Foundation staff in developing organizational strategy, securing annual and legacy gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations, and planning events to benefit health and wellness-related projects.

In the past year, the foundations have provided free seasonal flu shots to elementary school-aged children; awarded nursing scholarships; provided free lung cancer screenings; funded music and alternative therapies for hospice patients; and, provided online classes to help individuals lose weight and reduce their risk for metabolic syndrome.

To discover how gifts to the Genesis Health Services Foundation and Genesis Philanthropy have an impact on the health of the region, call (563) 421-6865.

FYI: Through Dec. 28th, 2,504 babies had been born at Genesis BirthCenters.

Avery, Olivia and Jackson Top List Of Most Popular Names Of Genesis Babies

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Dec. 30, 2014 - Parents of baby girls born at Genesis BirthCenters broke with the national trend in 2014.

Avery (only No. 15 most popular nationally) and Olivia (No. 3 nationally) shared No. 1 (12 each) as the most popular names for baby girls born at Genesis this year.

Jackson was the No. 1 boys name at Genesis BirthCenters with 19 baby boys going home with that name and was No. 1 nationally in 2014, according to

Olivia has become a traditional naming choice in the Quad Cities for baby girls. Olivia was No. 2 last year and No. 1 the previous year.

Avery made the Genesis top 10 previously at No. 8 in 2012.

Jackson has also appeared in the Genesis top 10 lists previously but jumped from not even making the top 10 to No. 1 in one year.

Liam, No. 1 last year as the most popular Genesis boy name, dropped just one spot on the Genesis list and is No. 3 nationally in popularity. Liam may owe some of its continuing popularity to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth and his recurring role as Gale Hawthorne in the film series The Hunger Games. Hemsworth is a star with young fans.

Sophia, which was the most popular girls name three times at Genesis since 2010, fell all the way to a tie for eighth this year but remains the most popular name nationally for baby girls.

The top five most popular girl names at Genesis BirthCenters in 2014 were Avery and Olivia (12 babies); Zoey (11) and Lillian, Evelyn and Mia (10 babies each).

Following Jackson (19) as the five most popular boys name at Genesis in 2014 were Liam (16), Alexander (13) and James and Logan (12 each).

The top five girl names nationally in 2014, according to were Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava and Isabella. The top five boy names were a repeat of 2013; Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas, and Noah.

While popularity is nice, a few babies born at Genesis in 2014 will have names they won't be sharing with anyone in their class. Among the less common names given to babies born at Genesis in 2014 were Daleyza (girl); Dezyare, (girl); Khamiyah (girl); Za'Leihna (girl); Abhivadyua (boy); Acecytho (boy); Scoeteriouz (boy); and, Xzayvian (boy).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2014 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Tie, Avery and Olivia (12); 3. Zoey (11); 4. tie, Lillian, Evelyn and Mia (10); 7. Isabella (9); 8. tie, Nora, Gabriella, Sophia and Harper (8).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2014 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Jackson (19); 2. Liam (16); 3. Alexander (13); 4. tie, James and Logan (12); 6. tie, Gabriel, Dylan, Jacob, Elijah, Henry and David (11).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2013 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Sophia (19); 2. Olivia (14); 3 tie, Ava, Elizabeth, and Emma (10) 6. tie, Addison, Aubrey, and Mia (9); 9. Ella;10. Charlotte

Most Popular Boys BabyNames In 2013 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Liam (21); 2. tie, Isaac and William (16); 4. tie, Carter, David, and Ethan (15); 7. tie, Aiden and Brayden (12); 9. Mason (11); 10. Logan (9)

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2012 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Olivia (18); 2. Isabella (17); 3. Sophia (14); 4. tie, Ava and Madison (12); 6. tie, Emma (11) and Zoey (11); 8. tie, Avery and Chloe (10); 10. Lily (9).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2012 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Mason (17); 2. Benjamin (14); 3. tie, William, Alexander and Noah (13); 6. Elijah (12); 7. tie, Henry, Anthony, Jayden and Jackson (11).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2011 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Sophia (22); 2. Ava (17); 3. tie, Addison and Isabella (16); 5. Lily (13); 6. tie, Olivia, Emily and Ella (11); 9. Madison (10); 10. Kylee (9).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2011 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Alexander (17); 2. Elijah (15); 3. tie, Noah and Landon (14); 5. Logan (13); 6. tie, Owen, Aiden, Brayden, Liam (12); 10. tie, Gavin and Jackson (11).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2010 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Sophia (30); 2. Isabella (23); 3. Emma (22); 4. Ava (20); 5. Addison (18); 6. Ella (17); 7. tie, Madison (14) and Madelyn (14); 9. tie, Lillian (13) and Abigail (13).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2010 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Mason (22); 2. Aiden (17); 3. tie, Alexander (13); Jacob (13); Jayden (13); Luke (13); Zachary (13); 8. tie, Noah, Owen, Caleb, Benjamin, and Carter (12).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2009 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Isabella (27); 2. Olivia (20); 3. Addison (17); 4. Abigail (16); 5. Ava (15); 6. Grace (14); 7. tie, Emily; Emma and Madison (12); 10. tie, Alexis and Hailey (11).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2009 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Noah (20); 2. tie, Ethan and Carter (19); 4. Alexander (18); 5. Logan (17); 6. tie, Jacob and Aiden (16); 8. Benjamin (15); 9. Jack (14); 10. William (13).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2008 At Genesis Birth Centers

1. Addison (21); 2. Hailey (20); 3. Madeline (18); 4. tie, Abigail, Emily and Emma (17); 7. tie, Isabella and Olivia (16); 9. Chloe (15); 10. Ava (12).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2008 At Genesis Birth Center

1. Jaden (25); 2. Aiden (23); 3. tie, Alexander and Noah (21); 5. tie, Kaiden and William (19); 7. tie, Landon and Logan (17); 9. Elijah (16); 10. Benjamin (15).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2007 At Genesis Birth Centers

1. Ava (22); 2. Olivia (21); 3. tie, Addison and Lily (18); 5. Elizabeth (16); 6. tie, Madeline, Alexis, Sophia, Isabella (14); 10. tie, Emma, Madison (13).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2007 At Genesis Birth Centers

1. Aiden (29); 2. tie, Noah and Jacob (18); 4. Ethan (17); 5. tie Jackson, Tyler, Landon, Gabriel, Benjamin, William and Alexander (Alex) 15.

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2006 at Genesis Birth Centers

1. Emma (29); 2. Olivia (20); 3. tie, Ava and Hannah (19); 5. Addison (18); 6. Grace (17); 6. Isabella (16); 7. Abigail (15); 8. tie, Alexis and Lauren (14); 10. Emily (13).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2006 at Genesis Birth Centers

1. Ethan (28); 2. tie, Aiden and Carter (20); 4. tie, Andrew, Logan, Mason and Noah (17); 8. tie, Alexander and Jacob (16); 10. tie, Hunter and Joseph (15).


DAVENPORT, Iowa - Dec. 19, 2014 - Genesis Health System has become the first Iowa health system to earn a Gold Achievement, the highest level of recognition from the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence.

Genesis Health System, which had previously earned Bronze and Silver recognition, is one of just three health care organizations to earn Gold Achievement since the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence began recognition of performance excellence in Iowa organizations in 2000.

Only six Iowa organizations have earned the Gold Achievement level in the history of the state awards.

Genesis is progressing toward a goal of recognition as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner. Baldrige Awards are the highest national recognition for performance excellence and management for organizations.

"We are proud of everyone within Genesis Health System; not because they earned Gold recognition, but because they deserved to earn Gold recognition,'' said Doug Cropper, President and CEO, Genesis Health System. "Genesis has become a better, more patient-focused organization than ever before because of the processes put into place to earn this recognition. It is patients who benefit from this rigorous examination of our processes and efficiency.''

The purpose of the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence process is to recognize role-model organizations completing a rigorous organizational assessment leading to sustainability and maintaining a future focus on performance excellence.

"The leaders of these organizations have made a commitment to attaining higher levels of performance by receiving feedback from volunteer examiners willing to spend more than 140 hours of assessment time to help build quality and competitiveness in Iowa-based organizations,'' said Gary Nesteby, Executive Director, Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence.

IRPE achievement winners this year were:

Gold - Genesis Health System, Davenport; Mary Greely Medical Center, Ames, Iowa

Silver - Firestone Farm Tires, Des Moines.

Bronze -- Iowa Donor Network, North Liberty, Iowa; Urbandale Community School District, Urbandale, Iowa.

For more information about Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence, go to


Genesis Health Systems is sponsoring a "Fill The Rig'' collection of food items, household items, toys, hygiene items and cash for Winnie's Place in Moline and DeWitt Referral Center in DeWitt.

"Fill The Rig'' items will be collected at WalMart in Silvis and Barnes Foodland in DeWitt from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15. 


WHO: Genesis Health System

WHAT: Remembrance Tree lighting in Davenport; "Fill The Rig" in Silvis and DeWitt.

Remembrance Tree is intended to honor the memories of loved ones and focus attention on the continuing need for hospice care in the region.

"Fill The Rig'' is a collection of food items, household items, toys, hygiene items and cash for Winnie's Place in Moline and DeWitt Referral Center in DeWitt.

The Remembrance Tree will be lit, rain or shine.

WHEN/WHERE: The Remembrance Tree ceremony will be held in Davenport's Bechtel Park, River Drive and Iowa Street, at 6 p.m., Friday, Nov. 14.

"Fill The Rig'' items will be collected at WalMart in Silvis and Barnes Foodland in DeWitt from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15.


DAVENPORT, Iowa - Nov. 5, 2014 - The holidays are a special time for family gatherings and remembering those who have passed. The Genesis Remembrance Tree in Davenport will celebrate the memories of loved ones and focus attention on the continuing need for access to quality hospice care in the region.

The Genesis Remembrance Tree in Davenport will be lit in a ceremony on Friday, Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. in Bechtel Park at River Drive and Iowa Street.

Special guest performers this year will be the Riverbend Bronze Handbell Ensemble; Larry Peterson, director.

Individual "light" sponsors are invited to make a donation in any amount in the name of a loved one. All proceeds will benefit Genesis Hospice Care.

Genesis Hospice is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team to assist in managing symptoms, as well as enhancing quality of life. The common goal of all services is to provide the patient and family with comfort.

For information about how to honor the memory of a loved one, call (563) 421-6865 or go to


DAVENPORT, Iowa - Oct. 30, 2014 -- By honoring veterans on Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 11, Genesis VNA and Hospice will also be able to honor veterans throughout the year.

We Honor Veterans is a national program of the Veterans Administration and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) with hospice care providers across the country. Genesis hospice patients who are veterans, nearing the end of life, are celebrated in an individual ceremony with loved ones. They are recognized for their service by hospice volunteers who are often veterans themselves.

To support We Honor Veterans for Genesis hospice patients, Genesis is inviting all veterans, their families and the public to the Adler Health Education Center in the lower level of the Genesis Heart Institute for an event recognizing veterans. The address is 1236 E. Rusholme Street, Davenport.

There will be a mini-health fair starting at 1 p.m. with free seasonal flu vaccinations for veterans, blood pressure checks and information about senior living, eye care, hospice care and other health services.

At 2 p.m. there will be a showing of The Monuments Men, the story of a special unit of soldiers in World War II charged with retrieving priceless works of art stolen by German troops. The Monuments Men stars George Clooney and Matt Damon. The movie will be screened again at 4:30 p.m.

The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Sponsorship is being provided by the Quad-City Times Bix 7, Eye Surgeons 

Associates, Genesis Imaging and Northwest Bank & Trust. Proceeds will be used to conduct the recognition ceremonies for veterans at the end of life and will help defray the costs of Genesis hospice nurses who accompany veterans in hospice care who are able to go on Honor Flights.

In 2014 for the first time, participants in the Quad-City Times Bix 7 were able to add to their entry fee in support of Genesis efforts to recognize and honor veterans. Race director Ed Froehlich will present a check of the proceeds prior to the screening of The Monuments Men.

"It is not only World War II veterans who are at an age where they need hospice care. We are also caring for more Korean and Vietnam era veterans in hospice,'' said Pat Christy, operations manager for Genesis Hospice Services and the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House. "Every veteran deserves our gratitude and recognition of their service.

"At the end of their lives the We Honor Veterans program celebrates their service and their lives.

"In their final days, many veterans have a story to share. We Honor Veterans ceremonies give us the opportunity to recognize them while also giving them the chance to share their personal stories with their families and loved ones.''

Veterans receive an enamel pin and a certificate that they and the family can display. American flags and service flags are displayed in their homes outside hospice patient rooms at the Clarissa C. Cook Hospice House and service flags are flown outside the hospice house on a rotating basis each month.

For more information, call (563) 421-9263. To make a donation to We Honor Veterans, call the Genesis Health Services Foundation at (563) 421-6865.

For more information about We Honor Veterans, go to



BETTENDORF, Iowa _ Oct. 29, 2014 _ Genesis HealthPlex, Bettendorf will open Monday, Nov. 3, to offer 17 family medicine providers, lab services, an imaging center and urgent care at 2140 53rd Ave.

This will be the second Genesis HealthPlex - the first opened a year ago in Moline -- to give patients "one-stop'' access to health services that are now available at multiple sites. The $15 million investment by Genesis Health System is the future of health care in the region and located just west of the Center for Digestive Health and ORA Orthopedics.

Four days in advance of Monday's official opening, Genesis Convenient Care in Bettendorf will open its doors Thursday, Oct. 30, at the new Healthplex location. Convenient Care will move from 4017 Devils Glen Road.

The relocation of Genesis Imaging Center on Devils Glen Road in Bettendorf will be completed and the new location open on Monday at the HealthPlex, as well. Imaging services offered will include : MRI; CT; ultrasound; bone density testing, digital mammography and general x-ray.

HealthPlex Providers

A hallmark of the HealthPlex will be the addition of four recently graduated residents from the Genesis Quad Cities Family Medicine Residency Program. These new residency program graduates are: Ryan Boone, MD; Sheena Harker, DO; Stacie Salowitz, MD; and, Catherine Schierbrock, MD.

Also serving as their partners will be Chris Crome, MD, and Kurt Andersen, MD, who will move their individual practices from other Genesis Health Group locations.  

Providers from Genesis Health Group's Bettendorf Medical Center office on Devils Glen Road and Bettendorf Family Practice office on Lincoln Road will also move to the HealthPlex. These providers are: Steven Aguilar, MD; Mary Campbell, MD; Myra Daniel, MD; Andrew Edwards, MD; Jennifer George, FNP; Deborah Haas, ARNP; Jason Hagemann, DO, who graduated a year ago from the Genesis residency program; Mark Hermanson, MD; Robert Knudson, MD.; Joanne Miller, MD; and, Karl Treiber, DO.

Not only will the 43,140-square-foot HealthPlex serve current Genesis Health Group patients but also newly insured patients in the region who have enrolled in health insurance plans available under the Affordable Care Act. Thousands of people in the Quad Cities region have health insurance for the first time and need to establish relationships with primary care providers.

Growing Ddemand For Primary Care

Genesis, not unlike health care providers across the country, has recognized a need for more primary care physicians.

"We understand the concerns nationally and in our own region about access to a primary care physician as thousands more Quad Cities-area residents will have health insurance,'' said Genesis Health Group President Richard Kishiue, M.D. "Genesis has been aggressively recruiting new primary care physicians and specialists. We want patients to establish a relationship with a primary care physician rather than using emergency departments as their gateway for health services."

The HealthPlex model will lead to more collaboration among providers, who also have had an active, ongoing role in the design and processes put in place at Genesis HealthPlex, Bettendorf.

"Putting doctors in one location where we can share resources gives us the opportunity to do things we can't do in our own small practice," said Dr. Andersen, who led a tour for the media on Wednesday. "Not only is it more convenient for the patient, but it also allows us to develop care teams and have access to services in the same location, such as lab and imaging."

He added, "We're not only providing quality and more efficient care, but we're giving patients the right care, at the right time, at the right place."

Estes Construction of Davenport was the general contractor. Genesis HealthPlex, Bettendorf was an IMPACT construction project using local skilled trades.

Genesis Health Group, the largest multi-specialty group in the Quad Cities' region, has close to 100 primary care physicians; about 50 specialists; and 50 mid-level providers throughout the Quad Cities region.

To find a physician accepting patients, visit Effective Monday, the main number for Genesis HealthPlex, Bettendorf will be (563) 421-5700.