We Care Weekend is in its 14th year, and much has changed in that time. AIDS went from being an epidemic in the United States to seemingly an afterthought in that time period, but even so, We Care has grown. The weekend in its first year raised $6,000 for the Quad Cities AIDS Coalition, and now it brings in $40,000 for AIDS Project Quad Cities.
Deep down, Bill Salier argues, nearly everybody's a conservative. You might claim to be a Democrat or a moderate, but really, on the issues that matter, you're a conservative, believing in "individual accountability, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency," to quote one of his brochures.
After three years, Hornucopia might finally be done answering the question: What kind of music is it again? "We spent the first couple of years explaining what it was," said Jennifer Fowler, executive director of The District of Rock Island.
Legislation that sets federal agriculture policy for the next six years is close to becoming law, and large agricultural producers will gain even more advantages over the small family farmer because of it. The Senate is scheduled to vote on the 2002 Farm Bill on Wednesday, May 8, and it's expected to pass, according to Seth Boffeli, a spokesperson for Senate Agriculture Committee Chairperson Tom Harkin (D-Iowa).
In an age of pristine and perfectly recorded CDs, Ryan Flaherty’s debut album, Dimestore Blues, is the kind of thing that would sound best on crackling vinyl. The did-it-himself collection of 10 songs – seven originals and three covers – has a rough charm that (intentionally or not) recalls the scratchy, popping recordings of the blues masters from many decades ago.

Debating Death

Too often in Illinois, police and prosecutors have seemed hell-bent on convictions - not justice - when it comes to serious crimes. "Too often" is once if it means the death penalty, but at least 13 times the state has sent somebody to death row who was later discovered to be innocent.
The 7th Annual Quad City Gospel Music Festival will be held on Friday, May 3, at the Adler Theatre starting at 6:30 p.m. The featured performer for the evening is gospel star Vickie Winans, and the evening will also feature the Golden Note Youth Awards and a performance by Darnell Williams.
People who were hoping the Davenport Community School District board would have a revelation akin to Saul on the road to Damascus were sorely disappointed after the board's April 22 meeting. Instead of being blinded by the brilliance of sensible alternatives, the board replicated its 6-1 January vote to close Grant and Johnson elementary schools.
The State of Illinois is in the middle of its typical election-year budget stalemate, but the matter is made worse this year by a financial situation that begs for major budget cuts or a tax increase but will probably get neither.
In opening her presentation at a Quad Cities appearance on April 12, Maggie Gallagher explained what the "Marriage Movement" is not. Gallagher, an affiliate scholar with the Institute for American Values, said the Marriage Movement is not a polarizing political issue or a set of political initiatives.