Internationally renowned "sculptor" Roy Staab will be making an appearance and giving a lecture at the Mode Gallery in downtown Davenport on Saturday, May 27, at 6 p.m. Staab's appearance is in conjunction with a two-week exhibit of his work at Mode.



Internally illuminated torso sculptures made of paper, rough-shaped hide-like weavings with primitive figures, shimmering digital photographic constructions of a transmogrified rock-and-roll icon, and a leg crowned with a house covered in plastic toy babies represent just a sliver of the powerful artistic diversity to be discovered at this year's Venus Envy art exhibit, which populates the first three floors at Bucktown Center for the Arts (in downtown Davenport) through May 26.
A tall, enigmatic pyramid constructed from a series of stacked cubes stands perched on the balcony, a silent witness to the comings and goings of the travelers below. The pyramid's surface is covered with patches of colored sheet metal riddled with snippets of old advertising and logos. Each cube's facet is a small composition in its own right. The fragments of pop-culture detritus of the ziggurat's skin beg to be organized and deciphered, but yield no clear message.
A mighty princess constructed from painted nails, fabric, and costume jewelry stands proudly with her rusted sword-like scepter overhead. Her spontaneous presence tells us that she is the product of a visually inquisitive soul with a sincere enthusiasm for image making.
The latest exhibit at the Figge Art Museum, Migration of the Spirit, creates an unsettling mood that is simultaneously full of melancholy and levity. The exhibit, which runs through April 16, is a powerful show that explores a tragic history through the vision of Miami-based artist Edouard Duval-Carrié.
Editor's note: Steve Banks served as one of four jurors for this exhibit. Image & Word, the latest show at Quad City Arts, is a comfortably diverse exploration of the uses of text and its relationship with and within images.
The current solo show by Emily Christensen is a little visual firecracker that delivers a bang that will leave your eyes happily ringing long after you see the work. The show is tucked away on the second floor of Bucktown Center for the Arts in the doe Gallery and is up through March 25.
Installation art is one of the trickiest feats of alchemy an artist can attempt. When three artists collaborate on an installation, their strange process can be sensory gold or visual sludge begging to be flushed.
It is rare to find the research work of a freshman published alongside that of the college president, but Augustana College has done just that, and in a very public way. With its new Origins of Modernity exhibit and the accompanying catalog, Augustana is giving the community an opportunity to experience this innovative educational process.
This Friday is the grand-opening reception for the area's newest art experience, the remodeled Mode Art Gallery located in the Bayer Building at 226 West Third Street in downtown Davenport. The opening reception, starting at 5 p.