The fifth book in The Christmas Cats series is now available on Amazon and elsewhere in hardcover, paperback and e-book formats. Connie will be present on November 26t...

Hello again! Here are my new releases that have recently gone up on Amazon. Between Christmas and the present three new books have been released, and I'd like to tell you a little more about them. You can see the 3 images in the "Hellfire & Damnation" short story series, organized around Dante's "Inferno" and the crimes or sins punished at each of the 9 Circles of Hell. Give special attention to the cover art by famed artist Vincent Chong on books II and III. The paperback versions of Volumes I and II are available from Amazon or the Merry Blacksmith Press; Volume III is available from Amazon or Quad City Press. Look for some KDP promotions in April and/or May, which I'll notify you about and check WeeklyWilson for the Virtual Tour that commences on March 15th for H&D III.
- Connie Corcoran Wilson

"Hellfire & Damnation" is a series of short stories organized around the theme of describing the sins or crimes punished at each of the 9 Circles of Hell within Dante's "Inferno." The first award-winning book was published by the Merry Blacksmith Press; the second book, by the same publisher, included a short story made into a short film, one requested by the Berkeley Fiction Review which won an ALMA (American Literary Merit Award) on September 12, 2012. Now comes "Hellfire & Damnation III," nine stories, ranging from the tale of a deranged Satanic cult leader who convinces a young man of limited intelligence to commit murder, to a story set in New Zealand (which is up as a "free" sample on Weekly Wilson, "The Battle of Gate Pa." Check out this latest installment of "Hellfire & Damnation," available in both print and e-book versions, at Hellfire And Damnation The Book, where the trailers for all 3 books and critical praise can be accessed. http://youtube/dHmcLzmxmd0 A virtual tour begins March 15th for this third book, and a list of the tour stops for the unpaid bloggers can be accessed on

"Ghostly Tales of New Mexico & Arizona: Route 66" a breaks out of the stories contained within Quixote Press' Volume II of "Ghostly Tales of Route 66" in e-book format, with illustrations replaced. Previously, an e-book existed comprised of text only. That book will return, but these shorter books, broken out by state, with the original pictures and some additional pictures added. You can expect to see Texas, California, Ilinois and Missouri in future months and "Ghostly Tales of Oklahoma: Route 66" is available now as e-book only at Amazon.

Check for more information on Connie (Corcoran) Wilson's new E-book release, second in THE COLOR OF EVIL series, which will be out in paperback at the end of March with a book signing at The Book Rack in Moline, Illinois, on April 27th.
A book signing was held in Sydney, Australia at the Galaxy Bookstore (131 York Street) on February 7th and another will be held at the Book Cellar in Chicago on Wednesday, February 20, at 7 p.m.
THE COLOR OF EVIL ( won the E-Lit Gold Medal (Jenkins group), the Silver Feather from the Chicago chapter of the Illinois Women's Press Association, and is on the Preliminary Ballot (10 finalists) for the Bram Stoker (R) Award in the Young Adult Novel category.
Read more about Connie (Corcoran) Wilson's other published works at her website ( and at the links above. The book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Upcoming Donna Mander-Fiser Book Signing Events

WHEN: 4-9-11

TIME: 9 a.m. - Noon

WHERE: The Book Rack, 3937 41st Ave. Drive, Moline, IL 61265


WHEN: 4-9-11

TIME: 1 - 3 p.m.

WHERE: Whistle Stop Java Shop, 400 4th St. West, Milan, IL 61264


WHEN: 4-16-11

TIME: 1 - 3 p.m.

WHERE: Readmore Book World, 1518 15th St., Moline, IL 61265

WHAT: Fiser, a resident of Milan, IL, will be available to sign copies of her book, Waiting for Pete to Go Home.

The first time I saw Pete, I thought he looked like a total fool. I was seventeen years old, out of high school, and working at my first job in Springfield, Illinois. Pete was a twenty-year-old college student, and he was thrashing about without any rhythm. It was obvious that he thought he was pretty cool. He was a total turn-off, but little did I know...we would fall in love. While Waiting for Pete to go Home, Donna Mander-Fiser experienced over a year of doubt and frustration. She treaded lonely and unfamiliar waters while caring for her husband in his dying days. She could never have imagined the unresponsive reaction of some friends and the fear of feeling single again. After Pete's death, Donna took comfort in memories of the life she and Pete shared by reminiscing about wedding anniversaries, family traditions, and Pete's fantastically told stories. Join first-time author Donna Mander-Fiser as she learns how to cope with illness, losing a loved one, and finally regaining her own life.

Connie (Corcoran) Wilson will be signing her new collection of short stories entitled Hellfire and Damnation (Sam's Dot Press) at Barnes & Noble bookstore at Northpark Mall in Davenport from 1 to 3 p.m. (or later) on Saturday, March 13th. Visit to see a trailer.

The second in a trilogy of ghost stories set along Route 66, Ghostly Tales of Route 66: Arkansas to Arizona from Connie (Corcoran) Wilson was published October 2. 2009, from Quixote Press. Volume II is a solo project. Connie was the featured speaker at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge Second Annual Route 66 Festival on October 3rd in St. Louis, Missouri (see article below). A website ( is up, and the book is available there or by contacting Quixote Press at 1-800-571-2665 ($9.95 plus postage). It should be "up" on soon (I hope) and it will obviously be available on October 24th from 1 to 3 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Davenport (North Park Mall). It contains 13 ( a lucky 13) different stories and numerous photos, including one that para-normal investigators swear depicts "ghostly orbs."

I took all the pictures myself with a Nikon D90 and I have no explanation for the "ghostly orb" photo on page 47. (Come see for yourself.) It's a very small book (150 pages) and takes almost no time to read. The second volume is much better than the first volume, as it is laid out better and has "real" pictures that Craig and I took while on a 2,000 mile whirlwind trip from Oklahoma City to the coast last November. (The first book started in Chicago and ended in Oklahoma). Lots of stories from the last "Ghost Tour" of the season at Fort El Reno, Oklahoma.) and then moving on to the Cadillac Ranch, New Mexico, etc.

If you are a friend now or a former friend or someone who would like to pretend to be my friend for about 120 minutes: I'll be there at Barnes & Noble on Saturday, October 24, from 1 to 3. This has been a Connie Wilson public service announcement.

The author---"good-and-faithful-friend" material for a lifetime, not just a mere 40 years--- comes with a lifetime guarantee of loyal friendship and a track record of providing same, along with many nice things done for others, voluntarily or by request. Others can vouch for this, if they're being honest.  I'll gladly provide a guarantee of satisfaction on Volume II (although not on Volume I).  If you are dissatisfied with Volume II for any reason after purchase, email me and I will gladly provide you with a FREE copy of Volume I (I'm trying to get rid of them from my basement anyway!).

--- Connie Wilson