Refurbished Condos Will Feature Huge Green Space On Roof


Muscatine, IA (September 2012) - Installation of green roof on the The Pearl View Condos of Muscatine, Iowa is happening now through the end of the day on Friday.  The condos, located in the newly refurbished Hotel Muscatine, will feature over 2,000 square feet of green roof. The roof will be covered with the LiveRoof® 6" Deep System. It will feature two custom sedum base mixes with over 30 unique varieties.  Walkways and a patio will create an enjoyable space for both entertaining and enjoying the exquisite views of the Mississippi River. Four custom grass and wildflower mixes are being used, totaling 26 different perennial accent varieties.


Besides being beautiful, the green roof's vegetation soaks up rainfall and reduces storm water runoff.  The green roof helps reduce rooftop temperatures during summer, thereby protecting and extending the life of the roof membrane.  Green roofs are estimated to double the life of roofing materials and they work as insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs.  In addition to using plants that are well-established in soil specially engineered for the extremes of a rooftop environment, the LiveRoof® System also features a patent-pending hybrid design combining the best features of all green roof systems. The LiveRoof® System reduces labor costs to maintain compared to most systems, since the established plants thrive as their own living mulch.


About Roof Top Sedums: Roof Top Sedums was established in 2007 and is a Regional LiveRoof® Licensed Grower servicing Iowa, Western Illinois, Eastern Nebraska, Eastern Kansas, and most of Missouri.  The business is 100% women-owned and certified nationally as a Women's Business Enterprise.  Co-founder Roxanne Nagel explains, "Green roofs have become widely accepted as an integral part of sustainable renovations. We are equally excited about the future of LiveWall® and our role to provide an exceptional product in our region."  For more information on projects previously grown by Roof Top Sedums or information about the LiveRoof® System, visit