Labor Day Events

Clinton: Day Before Picnic – September 3. Eagle Point Park Lodge. Noon. Free Food Beverages, prizes and kid’s games. Politics Too!  Dave Keefer at  309-230-6476.

Lucas: September 2: John L Lewis Parade and city events. Parade line up 10:45 am. Various events all day.  641-766-6421 or 641-766-6544,

The Great River Labor Federation (GRALF), AFL-CIO, and its Chapters have voted to endorse the listed candidates for the September 12 School Board elections.

GRALF has adopted criteria for endorsement which includes completing a GRALF candidate questionnaire, interviewing and receiving the recommendation from the GRAL’s Working Iowa Neighbor’s Committee (WIN) and passing a vote of endorsement of delegates at an official GRALF delegate meeting.

The Iowa Federation of Labor will be hosting a Forum of the current candidates for Governor.

All currently announced candidates have been invited.

Those that have accepted the invite are: Nate Boulton (D); Cathy Glasson (D); Andy McGuire (D); Jon Neiderbach (D); John Norris (D); Jake Porter (L); Todd Pritchard (D); Steven Ray (R); and Brent Roske (I).

CAP is out with a new report that shows how big of a tax cut millionaires in our state will receive vs. how many people will lose health care.

Workers’ Memorial Day: April 28-29

Press Conferences will be held, Tuesday, February 28, in several Iowa Cities to discuss the proposed worker’s compensation bill and share information on HSB 169 and ways that we see how it may affect working families.

This bill has been proposed in a House subcommittee, (HSB 169), and it attacks working families by cutting benefits to Iowans injured on the job.

The Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, (IFL) has filed a formal ethics complaint against Americans for

Wednesday January 18: Military Veterans and Public Sector Unions – Preserving good jobs for those who served.

Press Conference in Room 22 to encourage veterans to talk to their elected representatives