MOLINE - The City of Moline Committee of the Whole and the Quad City International Airport Authority

Board of Commissioners will consider a new Intergovernmental and Boundary Agreement at their

respective meetings on Tuesday, February 19th. The City of Moline and the Metropolitan Airport

Authority (Airport) recognize the mutual benefit of economic development around the Airport and south

of the Airport property. In addition to the Hampton Inn and other businesses currently located on Airport

property, development of a Holiday Inn Express has been proposed and is in negotiation.

The City and the Airport have had various agreements in effect over the past 15 years pertaining to

development, utilities and annexation. Included in said agreements is a 1998 Memorandum of

Understanding that transferred the Airport's ownership of its entire water and sewer system to the City

and allowed the Airport and its tenants to pay in-City rates for water and sewer service, and a 2004

annexation agreement that permitted a certain portion of the Airport property to be annexed to allow for

the City's growth south of the Airport. The City and the Airport have determined that these previous

agreements form the foundation of a strong relationship and will be strengthened and clarified by this

agreement and serve to foster further development on or near Airport property. This Agreement

addresses some unresolved issues as to development on the property, to establish a boundary around the

Airport to ensure that the Airport remains autonomous and unincorporated, to provide for cooperation in

continuing development of the southwest corner of the Airport property, and to continue cooperation

between the City and the Airport in the future. This Agreement includes provisions for the Airport's

voluntary annexation of land containing the current Hampton Inn and the land on which the proposed

Holiday Inn Express is to be located, as well as a cost-sharing arrangement between the City and Rock

Island County for the hotel-motel tax revenues. The Agreement will also provide a framework for further

expansion of the Airport Industrial Park for non-aeronautical commercial and industrial uses.

"This agreement between the City and the Airport Authority, subject to formal approval of each governing

body, exemplifies the strong working relationship that has existed for many years, and solidifies this bond

for future economic development opportunities for many years to come," said Lew Steinbrecher, City

Administrator for the City of Moline and Bruce Carter, Director of Aviation for the Quad City International


DAVENPORT (February 11, 2013 ) ? Author Joan Mauch will be signing copies of her debut novel, HALIFAX (Whiskey Creek Press, 2013) from 11-2:00 on Saturday, March 2 at The Book Rack's Davenport store 4764 Elmore Ave. (across from Best Buy) and on the following Saturday, March 9 at the store's Moline location, 3937 41 Ave.
In her novel, author Joan Mauch spins the chilling tale of a woman who kills a man in self-defense only to discover she enjoyed it and now fears she may be turning into a serial killer. In a review of the book, Michael Romkey, author of I, VAMPIRE and nine other novels writes:
"Eleanor Hurley is a woman leading a life of quiet desperation when a single moment of violence changes everything. Eleanor kills a homicidal man to save a group of children. This lethal act releases Eleanor from her former existence, yet her freedom comes with a price. Eleanor is not repulsed by her capacity for violence, but rather exhilarated by her unsuspected power to take a life. Frightened at the darkness within, Eleanor flees, but cannot run away from herself, or from the troubles that lie ahead in Halifax. Author Joan Mauch delves into the psychology of the average person and discovers that what lies beneath the surface is something complex, disturbing and altogether unexpected."
Reader Diane W.of Spokane, Wash., calls the plot amazingly topical. "Violence, bullying, murder, psychopaths/sociopaths are in the headlines and in HALIFAX as well." Referring to the main character, Eleanor Hurley, she writes: "She is a most interesting character. ...not worldly-wise at all, a sort of lamb. I recognize parts of myself in Ellie. I think most people will."
Michael McCarty, author of over 30 books including the recently released CONVERSATIONS WITH KRESKIN says HALIFAX is "a sojourn of discovery spanning two countries from sunny Florida to eastern Canada. Joan Mauch begins her novel-writing career with such an impressive piece of work. Highly, highly recommended."
Chicago playwright Richard James Zieman writes, "What is keeping me turning the page is the writing. It comforts my senses like a boat floating in perfect rhythm on genteel waves. I am on page 24 and still want to read more because for me, the story has struck a chord. I love psychological thrillers. I like her (Eleanor Hurley), have empathy for her and already find myself rooting for her."
A native of Illinois, Joan has lived in Washington state, Oregon and Chicago over the course of her life, variously working as a teacher, public aid caseworker, head of a nonprofit housing development corporation, real estate sales agent, public relations executive and vice president of marketing for a national association. Nine years ago Ms. Mauch, a native of the Quad-Cities, relocated from Chicago to Davenport where she divides her time between proofreading at a local newspaper and novel writing. Joan holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's degree in urban studies.
HALIFAX may be purchased as an e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Whiskey Creek's website: Buy the paperback at The Book Rack or order it through Ms. Mauch's website at:

Carolyn Mitchell shares second book featuring furry friend Riley Chester-field Mouse

HICKMAN, Neb. - In her second imaginative tale featuring Riley Chester-field Mouse, "The Tale of the Pumpkin Seed Squad" (published by AuthorHouse), author Carolyn Mitchell has penned yet another adventure starring the tiny hero.

In "The Tale of the Pumpkin Seed Squad," Riley joins his friends in an exciting football game using a pumpkin seed as the ball. The comical twists in the game come vibrantly alive through clever rhyme and captivating illustrations by Brenda Timms.

"The Tale of the Pumpkin Seed Squad" is a delightful commentary on competition and sportsmanship that will surely charm even the least of its budding-athlete readers. It is a light-hearted tale that captures a fun and familiar topic in an easy-to-read rhyme, vividly bringing each character and storyline to life.

Mitchell explains that her book is important because she feels the "basic values of friendship and sportsmanship are important to emphasize in an increasingly busy and secular society."

About the Author and Illustrator

Following a successful nursing career, Carolyn Mitchell now enthusiastically pursues her lifelong interest in writing and poetic expression. Through this series of engaging rhyming tales, she aims to foster a continuing excitement for reading in children of all ages. Mitchell lives on a farm near Hickman, Neb., with her husband, Daryl. Together they've raised three daughters and have six grandchildren.

Illustrator Brenda Timms is a gifted and successful artist who expresses her talents through multiple mediums. Equally at ease with oils and acrylics in her paintings, she has also created many amazing sculptures on both small and life-sized scales. After rearing a daughter and son in her native Nebraska countryside, Timms now continues her artistic endeavors in Georgia.

For the latest, follow @authorhouse on Twitter.


Meet local author Katie Ganshert at a Quad Cities upcoming local book signing event, celebrating her second novel Wishing on Willows (Waterbrook Press, March 19, 2013) that continues the story in her debut novel Wildflowers from Winter.

The story of Robin Price as she deals with a three-year old son, a struggling café, and fading memories of her late husband, where Ganshert explores if second chances at life and love always involve surrender?

Meet Ganshert at one, or both, book signing events!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

1:00-3:00 PM


4000 East 53rd St

Davenport, Iowa 52807

Phone: 563.355.0705


Friday, April 5, 2013

6:30-8:00 PM

Dunn Brothers,

787 Middle Rd

Bettendorf, IA 52722

Phone: 563.345.6099


Although fiction, the real-life topics addressed by Ganshert provides readers thought provoking situations such as single-parenting, second chances and surrendering personal plans for God's plans.

Through Ganshert's skillful writing, readers are able explore their own life choices and concerns as they journey with the characters through their own situations.

Rock Island, IL - The Scott County Regional Authority has awarded a $2,430 grant to help Christian Care purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED) for each of its facilities?a domestic violence shelter for women and children and a rescue mission for
homeless men.

"Christian Care is grateful to the Scott County Regional Authority for supporting the men, women, and children we serve on a daily basis," said Dr. Elaine Winter, Christian Care's executive director. "This grant will permit us to purchase life-saving equipment, which is a tremendous relief for us. Christian Care's vision is to transform lives; we also want to save lives whenever possible. Having an AED at each of our facilities will help us to be that first lifeline of hope for anyone going into ventricular fibrillation."

Christian Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization operating two facilities?a domestic violence shelter for women and children and a rescue mission for homeless men. It serves homeless individuals, victims of domestic violence, veterans, men and women coming out of prison, and those with mental illnesses.

Christian Care's community meal site is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays Monday through Friday, and for breakfast and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast is served at 6:30 a.m., lunch at 12:15 p.m., and dinner at 6:30 p.m. If you know of someone in need, call Christian Care's crisis hotline any hour of the day at (309) 788-2273 or visit online at

Fathom Events and Relativity Media are proud to present "A Night with Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven: Filmmakers, Author and Stars Bring the Book to Life" on Thursday, January 17 at 8:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM CT/ 7:00 PM MT/ 8:00 PM PT in select cinemas nationwide.
Fans should not miss this live one-night theatrical event featuring a discussion and Q&A moderated by Maria Menounos, with No. 1 "New York Times" best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. Also present will be the cast of the film adaptation of Sparks' best-selling novel Safe Haven, including Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough.  Attendees will be the first to catch a sneak peek at exclusive clips, behind-the-scenes footage and intimate interviews from the crew behind Relativity Media's eagerly-awaited film, directed by Oscar®-nominated Lasse Hallström.
Tickets for "A Night with Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven" are available now at participating theater box offices and online at
"A Night with Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven" will be showing at the following movie theaters in your area on Thursday, January 17 (theaters and participants are subject to change). A complete list of theater locations can be found at!safe-haven/more-info/theaters.
Davenport 53 18 with IMAX 3601 E 53Rd St Davenport IA 52807

Byron B. Oberst's new book offers a look at the life of a pediatrician's family

OMAHA, Neb. - The new book "A Tale of a Mother, Her Three Boys, and Their Dog: The Love Story of a Father for His Family" (published by AuthorHouse), by Byron B. Oberst M.D., FAAP, is the humorous and heart-warming story of one pediatrician and how he and his family embraced every aspect of life together.

"A Tale of a Mother, Her Three Boys, and Their Dog" describes the adventures, travels, activities and various interests of an active and involved family. It tells the story of what the author calls "the romance of the century," as well sports, humor, sadness, family interrelationships, games teenagers play, parenting episodes and many other aspects in an ever-evolving family.

Oberst knows that readers, when finished with his book, will have experienced a glimpse into the "...refreshing life of an all-American family with its many ups and downs and ins and outs over a considerable span of time, and their ability to cope with whatever they were faced with."

"A Tale of a Mother, Her Three Boys, and Their Dog"

By Byron B. Oberst M.D., FAAP

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 178 pages | ISBN 9781477279120

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 178 pages | ISBN 9781477279137

E-Book | 178 pages | ISBN 9781477279113

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Byron B. Oberst M.D., FAAP is the noted author of several medical books. His latest one was "Reflections on Pediatric Medicine from 1943 to 2010. A Dual Love Story". He was in private pediatric practice for 37 years. In addition to his burgeoning general pediatric practice, he had a large consultative practice. Oberst was a pioneer in the use of the exchange transfusion for the compromised Rh negative mother with an Rh positive infant, adolescent medicine, and in the attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity. He was an expert on practice management in private pediatric medicine and taught the same at the national level. He was an active participant in many medical societies, including the Society for Computer Medicine. He was very active in the American Academy of Pediatrics at the national level for about 15 years. He retired from practice in 1988.


Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.
(Board Room, 1st Floor, Scott County Administrative Center, 600 West Fourth Street, Davenport, Iowa)

1.  Roll Call: Barber, Drummond, Scheibe

2.  Pledge of Allegiance

3.  Approval of Minutes

4.  Approval of resolution providing for the sale and issuance of Jail Facilities Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2013 (Scott County, Iowa Unlimited Tax Lease Obligations) and approving the execution and delivery of an Official Statement, a Second Amendment to Lease Purchase Agreement and a Second Supplemental Indenture and other matters related thereto.

5.  Other items of interest

7.  Adjourn


Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 4:30 p.m.
(Conference Room 638, 6th Floor, Scott County Administrative Center,
600 West Fourth Street, Davenport, Iowa)

1.  Roll Call: Barber, Drummond, Scheibe

2.  Pledge of Allegiance

3.  Approval of Minutes

4.  Approval of resolution providing for the sale and issuance of Jail Facilities Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2012 (Scott County, Iowa Unlimited Tax Lease Obligations) and approving the execution and delivery of an Official Statement, a first Amendment to Lease Purchase Agreement and a First Supplemental Indenture and other matters related thereto.

5.  Other items of interest

6.  Discussion of scheduling future meetings:  Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.

7.  Adjourn