Kathleen McCarthy's column (see "Access, Information Are Missing from Davenport Government," Issue 547, September 21-27, 2005) concerning the City of Davenport's Task Force on Governance conveyed the misimpression that I am participating with this task force in my capacity as a part-time assistant Scott County attorney, rather than as a citizen volunteer.
The Brew & View is alive and well! Perhaps not in its original location, but we've moved our operations to the larger, and more accommodating, Rocket Cinema. We plan on continuing to bring the best independent and art-house films to the area, but just won't be showing them for the later shows.
The U.S. Forest Service has recently revised estimates on how much the national economy benefits from recreation on national forest lands. During the Clinton administration, the Forest Service had estimated that recreation in U.
I was proud to be a Republican. My family had confidence that a government with a Republican majority would be safer, better fed, taxed less, and left to lead good lives. I'm totally dissatisfied with a Republican majority government that allows Mexican illegals to saturate and ruin American citizenship and the economy for the majority of Middle Americans.
At a time when health-care costs are soaring and more and more Americans find themselves in the ranks of the uninsured, state and federal legislators should be addressing ways to provide affordable, quality health-care coverage for every American.

Friday, August 19

Jim the Mule - 5 p.m. Members of Jim the Mule have been making music in the Quad Cities since May 2000. Jason Gilliland, Tom Swanson, and Ryan Koning played together in a variety of bands while attending St.
Andrew Landers Project - noon The music of the Andrew Landers Project is a melting pot of rock, funk, jazz, punk, folk, and a bit of country. Their music has something for everyone. It's hard to describe the Andrew Landers Project's sound, but one fan summed it up by saying, "They're like George Thorogood meets George Benson meets George Clinton meets George Jones, and then they all get together and go harass Boy George.
Strange Neighbors - 11:30 p.m. Friday night, Quad City Live A full band and the ability to add pieces at live performances has made Strange Neighbors a must-see act. With three CDs under their belt, Strange Neighbors is hitting the recording studio soon.
First of all, I want to thank you for such an awesome Blues Festival this year. Great music and a great time as usual. Thanks to everyone at the Mississippi Valley Blues Society and the sponsors who worked so hard making it happen.
Ballet Quad Cities a Jewel Thanks to Joedy Cook, we have just spent an evening revelling in Ballet Quad Cities' reviews and DVD of performances and programs of the past year. I cannot adequately share our feelings of pride, excitement, and awe of Johanne Jakhellen's choreography! While we were sad to leave the Quad Cites on the brink of the development of this extraordinary professional ballet company, it gives us great joy to see the growth of the company, the appreciation of the community for the wonderful performances, and the fabulous dancing.