SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Governor Bruce Rauner, Maj. Gen. Daniel Krumrei, The Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard and members from the Illinois Air National Guard, Illinois Army National Guard and the Lincoln's Challenge Academy all played a role in the Abraham Lincoln Funeral Re-Enactment Events May 2 in Springfield, Illinois.

Two Airmen from the 183rd Air Refueling Wing and two Soldiers from the 233rd Military Police Company, both units based in Springfield, provided a color guard detail posting the colors during the opening ceremony.

Over 12,000 re-enactors along with 17 partnering organizations and a few thousand spectators were present at the ceremony.

Governor Rauner delivered a speech to paying tribute Lincoln as people crowded around to see Lincoln's casket during the opening ceremony downtown Springfield.

Rauner said the event was a great opportunity for everyone to listen and learn about our fallen hero.

Krumrei spoke of Lincoln's service in the Illinois Militia during the Black Hawk War and said the very image of Lincoln is a symbol of freedom. The Illinois Militia is now known as the Illinois National Guard.

"Lincoln did not aspire to be an icon," said Krumrei. "He was a man of the people...a man for the people. A man elected...by the people...to do a job and was determined to succeed."

The event concluded with the exchange of gifts honoring Lincoln's memory including Governor Rauner presenting the flag that was draped over Lincoln's coffin during the re-enactment to Krumrei to be place in the Illinois State Military Museum on Camp Lincoln.

In addition to the opening ceremony, other events went on honoring Lincoln gathering more crowds of people eager to listen to the history behind the iconic leader. Members of the 144th Army Band played military songs for people at a church in downtown Springfield while members of the Lincoln's Challenge Academy out of Rantoul, Illinois served as volunteers for the encampment activities in Lincoln Park.

"It was a wonderful event and a great outpouring of love and emotion for our greatest Illinoisan, Abraham Lincoln," said Rauner.

ILNG Gold Star families honored at remembrance ceremony on Camp Lincoln

SPRINGFIELD, IL (05/03/2015)(readMedia)-- Governor Bruce Rauner, Maj. Gen. Daniel Krumrei, the Adjutant General for the Illinois National Guard, other senior leaders and Soldiers gathered with the Gold Star Families at the Fallen Heroes Memorial May 3 at the Illinois State Military Museum on Camp Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois.

Thirty-four Illinois National Guardsmen, 1 Airmen and 33 Soldiers, killed during Operation Iraqi and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Governor Rauner said these Guardsmen are our heroes.

"We all owe these brave men and women a great debt of graduate for their sacrifices," said Rauner. "It is a privilege to be here today to remember them, to honor them and to pay tribute."

Krumrei placed a wreath at the memorial on behalf of the Illinois National Guard while all Soldiers present rendered a salute honoring the fallen guardsmen.

"We have held this ceremony each year to honor these guardsmen and we will continue to do so in the future," said Krumrei. "These families will never forget their loved ones and we as the Illinois National Guard will never forget them."

The ceremony ended with the families placing a yellow rose at the base of the memorial and Rauner greeting each family member to offer his condolences.

DES MOINES, IA (04/29/2015)(readMedia)-- Once again, Governor Branstad is out of step with what Iowan's believe. A recently released Public Policy Poll cites Iowans over whelming opposition to the Governor's decision to close two mental health facilities in Iowa.

"Governor Branstad and House Republicans have demonstrated a callous disregard for their constituents. Time and again this session, they have marched through with their own opinions and failed to listen to what Iowans truly want which is to make this state a better place to work, live and raise a family," said ISEA President Tammy Wawro. "Cutting public education in K-12 and higher education institutions and closing two mental health care facilities clearly illustrates they do not care about those who need our advocacy the most -- our students and our mentally fragile. Sixty-eight percent of Iowa voters do not support the closings and thousands more do not support cuts to public education. It is time Governor Branstad and the House Republicans listen to the Iowans they represent," added Wawro.


The ISEA is a private, professional organization made up of over 34,000 educators who are dedicated to promoting and preserving public education for all Iowa students.

MEQUON, Wis. (April 17, 2015) - Concordia University Wisconsin is proud to announce the following student as a Presidential Scholar winner. The announcement was made on March 21 during a special banquet.

Letha Wallace, Davenport Central

About Concordia University Wisconsin:
Founded in 1881, Concordia University Wisconsin's main campus is located on 200 acres of beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline at 12800 N. Lake Shore Drive, Mequon. The University and its 10 educational centers and classroom locations are home to 8,161 undergraduate and graduate, traditional, as well as non-traditional students from 46 states and 28 foreign countries. The University offers more than 70 undergraduate majors, 14 master's degree programs, and doctoral degrees in Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and Nursing Practice. The University also offers a variety of adult learning opportunities.

The University is affiliated with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and is a member of the Concordia University System, a nationwide network of colleges and universities. For more information on Concordia University Wisconsin, contact the University at (262) 243-4300 or visit their website atwww.cuw.edu.


DES MOINES, IA (04/01/2015)(readMedia)-- While the conference committee on Senate Files 171 and 172 met today, it was no April Fool's joke. The Democrats' funding offer of 2.625 was simply inadequate and the Republicans' rejection of this offer further demonstrates their callous disregard for the health and well-being of Iowa's public school students.

Thousands of Iowans have spoken out on the issue of funding for our public schools. They have spoken in favor of increased funding. At this point, we are gravely disappointed that both parties have now failed to listen to their constituents.

We stand with parents, students and citizens of Iowa firmly and strongly in favor of 4 percent funding for Iowa's schools.


The ISEA is a professional organization made up of nearly 34,000 educators who are dedicated to supporting and protecting a quality public education for all Iowa students.

With Pastor Max scheduled to be deported on the next flight to Honduras, his family pleads with President Obama to stop his deportation

Iowa City, Iowa - Pastor Gloria and her four U.S. citizen children posted a video on YouTube last night pleading with President Obama to stop Max's deportation.

After a week-long, nationwide mobilization against the arrest of local Mennonite Pastor Max Villatoro, it now appears that Max is scheduled for deportation on the next flight to Honduras. The family released the video as one last-minute attempt to stop Max's deportation.

You can view the video of the Villatoro family asking President Obama to stop Max's deportation by clicking here:

In the video, Gloria Villatoro tells president Obama:

I need my husband back, my kids need their dad.  I'm so scared, I don't know what I'm going to be doing without him.  I'm scared for his life too, because if he's taken to- if he's sent to Honduras, he's fear for his life.

They want to deport my husband and he's been living in the United States for over twenty years and I need your help tonight - I ask you for mercy, I ask you that you please give me my husband back - you can use your authority and I ask you to please have mercy and to do something about it - and this has to stop.

Anthony, Max's U.S. citizen son says:

We can't lose our dad who is a pastor, a servant to the city, and he serves others.  My dad is a wonderful person and you said that you were going to only deport people who are threats to our community and I don't think a pastor - a person who helps out the community - is a threat.  And please, President Obama, if you watch this, please consider my dad.
Edna, Max's U.S. citizen daughter says:

I need my dad, and he doesn't deserve this, he's a great man and he serves the community - he's a father of four children and we need him back.  I know you can help us, and please have mercy on us.


The Iowa State Education Association stands with the Davenport school district superintendent Dr. Art Tate, parents, students, and other community members.

When the state Legislature refuses to comply with the law and set supplemental state aid for FY 16 and FY 17 and repeatedly threatens to set it too low, they place Dr. Tate in an untenable position of violating the law in order to take care of his students. We are proud of his decision to take care of his students.

There is an easy solution. Setting supplemental state aid at 4 percent would negate the need for school districts to contemplate violating state law.

Additionally, legislators have an obligation to follow the law as well and listen to their constituents. Shame on them for calling out the Davenport schools for flouting the law when in fact, they have broken their own laws for the past five years. And, shame on them for characterizing our school funding emergency as "beating a dead horse", when school districts across the state are shouting that they have received inadequate funding for too long and cannot make ends meet.

Legislators need to pay attention to the message out of Davenport. Iowa's students are not "worth-less" than the Walmarts, Targets, and other big corporations that will enjoy over $51 million in tax breaks the Legislature just approved at the expense of our public schools. They are not worth less than the $600 million surplus legislators are holding onto for a rainy day, and they are certainly not worth less than a re-examination of our state budget in an effort to find the resources needed to make them a priority.

Pass 4 percent SSA and make sure Iowa's students are not worth less than.


The ISEA is a professional association made up of nearly 34,000 educators who are dedicated to supporting and protecting a quality public education for all Iowa students.

WINONA, Minn. (February 20, 2014) - Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical is pleased to announce the President's List for Fall semester 2014. To be eligible for this honor, students must complete a minimum of 12 credits at Southeast Technical during an academic term and achieve a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Evan White from Moline has been honored.

About Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical
With a clear mission of "Education for Employment," Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical provides students a strong foundation for acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will need for a lifetime of learning. Its Winona and Red Wing campuses merged in 1992, becoming Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical in 1999. For more information, visit www.southeastmn.edu.

- 30 -

Earlier this month, President Obama signed the Clay Hunt Act into law.  It's named after a soldier and member of Team Rubicon who took his own life.  Jake Wood introduced the President and gave a heart-felt message about his fallen friend.   Wood is a PV alum, a member of our Wall of Honor, and founder of Team Rubicon.

Here is the link to the signing ceremony with video of Jake  à http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2015/02/12/clay-hunt-act-what-president-just-signed

Here's information about Team Rubicon.  Wood started the group, after his time in the Marines, to help bridge the gap when a disaster strikes.  They've volunteered in Haiti and during Katrina, among other disasters across the globe à http://www.teamrubiconusa.org/

DES MOINES, IA (02/19/2015)(readMedia)-- "We can all be proud of the hundreds of student athletes gathering in Des Moines this week for the IHSAA State Wrestling Tournament. Their hard work and efforts in reaching this gold standard is cause for celebration in their schools and communities. But back home, in the school districts they represent so proudly, budget decisions are forcing administrators to make untenable decisions pitting academic programs against athletics. Both programs are equally important to a student's successful development and growth.

Faced with the Iowa House Republicans passage and Governor Terry Branstad's support of 1.25 percent in State Supplemental Aid, the Clinton Community Schools, sending three student athletes to the state wrestling tournament, is proposing cutting one middle school wrestling coach; Tripoli, sending two student athletes, first proposed a $12,000 cut to their wrestling program, and is now proposing fewer student contact days in the 2015-16 school year going from 180 down to 170 and cutting the wrestling cheerleading program; and Waverly-Shell Rock, sending six student athletes and facing over $750,000 in budget cuts, is proposing slicing the librarian/media specialist, an integral position in our schools in the overall health and well being of academic development and success, among other drastic cuts.

Schools across the state are facing dire budget decisions because Governor Branstad and state legislators are not listening to their needs and have continued to support an anemic SSA proposal. We simply cannot have excellence in education and support our athletics and academics without a true commitment to that effort.

So while Governor Branstad is most likely following the wrestlers at this week's state tournament, we would like him to consider that schools should not have to decide between athletic or academic programs. We believe students deserve a well rounded education which includes an ample supply of both athletics and academics in order to truly give them what they need to succeed. Increasing SSA will help schools reach this goal."


IOWA CITY, IA (02/17/2015)(readMedia)-- University of Iowa students from your area have been named to the President's List for the 2014 fall semester. Those students include :

Elizabeth Ann Berger of Bettendorf (52722)

Nicholas Gerwe of Bettendorf (52722)

Noah Kirschbaum of Bettendorf (52722)

Ava Lynn of Bettendorf (52722)

Austin Smith of Bettendorf (52722)

Courtney Brokloff of Davenport (52807)

Charles Holliday of Davenport (52803)

Michael Hackbarth of Eldridge (52748)

Steven Bieber of Muscatine (52761)

Alexandra Chamberlain of Muscatine (52761)

Michael Davis of Muscatine (52761)

Levi Goff of Muscatine (52761)

Elizabeth Sturms of Muscatine (52761)

Natalie Sturms of Muscatine (52761)

Jeremy Tinkler of Stockton (52769)

Emily Ford of Geneseo (61254)

Eugene Pavinato of Moline (61265)

The President's List was established in the fall of 1983 to recognize academic excellence. In order to be included on the list, a student must have a minimum 4.0 grade point average (4.0 is an A) in all academic subjects for the preceding two semesters, with a total of at least 12 semester hours of credit per semester during that period.

Approximately 300 students were named to the President's List in the 2014 fall semester.