The Black Hawk College/Ebony Expressions production on October 28 of Healing Waters: I Will Carry My Sister's Pain observed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month by prying open the eyes of the audience to the daily reality of pain, fear, abuse, and humiliation experienced by abused women as they struggle to raise children and carve out a life.
As a teacher, then an administrator, in the Davenport schools for 24 years, I was very concerned about the health of my students, as I saw many of them not receiving the preventive care that is so important for learning to occur.
In 2001, FEMA ranked a major hurricane strike on New Orleans as "among the three likeliest, most catastrophic disasters facing this country," directly behind a terrorist strike on New York City. So what was done after that assessment? The Bush administration made drastic funding cuts in New Orleans hurricane-protection projects to make room for tax cuts for millionaires and the war in Iraq.
AirTran Has Helped Passengers Get There from Here Frequent business travelers want to get to their destination fast, easy, and with little impact on their pocketbook. These three factors also work well for a community's business development.
Kathleen McCarthy's column (see "Access, Information Are Missing from Davenport Government," Issue 547, September 21-27, 2005) concerning the City of Davenport's Task Force on Governance conveyed the misimpression that I am participating with this task force in my capacity as a part-time assistant Scott County attorney, rather than as a citizen volunteer.
The Brew & View is alive and well! Perhaps not in its original location, but we've moved our operations to the larger, and more accommodating, Rocket Cinema. We plan on continuing to bring the best independent and art-house films to the area, but just won't be showing them for the later shows.
It hit me while I was chatting with a rather sunburned southern-Iowa farmer during the first day of the 2005 Iowa State Fair; I've been to no less than 30 of these. In that time, I've seen the weather alternate between tropical and mostly tropical.
The U.S. Forest Service has recently revised estimates on how much the national economy benefits from recreation on national forest lands. During the Clinton administration, the Forest Service had estimated that recreation in U.
I was proud to be a Republican. My family had confidence that a government with a Republican majority would be safer, better fed, taxed less, and left to lead good lives. I'm totally dissatisfied with a Republican majority government that allows Mexican illegals to saturate and ruin American citizenship and the economy for the majority of Middle Americans.
At a time when health-care costs are soaring and more and more Americans find themselves in the ranks of the uninsured, state and federal legislators should be addressing ways to provide affordable, quality health-care coverage for every American.