Where There's Risk, There Must be Choice

America is not a democracy; it is a constitutional republic. A democracy bows to the subjective majority. A republic does not. It bows to the objective rule of law, with a highly specific focus on each individual. In America, our constitutional intent is to protect inalienable rights of each individual, regardless of majority objection. The logic in this is sound. Protect the rights of each individual first and foremost, you automatically protect those of the group because each person in the group is also equally protected. By protecting the individual as the least common denominator, you automatically protect the whole.

Most of us have stopped really civically engaging, convincing ourselves that voting for representatives is doing our part in the bottom-up governance that makes America so unique. We further justify our civic sloth by picking a political side and assuring ourselves that we were choosing representation that reflects our values and ideologies for governance. What a load of hooey!

Voters know next to nothing about the values and ideologies of the candidates they recklessly vote into office. The only deciding factor is whether candidates identify as Democrat or Republican. The all-important, all-encompassing, all-knowing claim of liberal or conservative is all that is required for our allegiance. We have become politically lazy and apathetic, making the current socioeconomic mess our doing, first and foremost.

Campaigns are inherently disingenuous, formulaic, and increasingly inauthentic. We forgive the process out of our own ignorance of it. Most voters, whether Democrat or Republican or even Independent, could not list a single plank of their favored political party's platform. When is the last time you read the platform your party's candidates claim to support? Exactly how do you know your party's candidates actually support the same things you do? To discern these critical matters, you need to know what you actually support, why or why not, and stop assuming that attaching a D or an R to these candidacies puts these people in political sync with you. Chances are it really does not.

Political Opposition is Pure Theatre

For decades, government, whether local, state, or federal, has worked stealthily to limit public access to its data, work products, agreements, finances, and just about everything else it deems confidential and/or classified. Criteria for classifying data has become nonsensical, unreasonable, and largely unjustified, making it increasingly more difficult to hold our government accountable. While it is unfortunate that our public-sector leadership and personnel feel compelled to behave clandestinely, it is far more unfortunate that we allow it. Labor respects what management inspects, and we the people are management in this constitutional republic. We have forgotten this core principle and it needs remembering.

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was passed in 2013, effectively removing the prohibition that had forbade government and media to propagandize Americans. Then-President Obama issued Executive Order 13707 in 2015 to create behavior-science departments in each agency of the Executive Branch to study and implement behavior modification strategies that would result in education, acceptance, and compliance with government programs and policies. This included a substantial reorganization of the State Department to accommodate a well-funded full-time propaganda dissemination operation, partnering with broadcast, print, and social media for psychosocial engineering designed to 'nudge' Americans toward predetermined responses. (Legacy-assets.eenews.net/open_files/assets/2015/09/16/document_cw_02.pdf)

When you fast-forward to 2022 and look back, it's easy to see how media has morphed over this last decade into an integral part of a larger propaganda apparatus. Almost all news and current events are delivered through a political prism of opinions, virtually no exceptions. Everything socioeconomic is drenched in politics on some level. News and current events are homogeneously delivered across channels 24/7, engineered to relentlessly trigger mostly negative emotions, suspending consumers in an arena-like mentality of offense or defense against manufactured foes that are incessantly overtly or covertly political in nature.

The mandated purpose of this arena is to keep us trapped in a two-party political fiction that inevitably protects the governing status quo. If we are kept in a constant state of agitation and angst over news and current events, and repeatedly given the culprits to blame depending on your political party affiliation, when its time to cast our votes, we are predictably resolute in our choices based entirely on that D or R.

Even worse is that we never notice there isn't a hair's width of difference in the actual political outcomes as we move through time. The political opposition we think we witness between elections is pure theatre. The arena itself is the trap. Liberals, conservatives, independents are amazingly 80-90 percent on the same page as Americans versus as partisans. But in the arena, that cohesiveness gets lost in the repetitive, emotional triggering of the moment. Meanwhile, there is no contiguous analysis of current events upon which solutions can emerge and consensus built. Without rational cognitive processing, too many people remain stranded in the arena.

Tactically, we are barraged with daily bursts of disconnected, unacceptable occurrences that defy our sensibilities. We are repeatedly told these things are occurring out of our control. The scripted media show dogs shake their heads in feigned resignation at the insanity and impossibility of it all thanks to political adversaries, successfully triggering impotence, helplessness, and eventually our own resignation there is nothing we can do. What a load of hooey!

The real truth is most of the events showcased in the news, while happening, are doing so with far less support than you think. Media's coordinated messaging obscures the real truth: the political fight that needs fighting is not about partisan ideology, or political identities, it is almost exclusively about political power – who has it, and intends to keep it at all costs.

For some, that fight to keep their power has necessarily gone global and America's constitutional republic is in their way. It's really that simple and is nothing new in the schemes of mankind. In other words, the Great Reset and Trans humanism are but the next in a long line of meglomaniacal power struggles that have plagued man for millennia.

It is important to note that it can be almost impossible to dislodge a notion, idea, or belief that was formed emotionally versus if it had been arrived at through reason. Media, as part of its psychosocial engineering, uses emotion-triggering techniques to great advantage because the emotional release has a seductive quality, further rewarding us when we find acceptance and camaraderie in those responses.

But emoting is often highly irrational and contextless, cementing us in place. It eventually becomes immobilizing, especially if the emotions elicited are ones born of fear. That explains some, not all, of the public's bizarre resistance to research, scientific breakthroughs, and discoveries around COVID-19 that would otherwise provide profound relief, comfort, and hope. It is not a normal human response to disregard or outright reject information that comes from credentialed professionals in the field of a controversial subject, let alone disregard, reject, even censor the messenger before ever hearing his/her message, disappearing it from discourse in the public sphere. That's what intellectual whoosies with a capital “P” do because they can't make their counter case. Mostly its bullying.

Misinforming on Misinformation  

The media's mantra tagging anything that disputes the government's increasingly thin official-but-revisionist COVID narrative as “misinformation” is losing its efficacy at about the same rate as that of the mRNA vaccines. Government partnerships with social media, private corporations, and various health systems in a cooperative effort of censorship, even going so far as to threaten medical licenses using state medical boards, and coordinated broadcast, print, and social media campaigns to discredit and silence highly esteemed, credentialed medical and scientific professionals, has not diminished these heroes in the slightest. The universe has rules and truth will inevitably out.

And so it is. OSHA withdrew its Vaccine & Testing Emergency Temporary Standard for businesses with 100 or more employees. Countries across Europe are removing all restrictions and abandoning the oppressive mitigations that have done precious little to stop COVID-19, arguably prolonging it by mass vaccinating into a pandemic. The World Health Organization and the European Union have called for a halt of any new boosters. Germany and Alberta have admitted to flawed data that falsely reported the majority of hospitalizations and deaths were among the unvaccinated, when the truth is that the fully vaccinated comprised the majority of their countries' hospitalizations and deaths, as is the case in the most vaccinated countries that keep detailed records, such as Israel, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar.

Senator Ron Johnson held a panel discussion on Monday, January 24, 2022, that included world-renowned medical doctors, including cardiologists, epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists, ranking military doctors, research scientists, data-analytics experts, vaccinologists, medical rights attorneys, and vaccine-injured people.

I encourage you to watch the hearing and learn the breadth of confirmed science that has been withheld from the public for reasons that defy credulity. The systematic efforts to discredit need-to-know information from public discourse, and inevitably from access to life-saving treatments, while providing limited treatment protocol innovation for over two years, are no longer overcomable for the health-care industry or public-health officials. (Rumble.com/vt62y6-covid-19-a-second-opinion.html)

The universe does have rules, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Directors Rochelle Walenski and Frank Collins, (CDC) and Janet Woodstock (FDA) have much to answer for, including the FDA's ACIP committee whose members, rife with financial conflicts of interest, approved the mRNA inoculations based on only two months of clinical trial data before all the participants were unblinded by inoculating the placebo control group and irrevocably corrupting the trials.

The Canadian COVID Care Alliance has a video and accompanying PDF that thoroughly and graphically explain the myriad problems with Pfizer's clinical trials that were nonetheless used by the FDA to approve Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for its Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA gene therapy, then distributed to millions of Americans, including children 12-19 and, 5-11. (Canadiancovidcarealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/The-COVID-19-Inoculations-More-Harm-Than-Good-REV-Dec-16-2021.pdf)

Fact checkers – code for fact blockers – are misinforming on misinformation. What constitutes misinformation from these extremely organized censorers amounts to contracted-for bias run amok. This censorship cabal is working overtime to flood the country with counter messaging via print, broadcast, and social media that discredits people who challenge official narratives. The thing about evidence, however, is that it is much harder to debunk, requiring far more energy and effort. St. Augustine is credited with saying, “Truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself.”

As for the latest bogeyman construct embodied in the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” recall when the pandemic first appeared two years ago. The entire country fully cooperated with CDC guidelines and governments' excessive mitigations in an effort to do our part as responsible human beings – many to the ruination of their businesses and livelihoods; setbacks to their children's educations; emotional trauma from isolation and revolving quarantines; developmental interruption of babies and toddlers, and eruption of bacterial infections, both from prolonged mask-wearing; the loss of loved ones who died alone, afraid, and unable to say good-bye … . All this collective sacrifice resulted in more misery, suffering, and a systemic fear-soaked society of perceived Typhoid Marys carrying around a disease we now know kills less than one percent of the human population.

Even when the mitigations were proving largely unjustified, most of us continued them in the spirit of cooperation and strong community support. By the time the experimental inoculations were unleashed on the public a year later, the sheer volume of countervailing evidence demonstrated that the official COVID narrative had alarming inconsistencies, contradictions, and scientific holes you could drive a semi-truck through.

And how did some Americans reward first responders and essential workers, who unhesitatingly showed up on all our behalves, after the Biden Administration tried unsuccessfully to mandate experimental inoculations, forcing millions of workers to refuse, many at the expense of their jobs? Far too many of you not only unhesitatingly abandoned them, you hypocritically condemned them as selfish and deserving of the very fates they prevented from happening to all of us. You know who you are, and good luck at the pearly gates for that betrayal.

Equally as egregious is the governments' collusion to ignore and suppress voluminous evidence that COVID-19 is treatable using inexpensive safe drugs. However, important evidence-rich research continues to march on in spite of all the censorship, updating the public and encouraging greater caution before proceeding with additional experimental inoculation. There is still a large medical community admirably adhering to their oaths and to the bioethics of informed consent.

Doctors, nurses, and scientists worldwide have been vilified and censored by a complicit media in coordinated campaigns to discredit and bring ruin to valiant caregivers trying desperately to save lives and actually succeeding, using safe and effective protocols amid unprecedented trauma to their careers. Meanwhile, media is partnering with public-health officials to advance an increasingly incoherent agenda to eventually vaccinate 7 billion people for a disease that 99.7 percent of the human population survives.

Time for Open Debates

To this day, there has been no meaningful engagement by public-health officials to openly debate any of the thousands of medical professionals who challenge the official narratives, and are willing to do so. The public deserves our health authorities to produce countervailing evidence of their own, if not to dispel, then to at least comfort a persistently confused, frightened public. Instead, our health community, in concert with media, maintains high levels of fear and insecurity to drive a singular agenda of mass inoculation, while also causing division among families, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

The success of this perpetual psychosocial messaging campaign is manifest in irrational schisms between (a) people willing to get jabbed because of their overriding fear of dying from COVID regardless of knowing nothing about the inoculations' ingredients, let alone their long-term safety and efficacy, and (b) people unwilling to get jabbed because of their overriding fear of dying or debilitating adverse reactions from the injections precisely because of knowing nothing about the inoculations' ingredients, let alone their long-term safety and efficacy.

The problem with vaccine injuries is that there is no way to tell who will have a serious adverse reaction and who won't, and no one can offer assurances. So why are fears of people afraid of the experimental injections any less legitimate and deserving of respect and support for their choice to not inoculate than the fears of people who are genuinely afraid they may be one of the 3/10ths of one percent who die from COVID and therefore willingly choose the jab, a choice we must also respect and support? Equally important, where are the risk-benefit calculations that always accompany new medical products and protocols for informed decisions and informed consent, especially if experimental?

FDA is Fighting to Keep Trial Data Secret 

And what possible purpose is served by mandating anyone with a medical condition to comply with a dangerous intervention, who would otherwise be exempt due to the unjustifiable risk? What bureaucracy under the sun has the authority to mandate another human being risk death or disability for any reason, let alone for an experimental injection that protects neither the recipient or anyone else from COVID?

And one more observation: It is hard to take seriously our government's fear-mongering and alarmism over COVID as a lethal pandemic when it escorts hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants across our Southern border without COVID assessments, instead methodically transporting record numbers of people via buses and planes into our interior without confirmation testing, mitigating measures, or vaccinations, proving the Administration has little concern whether any of the immigrants in transport are infectious, let alone need care. No matter how people feel about the immigration issue, open borders would never be the policy of a government that truly believes it is dealing with a lethal pandemic.

Another mystery is why is the FDA fighting so hard to keep the necessary data for these calculations from the public? FOIA requests were made to the FDA to release the raw data from Pfizer's clinical trials for its mRNA injection, data that is normally shared with the public once licensure has been approved. Pfizer's Cominarty Vaccine received that licensure for mass distribution, yet Pfizer has refused to release the raw data to the medical and science community.

The release of data was ordered by the court, only to be appealed by the FDA asking for 75 years to release the full documentation at 500 pages per month. The court counter-ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages per month, and now the FDA has appealed for an extension of time, while simultaneously Pfizer has entered into the matter as a third party, no doubt bringing it's high-powered legal fleet to run interference.

This begs the question: Why is the FDA fighting the release of Pfizer's raw data on behalf of Pfizer in the first place? Shouldn't the FDA's allegiance be to the American people by holding Pfizer accountable to transparency for the data behind its experimental inoculations, especially considering approval to inject 5-11-year-olds is on line, with babies and toddlers to soon follow with zero justification for such extreme measures against a cohort that is unaffected by COVID and presents no risk to others, and therefore must be halted by parents now?

Children Suffer the Most 

Many people got the COVID jabs coercively to keep their jobs, travel, visit loved ones, socialize, and for continued access. Whether they took the jabs for survival or convenience, they did so as a matter of coercion in the absence of fully informed consent, a requirement by U.S. law, as well as international law, as part of a compendium of human-rights law established after World War II. The consequences of this unlawful, unconstitutional breach remains to be seen going forward, especially now that the vaccine mandate for large employers is defeated.

In a constitutional republic, where individual rights are bedrock, liberty itself hinges on individual choice. Americans have always understood and upheld this core principle as sacrosanct until now. It is a given that each individual life is precious and deserving of the opportunity to thrive. We don't collectively choose who risks life and limb; each individual makes that choice for himself/herself. Whenever there is risk, there must be choice.

Mandating or bullying people to risk experimental injections based on no discernible benefit, with no guarantee that there will not be long-term health consequences, is violating their individual right to choose. But equally ruinous is the scarring of souls who would impose such cruelty on fellow citizens, especially with an abundance of other options for this particular pandemic. Even the CDC admits of the over 800,000 US deaths attributed to COVID, only 6 percent, or approximately 14,800  [Correction:] 48,000, are “from COVID” alone, the rest are reported as “with COVID” and had at least four other comorbidities,” according to CDC mortality reports. (CDC.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm?fbclid=IwAR3-wrg3tTKK5-9tOHPGAHWFVO3DfslkJ0KsDEPQpWmPbKtp6EsoVV2Qs1Q, CDC.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm)

As for the straggler COVID dependent, how about you stifle your intolerance of the unvaxxed long enough to observe the real mass destruction wrought by wrongheaded extreme pandemic mitigations across the globe. To date, over two million children have starved to death, one third of their mothers with them. Physical, emotional, and mental suffering from severe malnutrition and diseases far worse than COVID are rampant among the surviving millions who have been cast into long-poverty because they lost all economic opportunity due to lockdowns and isolation. Education opportunities for entire nations of children have stalled, leaving despair and hopelessness in its place. Most of you have no idea about these calamities. None. Good luck at the pearly gates with that, too.

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