"Hello everyone, I'm Jim Lehrer, although my accent makes that rhyme with 'Berra,' as in Yogi Berra. And if you think that's confusing, wait until you watch the rest of this cockamamy debate, which is supposed to convince America that these guys are the best choices available, instead of just two bozos put up by the power elite.

Just Say No

"Welcome back to 60 Minutes IX. Next up: There's been a lot of discussion recently about the lack of a prescription-drug plan for Medicare, and why necessary medicines have gotten to costing so darned much.
Don't you just love a good "I told you so"? At October 2's Committee of the Whole meeting, Davenport Aldermen Moritz and McGivern were given a solid dose of their own medicine, much to the amusement of those watching.
The Scott County Board of Supervisors sure loves to spend our money. At their last meeting, supervisors held a "public hearing" on a 10-year lease for 6,000 feet of office space. They want to move the Juvenile Court Service that now rents public space in the county's Bicentennial Building into private space an equal distance from the courthouse.
You would think the minute the Davenport City Council heard the word TIF (tax increment financing), their little ears would perk up and their brains would start quaking. When the recent news of the proposed TIF to subsidize Sentry Insurance's move to Davenport came to their attention, the City Council should have been on it like ducks on June bugs.
"Hello, everyone. It's your beloved national icon and TV best friend Oprah again! I'm back with another entertaining yet relevant show that the whole country will be talking about next week. As you know, the two major presidential candidates were my guests recently and all of us came off pretty lame.
Last week the Davenport City Council voted 7-3 in favor of an additional $3.5 million in funding for the proposed relocation of the Davenport Museum of Art into downtown. This brings the city's contribution to $6.
For nearly four months, a mayor's ad hoc committee made up of several members of the Davenport community (including myself), along with various aldermen and city staff, has struggled with what to do with 220 acres the City owns as part of the failed 53rd Street Mixed-Use Development project.


Bobby Knight addresses a joint session of Congress. "Ladies and gentlemen, I could say a lot of things right now. I could say, 'You won't have old Knight to kick around anymore.' I could say, 'Well, there's $500 in yoga lessons down the drain.
"Hello everyone. I'm Bob Costas, saying 'Welcome back to NBC, your Peacock Network for the 2000 Olympics and Third Rock from the Sun.' We're all very excited to be coming to you live right now from Sydney, Australia.