Many citizens believed the well was poisoned long before briefs were submitted on the Davenport School District's (DSD) Motion for Summary Judgment (SJ) to dismiss the Davenport Historic Preservation Commission's (HPC) suit to prevent the demolition of the historically significant Crawford's Sugarbowl.
We have the makings of a Midwest Arts Mecca here in the Quad Cities. As this week's cover story points out, we have more than 4,600 arts-related events occurring throughout the year in our communities. The recognized importance of the arts to our region's quality of life is beginning to reach critical mass.
The Davenport School District (DSD) has a problem with its memory. The DSD and Davenport's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) appeared at a hearing last Wednesday, August 18, to present arguments before Judge David Schoenthaler for the DSD's motion for Summary Judgment to dismiss the HPC's lawsuit against the DSD for not acting in good faith to agree to a suitable reuse of the historic Crawford Sugarbowl.
Claiming they had an intelligence tip about a bomb threat, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies on August 14 temporarily closed down Patriotic Hall, the home of the Independent Media Center and the Shadow Conventions, located five blocks from the Democratic Convention.
WTO Debate The International Forum on Globalization, The Nation Institute, Public Citizen & The Progress Project Present: A Public Debate on Globalization and the World Trade Organization (WTO) Tuesday, November 30, 7:30 PM Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave.
What are we coming to when we allow special interests like those of Jack Bush, CEO of McCarthy-Bush Real Estate, but more importantly McCarthy Improvement Company, one of Scott County's largest builders and repairers of roads, to influence spending with schemes like the "Big Bang" theory for capital improvements needed in Davenport? How is this any different from developers, of which Bush is one, asking taxpayers to pay their upfront costs for real estate projects in Davenport? According to a recent article in the QC Times, Bush's "Big Bang" theory, in a presentation to city leaders, calls for borrowing "millions, hike property taxes and take care of the city's major infrastructure needs all at once.
Brendan Wolfe's article "The Davenport Blues" in the July 19 edition of the River Cities' Reader was interesting reading but contains numerous errors and, as Clinton's spin doctors would say, frequently gives a "false impression.
I have read with sad interest the unfolding saga of Moline Alderman Chuck Davis, the questions involving his legal residency, and the public revelation of his unfortunate financial situation. News reports mention a pending charge of domestic battery.
Your August 2 cover story regarding predatory lending was excellent. I came to the conclusion many years ago that interest on loans above the amount necessary to provide the loan is theft. I think that would put it in a 2- to 4-percent range.
"Wow, I can't believe I'm finally here! Me, Al Gore! At the Democratic convention! And I'm the guy! The main man! No more number two! No more sitting around, hoping Bill hits his head on the bathtub! It's finally my turn! Me! Al Gore! This is so-o-o-o cool!" "Al, it looks like we may have a little problem.