Frontier RuckusMusic

Frontier Ruckus

The Redstone Room

Thursday, November 12, 8:30 p.m.


The first full-length CD by the indie-folk musicians of Frontier Ruckus - playing Davenport's Redstone Room on November 12 - was 2008's The Orion Songbook, and the band's press materials state that the "Orion" of the title is pronounced "OR-ee-un." Of course, I live in the Quad Cities, so I wasn't aware that there was another way to pronounce it.

Tim Schafer has made some cult-classic video games over the past decade, with amazing creativity and humor in his catalog: Grim Fandango (consisting of a mystery in a society of grim reapers), The Secret of Monkey Island (a hilarious pirate-themed adventure), and the award-winning Psychonauts (a summer camp involving psychic powers and a plot to take over the world), even though none of those was a big seller upon release. Four years after the hilarious and highly praised Psychonauts, fans are treated to Schafer's latest project: Brutal Legend, a game set in a fantasy land inspired by heavy metal. Yet despite a vast mythology, a great soundtrack, and hilarious dialogue featuring Jack Black, the overall game delivers more annoyance than enjoyment.

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