MOLINE, ILLINOIS (October 12, 2023) — Remember those times when you Googled "How to convince a toddler broccoli is fun?" or "Kid-friendly events near me?" Chances are, you landed on the ever-reliable, ever-fun Quad Cities Mom ( Guess what? Your favorite parenting cheat sheet has served the area for over twelve years as a trusted sidekick in this roller-coaster called parenting.

From its humble beginnings in 2011 (ah, remember when your biggest concern was misplacing the pacifier?), it's grown to be THE place moms arrived at for answers. How popular, you ask? They've reached over 1.2 million folks on social media in just the last ninety days and boast 75,000 page-views monthly (also more screen-time than any parents want to admit)! Let’s face it, that’s more than the number of times we’ve all said, “Don’t eat that off the floor!” That’s a whole lot of potential customers for local businesses.

Quad Cities Mom is more than just a digital savior during meltdowns. Over these twelve years, it’s been the online publication for everything from "Why is my teen's mood rivaling our Midwest weather?" to "What's the best park to exhaust.. err, I mean to entertain, my kids?" They’ve got the 4-1-1 on local events, parenting tips (ever tried to reason with a toddler? It’s like negotiating with a tiny lawyer), local business recommendations, and lifestyle inspiration that’s so relatable it hurts (sometimes literally, if you’ve ever stepped on a Lego brick); Quad Cities Mom is the BFF every Quad Cities parent didn’t know they needed.

Alyssa Williams, owner of Quad Cities Mom, puts it best: "In this digital world where LOLs and OMGs abound, Quad Cities Mom strives for authentic, heart-to-heart connections. We’re here for the real-deal moments of Quad Cities families."

These days, when making a new mom friend in the park is gold, Quad Cities Mom has created an online playground where parents, guardians, and even frazzled babysitters can connect, vent, and uplift each other — because, let’s face it, parenting is a group effort.

Speaking of gold, shoutout to all the Quad Cities moms who are often the CEOs at home. They're the ones picking out cereals, deciding on weekend plans, and ringleaders of the home circus. Moms are the real decision-makers here, and Quad Cities Mom recognizes this and dedicates itself to introducing readers to businesses, products, and services that make mom life a little less insane (in a good way).

Quad Cities Mom isn’t just an online haven for parenting advice; it’s a digital marketplace for local businesses. Quad Cities Mom allows local businesses to connect with our hyper-local readership. From display ads to sponsored articles, social-media posts, and more, they’re here to help you. It’s about creating a vibrant, connected community where local businesses and families can support each other. With the digital age in full swing, there’s no better time to form those connections and be discovered by the most loyal audience: moms and parents.

As they dive into another year, Quad Cities Mom is as pumped as ever — ready to support, enlighten, and chuckle alongside families in the beloved Quad Cities area through community, resource, and business connections, making parenting look like a circus act — full of surprises, everyday chaos, and always worth the show.

Cheers to every parenting win and a thriving local business community, Your Friendly Quad Cities Parenting Community!

About Quad Cities Mom:

Quad Cities Mom ( is a local parenting resource established in 2011, dedicated to providing practical, relatable information to moms and families in the Quad Cities area. With a readership of over 700,000 hyper-local families every month, Quad Cities Mom is a trusted platform that offers valuable insights, recommendations, and resources to the local parenting community. For more information, visit

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