Following the resounding 1998 defeat of a $48 million bond referendum to build a 500-bed jail in downtown Davenport, Scott County embarked on a long process of re-evaluation that would culminate in a decision whether the county needs a new facility to house inmates.

Concert promoters prefer venues that are willing to help market a show, or waive certain costs. These arenas are known to be "cooperative."

But there's something else that's more important.

"You have to be able to sell tickets," said Jade Nielsen, who runs Jade Productions in Bismarck, North Dakota.

• A mere one in six registered voters in Davenport bothered to cast ballots in last week's municipal primary election. Of the 64,361 registered Davenport voters, only 10,793 voted. This means that the 17 percent who voted determined which candidates moved on to the general election in the mayor and aldermanic races, thus determining the course city government will take.

Yes or No?

Pass or fail, the struggle over the county's $5 million contribution to Davenport's River Renaissance project has had one positive byproduct: DavenportOne has been forced to stretch, reaching out to many different populations in the community with which it has frequently disagreed.

• You can invest in projects such as River Renaissance by purchasing Vision Iowa bonds to help finance state contributions of at least $190 million to projects designed to increase entertainment and cultural activities as well as tourism in the state.

"Stability" is one word that could describe the situation at Quad City
Arts through the years. Holly Richard was involved in the award-winning Visiting Artist program for more than 20 years, and Lloyd Schoeneman had been a seminal part of the organization since 1978.

W hen discussing the planned Quad City Arts literary magazine Buffalo Carp, the person in charge talks about the area's rich literary culture, but this fish is also looking for a bigger pond.

"It seems that someplace this literary should have something like this," said Leslie Thompson, Quad City Arts administrator for advancement & literary arts.

A lot of movie theatres give lip service to independent and foreign-language movies, but few actually follow through. The new Nova 6 theatre in Moline is making a six-week, 11-film commitment to art-house movies starting October 10, and it features nearly every noteworthy "little" movie of the summer.

• Voters in Davenport have the future in their hands in the October 9 primary election. Voters must choose between seven mayoral candidates: Bob Yapp, Charlie Brooke, Pamela Davis, Luana Stoltenberg, John Waddell, Bill Sherwood, and Denise Hollenback.

• You might have already noticed some new billboards throughout the Iowa Quad Cities focusing on secondhand smoke instead of controversial depictions of the physical ravages attributed to smoking and chewing tobacco.