Leaping Sickness

I thought I was happily married. Recently, I found a cherry Chapstick in my husband’s coat pocket – a kind he’d never buy. He claimed he randomly grabbed it at the drugstore checkout. Last week, he said he’d be visiting his mother at the nursing home, but I later learned he never showed. I asked him about it, and he said work ran over. Additionally, our sex life has picked up, and he’s been extra thoughtful lately. Doesn’t all of this, put together, scream that he’s cheating? How do I confront him?


You don’t expect marrying the man of your dreams to turn your actual dream content into all-night notifications of impending disaster: dozens of inch-high coal miners in tiny hardhats and goggles scaling you and repeatedly jabbing you with cupcake toothpicks topped with little red flags.

Life in the Fastened Lane

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, and I love him, but I also love my independence. I need alone time, meaning space from him and everybody. He wants to spend every minute together and seems to need constant closeness to feel okay. Is this a bad sign – on his part or mine? Should I want to spend every second with him?


The sort of relationship where the partners are never apart tends to be a good thing for only one of them: the tapeworm.