Press Release:

Children's Book:

Sammy & Robert's Animal Adventures

By: Darcie Mae


32 pages

ISBN# 1-60703-987-7

In this second book in the series, Sammy & Robert's Animal Adventures, there are two stories. The stories are written in the same fun, rhyming way as the first story. These stories are longer and there are more illustrations. Sammy & Robert Visit A Farm will teach children about farm animals, their babies, their pens, foods they eat, and sounds they make. Sammy & Robert Visit A Zoo will teach children about some mammals as well as herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Educators and caretakers of children, grandparents and parents, and even children themselves will enjoy hearing or reading the Sammy & Robert stories.

Darcie Mae lives happily with her husband in Solon, Maine. She continues to write and draw any time she can. She is also enjoying sharing and reading her books with children. Look not only for her Sammy & Robert children's books, but her Mother Mouse children's books as well.

Sammy & Robert (Book 1) ISBN# 1-60474-811-7

Mother Mouse (Book 1) ISBN# 978-0-9817521-8-1

All books are available on the web at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on many other websites. You can also have your favorite book store order the books for you.

Darcie Mae Fortin Pen Name: Darcie Mae 47 West Road Solon, Maine 04979