The Hauberg Indian Museum at Black Hawk State Historic site is adding a new feature. An audio tour of the museum. Washington D.C. based actor Craig Sechler of Nova, PBS and National Geographic fame narrates your journey though the cycles of moon with the tribe. (Craig is married to hometown girl Julie Waterman and often uses 2dogs digital when in town.) Talented local actor Pat Flahrity, Montreal born actor and WLLR personality Craig Michaels, actor and professor of Theater at St Ambrose University for forty years Mike Kennedy, nationally know children's book author and voice talent Nancy Nehlsen, and wonderful juvenile talent Riley Kelly; contribute to this entertaining, informative, Ken Burns-like audio production.

The script took almost a year of research and writing by Dave Cox (2dogs) and Beth Carvey (Museum Director). Final production was handled by Moline Illinois' 2dogs digital audio. A closed premier for Board members was held at 2dogs March 4th and will be available at the museum soon.

We're Heroes


2dogs digital audio got to step up and perform heroically for NBCs hit series "Heroes" last week

As actor David Anders stopped by 2dogs after a hard day on the set of "Children of the Corn"

(currently being shot in the QC area) to replace some lines of dialog for a couple of up coming shows.

The session was done locked to picture at NBC-Universal in Los Angles via ISDN from the 2dogs'

studio in Moline Illinois.