Rock Island, IL - After 16 months of development and testing, has officially launched in the Quad Cities real estate market. QCFindahome is a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) site operated by Borderless SEO LLC, with an office located in downtown Rock Island. is an innovative website, that introduces new real estate tools to buyers and sellers in the area.

1) QCFAH is the first "responsive" FSBO website, which means it will work properly on any mobile device, without an app. It will adjust its layout and aesthetics, depending on the device a person is viewing it from, be it an iPhone, iPad, or other tablet or smartphone.

2) also offers free yard signs, which have a unique number, so buyers can view a home's information sheet, simply by typing that number into the site on their smartphone.

3) Perhaps the biggest innovation by QCFAH, is that they  also syndicates all of their listings to major real estate search engines, such as Zillow, Trulia, AOL, MSN Real Estate, and many more. This is the FIRST and only FSBO company in the area to do this.

The website was developed by Devin Hansen and his team at Borderless SEO LLC, as a result of a recent home search. Hansen found it difficult to view FSBO sites on his smartphone while searching for a home, so he developed it to be responsive, and easy to user for people driving around town looking for a house. currently employs two people, and hopes to expand to a team of five by the middle of this year.

I'd read the reviews of the restored Hotel Blackhawk - all the fawning and fanfare. So I wanted to see if the fuss was warranted or just a bunch of civic cheerleading. My 15th wedding anniversary seemed like the perfect excuse for a stay, along with the discounted $79 room rate for locals that ended the next day on December 30. I also have an empathetic respect for people that put their heart, mind, and money into restoring dilapidated buildings, as I had done once with an abandoned cinema. I believe Amrit and Amy Gill of Restoration St. Louis deserve a lot of credit for taking such a risk with the Blackhawk, especially after others had forsaken the downtown-Davenport landmark.

So I went to the Hotel Blackhawk about an hour before my wife was to arrive, enough time for a few drinks at the "belly-up" bar in the lounge. It was designed to encourage folks to stand rather than sit by removing the chairs on the side of the bar that opened up to the lobby and having sparse seating along the other three sides. And I have to admit: This magical feng shui worked. It was open and welcoming, and its proximity to the check-in allowed me to sip on a Templeton Rye while watching the line diminish.

I tried to get our room key before my wife showed up, so I could surprise her with a bottle of Brut and a dozen roses in the ice bucket, but I didn't have the credit card that we used to reserve the room; it was in my wife's purse. Half-joking, I asked woman behind the desk if they took cash. She ignored me. I don't know if it was my lack of credit, the bag filled with wine bottles clinking at my side, or my insistence on getting a room with a hot tub at the discount rate, but she made me feel like some kid on prom night trying to scam a room. I will say she was the only one during our entire experience that raised my hackles. The rest of the crew was very cordial, even when the experience was occasionally below expectations.