First the Book then Turning Hearts and Minds

Miyoko Hikiji set out to help conquer Iraq ten years ago with the U.S. Army and today her sights are on the American homeland. She wrote of her Iraq experiences in her book All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq published by Chronology Books, an imprint of History Publishing Company, and now she is telling her story to those who want to hear her tell of her exploits, what she did and experienced, and what she saw and would like to forget. She has been interviewed on several dozen radio and television programs and spoken in museums, bookstores and military installations since her book was published in May, 2013. Add the places below, the list is growing and more are pending. She has become a force of one.

  • Friday February 7th, 7:05pm being honored as the "Hero of the Game" Iowa Wild Hockey Team, Des Moines, IA
  • Wednesday, February 9th Noon Presentation and book signing at Griswold Public Library, Griswold, IA
  • Thursday, February 27th 6:30pm Presentation and book signing at Bertha Bartlett Library, Story City, IA
  • Tuesday, March 4th 6-9pm Book signing at Oakbrook Center Barnes and Noble, Oak Brook, IL
  • Wednesday, March 5th 730-9pm "Date with History" presentation at the First Division Museum at Catigny with book signing 30 minutes prior and after, Wheaton, IL
  • Friday, March 28th. Presentations at 10th Annual Diversity Conference, Indian Hill Community College, Ottumwa, IA
  • Friday, March 28th - Sunday, March 30th "Writing My Way Back Home" Workshop, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  • Saturday, April 12th 9am-noon Book signing at Ankeny Authors Fair, Kirkendall Public Library, Ankeny, IA
  • Saturday, April 19th 2-3pm Presentation and book signing at James Kennedy Public Library, Dyersville, IA
  • Tuesday, May 6th Time TBA Presentation at Patty Turner Community Center, Deerfield, IL

Miyoko Hikiji's book  All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores, fine independent bookstores and on Review copies of her book are available to accredited members of the media. Contact: Don Bracken,, 845-398-8161

History Publishing Company to Publish Book on National Decline

Reversing America's Decline Has Special Message for college and university students

Neal Herrick's new book, Reversing America's Decline: Jefferson's Approach, calls on college and university students   to ignite a movement aimed at reforming our federal government. "Just as the courage, idealism and energy of students in the early 1960's re-energized the civil rights movement," Herrick writes, "the students of today could ignite a movement to reverse America's decline

Neal  Herrick's forthcoming book calls on rank-and-file Republicans and Democrats to join together in pursuing a specific, politically feasible strategy for reforming the federal government. He outlines the strategy in his forthcoming book.

This book from History Publishing Company addresses   America's major problem: its political, economic and moral decline. This decline, according to Reversing America's Decline, is not part of an inevitable cycle. It has specific causes and those causes have specific remedies. To apply these remedies, a major overhaul of our governmental structure is required the author holds. Herrick reaches back to the Founding Fathers, Jefferson specifically, to point the way clearly  defined  in the Federalist Papers, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and shows the way to a  reformation sorely needed to  halt  America's decline.

Reversing America's Decline: Jefferson's Approach will be published January 14, 2014 and will be in Barnes and Noble bookstores, Amazon, and other fine book stores.

Contact: Don Bracken,, (Tel) 845-398-8161

She Did All She Could in Iraq, Woman GI to Tell all on Veterans' Day

She was all that she could be with the U.S. Army in Iraq, and she told all about it in her book,   All I Could Be, a May 2013 title from History Publishing Company. The media called on her for the ten-year anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom and now there are those event planners and movers who want their attendees and audiences to hear all about her for Veteran's Day and days beyond.

Miyoko Hikiji, once a soldier deployed to Iraq with the Iowa National Guard's 2133rd Transportation Corps, and now a model, actress, and author, is compiling a list of events that will call on her to prove that she is still all that she can be without her M-16 and heavy truck. She no longer drives into the face of the enemy but now looks into the faces of friends and fellow Americans. She will be soon doing that on a growing list:

  • 11/7   Notable Iowans exhibit debuts at Iowa Gold Star Military Museum, Camp Dod
  • 11/8   Van Meter community Veteran's Day assembly, Van Meter High Schoo
  • 11/9   Veteran's Day presentation at Cedar Rapids Public Libra
  • 11/11 Veterans' Day luncheon and speech, sponsored by Chrysalis Foundation and Ellen Hubbell
  • 11/12 Veteran's Day presentation, Waukee Public Library, Wauk11/18 Presentation, Ames Rotary Club, Am
  • 12/3 Dupont Pioneer International Series Presentation, Iowa International Center, Des Moines Public Library
  • 12/7 Jordan Creek Barnes and Noble, Book Signing, West Des Moi
  • 12/13 Edgewater Retirement Community Program, West Des Moine
  • 1/8 West Des Moines United Methodist Church Women's Group Presentation
  • 3/5 "A Date with History" Lecture Series Presentation & Book Signing, First Division Museum, Wheaton, IL

Miyoko Hikiji  is considered a force of nature by those who know her. The U.S. Army discovered that in Iraq, television and radio audiences discovered that too, in recent months. And now those who honor and respect those who served in the military will as well.

History Publishing Company will make available to accredited members of the media review copies of Miyoko's book,  All I Could Be. To download a review copy, please use the widget link below.

All I Could Be

Contact: Don Bracken,, 945-398-8161

Book about Actual Survivor of Custer's Last Stand Set for Revision

New Documents, Photos, Adds to Definite Proof

History Publishing Company has set June 25, 2014 for the pub date of Custer Survivor Revised, a revision of  John  Koster's  book Custer Survivor the book  that dispelled the myth  that all the troopers with Custer  died with him at the Last Stand. The announcement came from   Publisher Don Bracken who referred to President Kennedy's statement "The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."

"It is unrealistic to think that there was not the probability of one survivor from that battle" Bracken said." At History Publishing Company It is reality we bring the serious researcher not the perpetuation of persistent illusion. We will continue to dispel myth whenever it gets in the way of reality, John Koster's new material will bring additional resource to the serious researcher."

Custer Survivor was published in January 2, 2010 and was acclaimed by Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal and numerous publications. It is also the resource used by the History Channel for its feature Custer's Last Man. It is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores and independent bookstores nationally. It is also available at, Amazon. Com and in e-books.

Contact: Thomas Ryan, 845-398-8161

New Book on Ultimate Presidential Quotations Now Available - Right Here

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Abraham Lincoln said "I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today that he was yesterday." If you were to read the new book Wisdom from the Oval Office by Pierce Word, you would surely rise in the regard of President Lincoln if he were alive today.  The book gathers together the sage thoughts of the forty-four American presidents in the largest collection of presidential quotations ever assembled. Thoughts on love, life, success, politics, wisdom, and thirty five other categories are brought to light and bring insight into varying perspectives of the nine generations of presidents.

Along with Abraham Lincoln, the words of the presidents from Washington to Obama are presented about a broad range of subjects such as love, religion, God, and friendship. The flow of quotations and the manner in which they are categorized shows the frame of mind of each president such as Lincoln's spirituality, Nixon's binocular view of love and fear, and Obama on parental love.

You are invited to see for yourself. Just click on the "Widget" below (it is just a URL to NetGalley)) and you will be able to read the galley through the month of August. .

Wisdom from the Oval Office, pub date July 26, 2012 is available at Barnes and Noble,, Amazon and fine book stores nationally.

Contact: Don Bracken,, 845-398-8161

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Before Washington officials said that women could go into combat, they were out there in battle, but just not getting credit for it. Armed with M16's and more robust firepower, women support troops backed up infantry units and got into the thick of it when called up to lend support. Transportation troops, in Iraq and Afghanistan, driving the IED laden roads with critically needed ammunition and supplies were always in the combat zone, explosive devices frequently causing the loss of limb and life attested to that.

Miyoko Hikiji, a young woman from Iowa knows well of it?well enough to write a book about it.  All I Could Be?My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq tells it just the way it was when, as a young woman in the Iowa National Guard, she was deployed to Iraq after the invasion ten years ago and discovered that the peaceful world she knew amid the Midwestern farmland had been replaced by the wind driven sand dunes of Iraq. Peace she discovered had become a pleasant and distant memory. Armed with an M16 and the equipment of the modern warrior, Miyoko was told to take her weapon into the cab of a truck, sit behind the wheel, and join a series of convoys. Each day she drove deeper into harm's way.

And each night was a nightmare in the making.  Miyoko writes of one such night,

"The infantry's mortar platoon, just down the street, zeroed in and returned fire. The opposite bank exploded.  Then, two patrol boats fixed with automatic weapons screamed by opening fire along the bank. The radio on the patio lit up with chatter but we couldn't make out details.    Moments later it was silent again.  Voices on the radio became clear--all clear.  Reluctantly we climbed out of the hole and returned to our tents.  No one could sleep but no one wanted to talk.  We lay silently in our bunks until the sun beckoned us to start another day."

And, another day always brought stress, fear and all that war brings. "It is my war story," writes Miyoko, "it is part military history, part personal revelation, part therapy," the stuff of so many war stories that have become a vital part of the great American tradition. All I Could Be is a fascinating beginning to a new chapter in that great tradition: the recognition of the woman warrior in America. All I Could Be ?My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq. #9781933909585 will be published by History Publishing Company in March 2013.

Lt.  General   Clarence McKnight,  U.S. Army (ret)  was inducted into the  Distinguished Alum Society at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, December 11. The award rendered to graduates of the War College for their work following military service, was for his work in civilian education centering on the use of computer technology in the classroom. General McKnight became a prominent leader in digitalization during his military service and carried that knowledge into education. His military career spanning the Korean Conflict to Desert Storm is chronicled in his forthcoming book From Pigeons to Tweets.

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and the University of Michign Graduate School of Engineering, Gen. McKnight is also a Distinguished Graduate of West Point who rose to command the Army's Signal Corps  and  introduced computer directed warfare during Desert Storm. He concluded his career as Director of Command, Control and Communications Systems for the Joint Chiefs of Staff  in Washington D.C.

He has been hailed for utilizing his highly developed military communication skills and channeling that information technology into improving the nation's learning process in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM..)

General McKnight is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and currently resides in the Capital District. His book From Pigeons to Tweets will be published by the History Publishing Company on January 14, 1213..

Contact: Don Bracken, History Publishing Company LLC,,

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