We will be having a Texas Hold Em No Limit Poker Tournament happening on Saturday July 18th at The Lucky Frog Bar and Grill.   Pre registration will start that day at 11AM with the tournament starting at 1PM.  The proceeds will help us to raise money for a great Labor Day Fireworks show for years to come.

There will be a $25 buy in and a $25 rebuy.  If we can get 50 players we can raise over $1000 and still give away close to $500 for 1st Place alone!

If anyone has any questions or knows anyone that plays Texas Hold Em and might want to ask some questions just have them give me a call on my cell.  If you would like to play just to help raise money that would be great.  All of the regular players would be happy to help, and I have let them know that there will be some rookies.

You can pre register and/or ask questions at luckyfrogjj08@yahoo.com or at The Lucky Frog or call 563-503-9478. If you have a worthy cause you would like to have a poker benefit for please let us know.