The ambition of Buffalo Carp can be seen on its copyright page: "Buffalo Carp is a national literary magazine published by Quad City Arts." That's a tall order. While it's not difficult to attract entries from around the country, the challenge of a national focus - as opposed to showcasing local or regional writers - is drawing the quality necessary to make a splash in the literary community.
Dave Deibler pretty much gave up the rock lifestyle about five years ago. After "riding the bull" for 10 years with the Iowa-based power trio House of Large Sizes, he needed a break. "You have to get off that damned animal and lead it around a bit," said Deibler, guitarist, singer, and songwriter for the band.
On election night, Bettendorf Mayor and Democratic candidate for Congress Ann Hutchinson declared that absentee ballots would determine the outcome of her race with Jim Nussle. It turned out she was wrong - Nussle won re-election with 57 percent of the vote, a margin of more than 28,000 ballots - but Hutchinson had good reason to make her statement.
Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of articles on new developments in Quad Cities-area downtowns. The City of East Moline is taking a two-pronged approach to re-building its downtown and riverfront areas.
On the downslide from pop stardom, a funny thing happened to John Mellencamp: He became a damned good songwriter and produced a couple of the strongest (and most underrated) rock records of the 1990s. People who wrote off the Indiana-bred singer from his "John Cougar" and "John Cougar Mellencamp" days have missed the development of a high-caliber songwriter and pop craftsman who has never abandoned his heartland roots but has still shown a willingness to stretch.
By far the biggest issue in the Iowa gubernatorial campaign is the state's economy - both economic growth and the budget crunch that's plagued state government. Republican nominee Doug Gross has faulted incumbent Tom Vilsack, a Democrat, for the state's flagging economy, citing a variety of rankings for business health and business climate and noting that surrounding states are growing while Iowa's economy shrinks.
Republicans have controlled the governor's mansion in Illinois since 1977, and that stranglehold has been a consistent theme in the campaign of Democrat Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich, a member of the U.
The term "film" usually means a moving image in a rectangular shape, with sound. You watch them at home or at a movie theatre. Dietlinde Stephan has helped create a new form for the moving image, though.
Brad Shellady first saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre when he was about 13 years old, at Milan's Memory Drive-In. You, too, would probably remember where you first saw seemingly dead Grandpa feebly try to crack the skull of some poor young woman with a hammer.
Minnesota-based WookieFoot might be the greatest party band in the world - a high-energy mix of a stunning yet accessible musical mishmash and a stage presentation that looks to be as much circus as concert. The band will be making its first visit to the Quad Cities on Friday at RIBCO, and be prepared to be wowed by the showmanship.