• In a move contrary to its past practices, the Putnam Museum & IMAX Theatre in Davenport will bring two new movies to the area in the span of just a few weeks. T-Rex: Back to Cretaceous opens March 21 (with a companion exhibit), followed by Ghosts of the Abyss (directed by James Cameron and focusing on the wreckage of the Titanic) on April 11.
A nationally recognized planning firm will give a presentation Thursday designed to spark a community "conversation" about riverfront development in Davenport, as well as planning for the entire city. Principals from the California- and Massachusetts-based Hargreaves Associates will give the public presentation "Cities & Their Waterfronts: Reclamation & Revitalization" at 7 p.
Davenport Museum of Art Director Linda Downs envisions the Figge Arts Center as a vibrant gathering place for the general public and artistic types. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City used to be "a meeting place for young people," she said, and the "incubation place" for artists, critics, and art-lovers alike.
Nancy Senn-Kerbs, program director of the Family Museum of Arts & Sciences in Bettendorf and past president of the group Iowans for the Arts, might sound wishy-washy on the status of state support for the arts. "It is discouraging in some ways but encouraging in others," she said.
Early in his campaign for Iowa state representative, Wayne Hean was given a prescient piece of advice from one of his supporters, Bill Gluba. He "told me right up front, 'We're going to have to do it on our own.
The Japanese band Elekibass produces a type of music that both loses and gains something in translation, almost as if aliens visited Earth and tried to combine several types of sugar-sweet pop as a way of explaining Western music.
People who don't yet have the blues - or those who just don't know quite what the blues are or how they came to be - have a fantastic resource in the form of a new book-and-CD package put together by the Davenport-based Mississippi Valley Blues Society.
As Michael Blouin tells it, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack wanted a fresh start on the issue of economic development heading into his second term. Blouin related that Vilsack told him, "I listened to the wrong people" when trying to formulate ways to jump-start the state's sagging economy.
Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls might create the softest rock music anybody’s ever heard. Even at its hardest – even when the band is making a serious effort – there’s not a sharp edge to be found, with nothing remotely threatening.
Illinois Governor George Ryan left office last week not as a lame duck but as a phoenix, rising from the ashes of scandals that have dogged him and his associates since his 1998 gubernatorial campaign. The display of executive power in his final days - pardoning four men and commuting the death sentences of 167 people to life in prison - seemed awe-inspiring.