The Nixons sound needy. I don't want to make too much of it, but if you go to see them at the Pig Pen in Clinton on August 24, please give the guys a hug and tell 'em you love 'em. Listen to Scott Bush, the brand spanking new guitarist for the Dallas-based band, after fumbling around looking for a description of his band's sound: "They can call it whatever they want, as long as they like it.
Say this for Veruca Salt: Static it ain’t. The Chicago-based band, which makes good on a canceled show at RIBCO this Thursday at 10 p.m. with Ophur, is hardly the same outfit that made a minor splash in 1994 with American Thighs and the single “Seether.
Another day, another consultant. Over the next few weeks, McDonald Transit Associates of Texas will be paying a visit to the Quad Cities to study the management of CitiBus, the City of Davenport's municipal mass-transit service.
Choosing a police chief is often done behind closed doors, with the public getting its first glimpse at a news conference after a decision has already been made. But the City of Davenport is throwing the process wide open.
Ya Maka My Weekend has built quite a reputation since its inception in 1992 as the inaugural festival of Rock Island's The District. Not only has it grown from a festival for residents of the Quad Cities to a regional destination, but reggae bands fight for a place on the two stages.

One bank refers to it, in the great recent tradition of using meaningless jargon to describe unpalatable things, as "risk-based asset creation." Translated, that means charging huge fees and interest rates to poor people, racial minorities, and folks with spotty credit histories.

Two local arts groups are joining forces on an ambitious public-art project in the remodeled Quad City International Airport. The key remaining issue is raising enough money to turn the vision into reality. The Quad City International Airport's eight-member board voted unanimously July 18 to team up with Quad City Arts and MidCoast Fine Arts to populate the renovated airport with both permanent and rotating artwork and exhibits.

The concept behind ArtStroll isn't revolutionary or new. It just never happened. "We all felt there was a need," noted Donna Lee, special-events coordinator for MidCoast Fine Arts. "It's not that it hasn't been thought of.

The City of Davenport is no stranger to tiffs over development, but perhaps none has been as strange as this: Turn lanes and stoplights have put a stop to development of some of the hottest commercial property in the Quad Cities.

U.S. Cellular is regrouping after a third setback in its effort to put a cellular-phone tower in East Davenport, but residents of that village who've fought the company expect it to come back again. "We'll re-evaluate the situation," said Scott Van Roekel, a project manager for U.