The smoking bans put in place last week at Genesis and Trinity hospitals are the first signs of what is almost certainly an inevitable end: smoking being forbidden in all enclosed public spaces in the Quad Cities.

The wireless-Internet, or WiFi, network is available at no cost at Genesis' Davenport, DeWitt, and Silvis campuses. The wireless network allows hospital visitors to get work done at the hospital so they can spend more time with their loved ones, rather than having to go home or to the office.
National touring acts Martin Sexton, Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey, and Pieta Brown were the main draws for the grand-opening celebration of the River Music Experience's Redstone Room, but the new nightclub's star attraction could be its sound.
The United Way is taking two approaches to improving teenagers' chances of success in adulthood following a survey that found that 91 percent of Quad Cities teens lack sufficient "developmental assets." But some teens are skeptical of both the survey and its findings.
More money for local schools, as well as more freedom in terms of spending levels, are the top priorities of a new committee in Davenport. The Legislative Advocacy Committee was formed by the Davenport Community School District Board in February to work with local legislators and community members on those issues.
Ninety-one percent of Quad Cities teenagers do not have sufficient "developmental assets" and are therefore less likely to be successful adults, a recently released survey found. On January 27, the United Way of the Quad Cities Area announced the results of a survey filled out by 8,000 seventh-, ninth-, and 12th-grade students from nearly every school district in Scott and Rock Island counties.
Left-leaning organizations argued at a forum last week that the economy - on a national and local level - isn't recovering quickly enough but offered few solutions. On January 17, Working Families Win, Progressive Action for the Common Good, the Quad City Federation of Labor, and 21 other organizations held the town-hall meeting "Higher Expectations for Iowa's Working Families" at St.