Governor Rod Blagojevich insists that his proposed gross-receipts tax on business doesn't break his campaign promise last year not to raise income or sales taxes, but a recent poll finds voters think otherwise.

The very last question of the 45-question poll, in which voters were told both positive and negative aspects of the proposal, asks this: "Now, during the campaign, Governor Blagojevich promised not to raise income or sales taxes. By increasing business taxes, do you think he is keeping his promise or not?"

Although the Illinois legislature earlier this year passed wide-ranging reforms meant to lower medical-malpractice-insurance rates, representatives of the business community and doctors are advocating for further changes.
Progress on a new Western Illinois University campus on the Moline riverfront is at a standstill until officials can obtain the funding needed to do the initial architectural and engineering design required before construction can begin.
A special levy that will fund the operational costs of two new branch libraries in Davenport is expected to produce a cumulative surplus of more than $791,000 by 2013. But library and city officials say the surplus is necessary to protect the city budget from absorbing a greater portion of construction costs, which would likely force cuts in city services.
After being suspended and kicked out of Rock Island High School for not attending class almost 90 percent of the time a year and a half ago, Adam Anderson decided it was time to do something with his life. Soon after, he joined Rock Island Youthbuild and began attending classes at the Black Hawk Learning Center.
Recently appointed Illinois state Senator Mike Jacobs is spearheading a new task force to look for ways to speed up construction of a new Western Illinois University - Quad Cities campus on the Moline riverfront.